New Items Added in Last 30 Days
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Date AddedTitleAuthor
01/19/2018 Kindred
Butler, Octavia E
01/19/2018 The dead town : a novel
Koontz, Dean R
01/18/2018 Enemy of the state : a Mitch Rapp novel
01/18/2018 A legacy of spies
01/18/2018 Atlas shrugged [sound recording]
Rand, Ayn
01/18/2018 End game
Baldacci, David
01/18/2018 Queen of spades
Shum, Michael Shou-Yung
01/18/2018 Four blind mice : a novel
Patterson, James
01/17/2018 The clan of the cave bear : a novel
Auel, Jean M
01/17/2018 The land of painted caves
Auel, Jean M
01/17/2018 The shelters of stone
Auel, Jean M
01/17/2018 Witness in death
Robb, J D
01/17/2018 The plains of passage
Auel, Jean M
01/17/2018 Der Spiegel.
Spiegel (Hamburg, Germany)
01/16/2018 The big bad wolf : a novel
Patterson, James
01/16/2018 Finger lickin' fifteen
Evanovich, Janet
01/16/2018 Wild mountain thyme
Pilcher, Rosamunde
01/16/2018 Dead man's blues : a novel
Celestin, Ray
01/16/2018 To be where you are
Karon, Jan
01/16/2018 Dark echoes of the past
Díaz Eterović, Ramón
01/16/2018 The alchemist
Coelho, Paulo
01/16/2018 Munich
Harris, Robert
01/12/2018 Manhattan Beach : a novel
Egan, Jennifer
01/12/2018 The rules of magic
Hoffman, Alice
01/12/2018 The Christmas visitor : an Amish romance
Byler, Linda
01/12/2018 My absolute darling
01/12/2018 The story of Arthur Truluv : a novel
Berg, Elizabeth
01/12/2018 The midnight line : a Jack Reacher novel
Child, Lee
01/12/2018 A column of fire
Follett, Ken
01/12/2018 In the midst of winter : a novel
Allende, Isabel
01/12/2018 Prodigal summer : a novel
Kingsolver, Barbara
01/12/2018 A thousand splendid suns
Hosseini, Khaled
01/12/2018 The Cuban affair : a novel
DeMille, Nelson
01/12/2018 Good in bed : a novel
Weiner, Jennifer
01/12/2018 The child finder : a novel
Denfeld, Rene
01/12/2018 Origin : a novel
Brown, Dan
01/11/2018 Blood fury
Ward, J R
01/10/2018 The survivor : a Mitch Rapp novel
Flynn, Vince
01/10/2018 The Store
Patterson, James
01/10/2018 No middle name : the complete collected Jack Reacher short stories
Child, Lee
01/10/2018 Into the water
Hawkins, Paula
01/10/2018 Beneath a scarlet sky : a novel
Sullivan, Mark T
01/10/2018 Don't let go
Coben, Harlan
01/10/2018 Map of the heart
Wiggs, Susan
01/10/2018 Lilac Lane : a Chesapeake Shores novel
Woods, Sherryl
01/10/2018 Uncommon type : some stories
Hanks, Tom
01/10/2018 Safe keeping
Taylor Sissel, Barbara
01/10/2018 The rooster bar
Grisham, John
01/10/2018 Operator down
Taylor, Brad
01/10/2018 Rough country
Sandford, John
01/10/2018 The late show
Connelly, Michael
01/10/2018 Double wide
01/10/2018 Origin : a novel
Brown, Dan
01/10/2018 Big little lies
Moriarty, Liane
01/10/2018 Special envoy : a spy novel
Echenoz, Jean
01/10/2018 The love of a bad man
01/10/2018 The Mitford snowmen : a Christmas story
Karon, Jan
01/10/2018 Before we were yours : a novel
Wingate, Lisa
01/10/2018 The immortalists
Benjamin, Chloe
01/10/2018 What remains true : a novel
Thomas, Janis
01/10/2018 Flame in the dark
Hunter, Faith
01/10/2018 Flesh and blood : an Alex Delaware novel
Kellerman, Jonathan
01/10/2018 The wife between us
Hendricks, Greer
01/09/2018 Lost souls
Brite, Poppy Z
01/09/2018 Jack & Jill
Patterson, James
01/09/2018 Refuge Cove
Dailey, Janet
01/09/2018 The kites
Gary, Romain
01/09/2018 Baby momma saga. Part 2
Genovese, Ni'chelle
01/09/2018 Book club babies
Lee, Ashton
01/09/2018 In the cage
01/09/2018 If he hollers let him go : a novel
Himes, Chester B
01/09/2018 Something like family : a novel
Burch, Heather
01/09/2018 Perennials
Cantrell, Julie
01/09/2018 All those things we never said
Levy, Marc
01/09/2018 Everything the heart wants : a novel
Page, Savannah
01/09/2018 The power of a SEAL
Elizabeth, Anne
01/09/2018 The secret life of Sarah Hollenbeck
01/08/2018 The woman in the window
01/08/2018 Der Spiegel.
