New Items Added in Last 30 Days
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Date AddedTitleAuthor
04/26/2018 The restaurant at the end of the universe
Adams, Douglas
04/25/2018 The stories of Ray Bradbury
Bradbury, Ray
04/24/2018 Tesseracts twenty : compostela
04/24/2018 Sphere : a novel
Crichton, Michael
04/24/2018 When the stars fade
Korenman, Adam
04/24/2018 The host : a novel
Meyer, Stephenie
04/24/2018 Halo : cryptum
Bear, Greg
04/24/2018 Ascension
Golden, Christie
04/24/2018 The long way to a small, angry planet
Chambers, Becky
04/23/2018 Snow crash
Stephenson, Neal
04/23/2018 Dark reflections
Delany, Samuel R
04/23/2018 Forever peace
Haldeman, Joe W
04/19/2018 If tomorrow comes
Kress, Nancy
04/18/2018 Star destroyers : big ships blowing things up
04/18/2018 Guardian angels & other monsters : stories
Wilson, Daniel H
04/17/2018 Elysium fire
Reynolds, Alastair
04/17/2018 Ambiguity machines & other stories
Singh, Vandana
04/12/2018 Cobra traitor. Book 3
Zahn, Timothy
04/11/2018 The queen of all crows
Duncan, Rod
04/11/2018 Star wars. Last Jedi
Fry, Jason
04/11/2018 1637 : the Volga rules
Flint, Eric
04/11/2018 The cackle of Cthulhu
04/10/2018 Emergence : a Foreigner novel
Cherryh, C J
04/10/2018 Bringers of hell
Taylor, Travis S
04/10/2018 Blood binds the pack
Wells, Alex
04/09/2018 Points of impact
Kloos, Marko
04/09/2018 Embers of war
04/09/2018 Pride and Prometheus
Kessel, John
04/06/2018 Zero limit
Brown, Jeremy K
04/05/2018 Windhome
Landon, Kristin
04/05/2018 The One : a novel
Marrs, John
04/05/2018 Roar of the storm
Burch, Adam
04/05/2018 The Ramshead algorithm and other stories
04/03/2018 Mission to Methone
Johnson, Les
04/03/2018 Outpost
Gear, W Michael
04/03/2018 Gunpowder moon
04/03/2018 Battle hymn
Dietz, William C
03/30/2018 The dispossessed : an ambiguous Utopia
Le Guin, Ursula K
03/29/2018 Into the fire
Moon, Elizabeth
03/28/2018 Acadie
Hutchinson, David
03/28/2018 What could possibly go wrong?
Taylor, Jodi
03/28/2018 After the flare
Olukotun, Deji Bryce
03/28/2018 The bastard legion
Smith, Gavin G
03/28/2018 Semiosis
Burke, Sue
03/28/2018 Neogenesis
Lee, Sharon
03/27/2018 Aliens abroad
Koch, Gini