New Items Added in Last 30 Days
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Date AddedTitleAuthor
03/23/2018 Footprints to murder
Talley, Marcia Dutton
03/23/2018 The disappeared
Box, C J
03/22/2018 City of endless night : a Pendergast novel
Preston, Douglas J
03/22/2018 Look for me : a novel
Gardner, Lisa
03/21/2018 The punishment she deserves
George, Elizabeth
03/20/2018 Duel to the death : an Ali Reynolds novel
Jance, Judith A
03/16/2018 The coroner's daughter
Hughes, Andrew
03/16/2018 A tangled yarn
Hechtman, Betty
03/16/2018 Homicide in hardcover
Carlisle, Kate
03/16/2018 Death by chocolate cherry cheesecake
Graves, Sarah
03/16/2018 The old blue line : a Joanna Brady novella
Jance, Judith A
03/16/2018 Bad cops : a Henry Christie thriller
Oldham, Nick
03/16/2018 Lies that comfort and betray
Simpson, Rosemary
03/15/2018 The wrong side of goodbye : a novel
Connelly, Michael
03/15/2018 Curses, boiled again!
Randall, Shari
03/15/2018 Mood indigo
Ifkovic, Edward
03/15/2018 The questionable behavior of Dahlia Moss
Wirestone, Max
03/15/2018 Survival of the fritters
Bolton, Ginger
03/15/2018 Deadly summer
Swank, Denise Grover
03/14/2018 Her beautiful monster
Tantimedh, Adi
03/14/2018 Last stop in Brooklyn
Levy, Lawrence H
03/14/2018 Class reunions are murder
Klein, Libby
03/14/2018 The house of smoke
Christer, Sam
03/14/2018 2nd chance : a novel
Patterson, James
03/14/2018 Oath of honor
Eason, Lynette
03/13/2018 The devil's song : a novel
Stahl, Lauren
03/13/2018 The temptation of forgiveness
Leon, Donna
03/13/2018 Sunday silence
French, Nicci
03/13/2018 Paving the new road
Gentill, Sulari
03/13/2018 Death by eggnog
Erickson, Alex
03/12/2018 The Mitford murders
Fellowes, Jessica
03/12/2018 Dominic : a hollow man novel
Pryor, Mark
03/09/2018 Beneath the mountain : a novel
03/08/2018 Tango down
Knopf, Chris
03/08/2018 Death below stairs
Ashley, Jennifer
03/08/2018 The Moscow code
Wilkshire, Nick
03/08/2018 The pictures
Bolton, Guy
03/08/2018 A reckoning in the back country : a Samuel Craddock mystery
Shames, Terry
03/07/2018 Monument Road : a Franky Dast mystery
Wiley, Michael
03/07/2018 Murder for nothing : an Ellie Quicke mystery
Heley, Veronica
03/07/2018 World enough
Simon, Clea
03/05/2018 Win, lose or draw
Corris, Peter
03/05/2018 Twelve sharp
Evanovich, Janet
03/01/2018 Dead wrong
Jance, Judith A
03/01/2018 Lights out tonight
Clark, Mary Jane Behrends
03/01/2018 Vanish : a novel
Gerritsen, Tess
03/01/2018 Body double : a novel
Gerritsen, Tess
02/27/2018 Raspberry danish murder
Fluke, Joanne
02/26/2018 Comic sans murder
Shelton, Paige
02/22/2018 Death of an honest man
Beaton, M C