Spiegel (Hamburg, Germany)
01/08/2018 Ready player one
Cline, Ernest
01/06/2018 A certain age
Williams, Beatriz
01/05/2018 The light of burning shadows
Evans, Chris
01/05/2018 The billionaire's daddy test
Sands, Charlene
01/05/2018 The white shadow
Eames, Andrea
01/05/2018 Así es como la pierdes
Díaz, Junot
01/05/2018 Soon I will be invincible
Grossman, Austin
01/04/2018 Neverwhere : author's preferred text
Gaiman, Neil
01/04/2018 Little fires everywhere
Ng, Celeste
01/04/2018 No perfect affair : renaissance collection
Galloway, Charmaine
01/04/2018 The unremembered girl
Maxwell, Eliza
01/04/2018 A hope divided
Cole, Alyssa
01/04/2018 To love & betray
Ellis, Shelly
01/04/2018 Hood tales. Volume 1, Maid for you and Robin the hood
Phillips, C N
01/04/2018 Out of the ordinary
Turano, Jen
01/04/2018 The sound of rain
Thomas, Sarah Loudin
01/04/2018 The Sisters of Glass Ferry
Richardson, Kim Michele
01/04/2018 One station away
Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson
01/04/2018 Mother of all pigs : a novel
01/04/2018 Treasure box : a novel
Card, Orson Scott
01/04/2018 He used to love me : renaissance collection
Brown-Newton, Dorothy
01/03/2018 Der Spiegel.
Spiegel (Hamburg, Germany)
01/03/2018 Fools' river
Hallinan, Timothy
01/02/2018 A breath of snow and ashes
Gabaldon, Diana
12/27/2017 Pathways : all-new tales of Valdemar
12/27/2017 Now that you mention it
Higgins, Kristan
12/27/2017 Ditched 4 murder
Eaton, JC
12/27/2017 Sunset Bay sanctuary
Snopek, Roxanne Willems
12/27/2017 Der Spiegel.
