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Talk, Read, Sing, Write, Play... Everyday!

Spend a few minutes every day practicing talking, reading, singing, writing and playing with your child to build their brains and get them ready to read when they are older. It is never too early to start building literacy skills.


Narrate your day. Ask older children to tell you what they did today before they go to bed. With babies and toddlers, talk about what you are doing as you do it. The more you speak, the more words they hear and the larger their vocabularies become.


Point out signs on the side of the road, point to and read labels on items in the store, and share lots of fun books!


Sing or say your favorite nursery rhyme with your child. Try making up a song with your preschooler!


Any activity that requires finger movements helps children build the muscles they need to be able to write. Try finger painting with applesauce, shaving cream, or paint. Give preschool children markers or scissors and paper to play with.


What is your child’s favorite game? Play peekaboo, hide and seek, or dress up. Make up a game!

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Literacy  Adventures

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