New Items Added in Last 30 Days
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Date AddedTitleAuthor
07/20/2018 Dear Madam President : an open letter to the women who will run the world h[large print]
Palmieri, Jennifer
07/13/2018 Spymaster [large print] : a thriller
Thor, Brad
07/13/2018 Dear Mrs. Bird [large print]
Pearce, A J
07/12/2018 When we found home [large print]
Mallery, Susan
07/12/2018 All we ever wanted [large print]
Giffin, Emily
07/12/2018 Before and again [large print]
Delinsky, Barbara
07/09/2018 Long road to Abilene [large print]
Vaughan, Robert
07/06/2018 The pharaoh key : a Gideon crew novel [large print]
Preston, Douglas J
07/03/2018 Remington 1894 [large print]
Johnstone, William W
07/03/2018 Mariana's knight [large print] : the revenge of Henry Fountain
Farmer, W Michael
07/03/2018 No other duke will do [large print]
Burrowes, Grace
07/03/2018 Hard Texas winter [large print]
Lewis, Preston
07/03/2018 Spirit trail [large print]
Sparkman, Darrel
07/03/2018 Cupid, Texas [large print] : how the cowboy was won
Wilde, Lori
07/03/2018 The promise of Breeze Hill [large print] : a Natchez Trace novel
Hillman, Pam
07/03/2018 A good day to marry a duke [large print]
Krahn, Betina M
07/03/2018 Mornings on main [large print]
Thomas, Jodi
07/03/2018 Slate Creek [large print] : journey to the white clouds
Swenson, Wallace J
07/03/2018 The legend of Perley Gates [large print]
Johnstone, William W
06/29/2018 American values : lessons I learned from my family
Kennedy, Robert Francis
06/29/2018 There are no grown-ups [large print] : a midlife coming-of-age story
Druckerman, Pamela
06/28/2018 Seeing red [large print]
Brown, Sandra
06/28/2018 The stowaway [large print] : a young man's extraordinary adventure to Antarctica
Shapiro, Laurie Gwen
06/27/2018 Night school [large print]
Child, Lee
06/27/2018 The perfectionists : how precision engineers created the modern world
Winchester, Simon
06/27/2018 Pops : fatherhood in pieces [large print]
Chabon, Michael
06/26/2018 Prayers of a stranger : a Christmas journey [large print]
Bunn, T Davis
06/22/2018 Scot free : the lighter side of the Dark Underbelly of the California Dream
McPherson, Catriona
06/22/2018 The uninvited corpse [large print]
Sennefelder, Debra
06/22/2018 Beach house reunion [large print]
Monroe, Mary Alice
06/22/2018 Probable claws [large print]
Brown, Rita Mae
06/22/2018 A different kind of evil [large print]
Wilson, Andrew
06/22/2018 This I know [large print]
Edwards, Eldonna
06/22/2018 Tom Clancy Line of sight [large print]
Clancy, Tom
06/22/2018 The restless wave [large print] : good times, just causes, great fights and other appreciations
McCain, John
06/22/2018 Shot in the dark [large print]
Coyle, Cleo
06/22/2018 Murder, interrupted [large print] : true-crime thrillers
Patterson, James
06/22/2018 The summer I met Jack [large print]
Gable, Michelle