Spiegel (Hamburg, Germany)
12/27/2017 Want you more
Helm, Nicole
12/27/2017 Wolf hunger
Tyler, Paige
12/27/2017 Between you and me
Gracen, Jennifer
12/27/2017 The duke knows best
Ashford, Jane
12/26/2017 Glass town
Savile, Steve
12/26/2017 The Macedonian
Guild, Nicholas
12/26/2017 To the Duke, with love
Grey, Amelia
12/26/2017 Freya
12/26/2017 War and peace
Tolstoy, Leo
12/26/2017 One of us will be dead by morning
Moody, David
12/26/2017 Always you
Swank, Denise Grover
12/26/2017 Dangerously divine
Blake, Deborah
12/26/2017 No place like you
12/26/2017 The wicked vampire
Baxter, Kate
12/26/2017 A war in crimson embers
Marshall, Alex
12/26/2017 Roomies
Lauren, Christina
12/26/2017 Three daughters of Eve
12/26/2017 The bachelor contract
Van Dyken, Rachel
12/26/2017 Blood and tempest
Skovron, Jon
12/26/2017 The Lady Travelers guide to larceny with a dashing stranger
Alexander, Victoria
12/26/2017 Becoming Bella
Hegger, Sarah
12/26/2017 God's last breath
Sykes, Sam
12/26/2017 The brightest embers
Frost, Jeaniene
12/26/2017 The house by the river : a novel
12/26/2017 In the fall they come back : a novel
Bausch, Robert
12/26/2017 A family secret
Cox, Josephine
12/26/2017 Back home at Firefly Lake
Gilroy, Jen
12/26/2017 A crazy kind of love
Marlowe, Mary Ann
12/26/2017 Strong to the bone
Land, Jon
12/26/2017 Ultraluminous
Morris, Katherine Faw
12/26/2017 Wrong to need you
Rai, Alisha
12/26/2017 Consequence : a thriller
12/26/2017 Cajun crazy : a Cajun novel
Hill, Sandra
12/26/2017 Hymn
Scholes, Ken
12/26/2017 Moonlight over Manhattan
12/26/2017 Undercover attraction
Robert, Katee
12/26/2017 The lord meets his lady
Conkle, Gina
12/26/2017 The mapmaker's daughter : the confessions of Nurbanu Sultan, 1525-1583 : [a novel]
Hughes, Katherine Nouri
12/22/2017 A favourite of the gods ; and, A compass error
Bedford, Sybille
12/22/2017 Clade
Bradley, James
12/21/2017 Baby, it's Christmas
Mallery, Susan
12/21/2017 Christmas on the coast
Boxall, Rebecca
12/20/2017 The dark tower, the gunslinger
King, Stephen
12/20/2017 Abduction
Baxter, Alan
12/20/2017 Close contact
Foster, Lori
12/20/2017 Parting words
Moriarty, Cass
12/20/2017 Dark forces
Leather, Stephen
12/20/2017 Divine secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood : a novel
Wells, Rebecca
12/20/2017 Worth dying for : a Reacher novel
Child, Lee
12/20/2017 The Cherry Cola Book Club
Lee, Ashton
12/20/2017 The girl from the Savoy
Gaynor, Hazel
12/20/2017 The pilot's wife : a novel
Shreve, Anita
12/20/2017 One hundred years of solitude
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
12/20/2017 Legacy of silence
Plain, Belva
12/20/2017 Table for two
Roberts, Nora
12/20/2017 Something rotten : a novel
Fforde, Jasper
12/20/2017 Friction
Brown, Sandra
12/20/2017 A Duke in shining armor
Chase, Loretta Lynda
12/20/2017 The goblet
Parris, S C
12/20/2017 A hundred small lessons : a novel
Hay, Ashley
12/20/2017 A feast for crows
Martin, George R R
12/20/2017 A dance with dragons
Martin, George R R
12/20/2017 The lace reader : a novel
Barry, Brunonia
12/20/2017 Above the waterfall : a novel
Rash, Ron
12/20/2017 Chaos : a Scarpetta novel
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
12/20/2017 Cowboy's legacy
Daniels, B J
12/20/2017 Warlord
Ryan, Chris
12/20/2017 Bittersweet
Steel, Danielle
12/20/2017 A clash of kings
Martin, George R R
12/20/2017 The best of times: a novel
Vincenzi, Penny
12/20/2017 Ashes to ashes
Finch, Paul
12/20/2017 It's hard out here for a duke
Rodale, Maya
12/20/2017 Strangers in Budapest : a novel
Keener, Jessica Brilliant
12/20/2017 A game of thrones
Martin, George R R
12/20/2017 A storm of swords
Martin, George R R
12/20/2017 The time traveler's wife : a novel
Niffenegger, Audrey
12/20/2017 Black order : a Sigma force novel
Rollins, James
12/20/2017 Trial by fire
Jance, Judith A
12/20/2017 A wanted man : a Jack Reacher novel
Child, Lee
12/20/2017 The English girl : a novel
Silva, Daniel
12/20/2017 Beneath the skin