eBooks on EBSCOhost

Timberland provides a collection of technical, academic and professional level nonfiction eBooks on EBSCOhost. The collection includes very few fiction titles except classics and public domain works of literature such as Pride and Prejudice. However, eBooks about works of fiction such as Cliffs Notes are included.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for getting started and using eBooks on EBSCOhost are available in the User Guide. Following are quick instructions to get you started.

Searching for eBooks from EBSCOhost

Connect to eBooks on EBSCOhost.

If you are using a computer inside a Timberland library, you will go directly to the site. If you are connecting from home or other outside location, you will need to enter your library card barcode and PIN before getting access.

To search, enter your search terms in the Find field and click the Search button.

Reading eBooks Online

To read the book online, click the eBook Full Text link. You may view an eBook in the library’s collection as long as it is not checked out or in use by another user. While you are actively using it, no other user will have access to it. If 15 minutes elapse without active use, the eBook is put “back on the shelf”.

Checking Out and Downloading eBooks

Some eBooks can be checked out and downloaded to be read on a computer or supported portable device. For titles where this is permitted, Download (Offline) appears in the record.

Timberland patrons can check out up to eight EBSCOhost eBooks for a 21-day period.

If you wish to check out and download an eBook you must first create an EBSCOhost account and you must install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. Adobe Digital Editions is available as a free download from Adobe.

Creating an EBSCOhost account:

  • Click the Sign In link in the top toolbar of EBSCOhost.
  • From the Sign In to My EBSCOhost Screen, click the Create a new account link.
  • The Create a New Account Screen displays with Personal Account entered in the Account Type field.
  • Fill in the fields on the Create a New Account Screen. When you have completed the fields, click Continue.
  • If all the information was accepted, a message appears that provides your user name and password. Click OK. You will be automatically logged in as a personal user. You should note the user name and password you created so you can log in at a future session.

Installing Adobe Digital Editions:

  1. Go to the Adobe Digital Editions web site and launch the Adobe Digital Editions Installer. This is free software that allows you to download and purchase digital content in the industry standard eBook formats – PDF and EPUB.
  2. When you install Adobe Digital Editions, you are prompted to authorize and activate your computer in order to read protected items and transfer them to other computers and portable devices. You must have an Adobe ID to authorize your computer, and you are prompted to get one at no charge during the installation.

Important Notes:

  • If you want to transfer eBooks from your computer to a portable device, both the device and the computer must be authorized with the same Adobe ID.
  • If you do not get your no-charge Adobe ID when you install Adobe Digital Editions, you can create an Adobe account and get an Adobe ID at the Adobe Sign In page.

Checking In eBooks:

You can check-in eBooks before the check-out duration has expired using Adobe Digital Editions. Returning the eBook early will release the title for other users. Otherwise EBSCOhost eBooks will automatically expire at the end of the designated lending period.