New Items Added in Last 30 Days
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Date AddedTitleAuthor
01/16/2018 Buddy and pals
Testa, Maggie
01/16/2018 Daniel will pack a snack
Gallo, Tina
01/12/2018 Sea star wishes : poems from the coast
Ode, Eric
01/12/2018 Dan, the taxi man
Ode, Eric
01/11/2018 Sleepy book
Zolotow, Charlotte
01/11/2018 Freight train [board book]
Crews, Donald
01/10/2018 Groundhug Day
Pace, Anne Marie
01/10/2018 Ten little owls [board book]
Treml, Renée
01/09/2018 Biscuit plays ball
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
01/09/2018 I spy under the sea
Gibbs, Edward
01/09/2018 Biscuit and the baby
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
01/06/2018 Babybug.
01/06/2018 It's about time!
Murphy, Stuart J
01/05/2018 Jacob's new dress
Hoffman, Sarah
01/05/2018 A frog in the bog
Wilson, Karma
01/05/2018 Happy birthday to you!
01/05/2018 Bear snores on
Wilson, Karma
01/05/2018 You think it's easy being the tooth fairy?
Bell-Rehwoldt, Sheri
01/05/2018 The Lorax
01/04/2018 Biscuit's day at the farm
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
01/04/2018 Babybug.
01/03/2018 Babybug.
01/02/2018 Babybug.
12/29/2017 Mouse and Mole, secret valentine
Yee, Wong Herbert
12/28/2017 Colores de la vida : Mexican folk art colors in English and Spanish [board book]
Weill, Cynthia
12/28/2017 Black white [board book]
Hoban, Tana
12/28/2017 Bathtime for Little Rabbit [board book]
Mühle, Jörg
12/28/2017 Goodnight, goodnight, construction site : let's go!
Rinker, Sherri Duskey
12/28/2017 Pandamonia
12/28/2017 Cat nap [board book]
Yuly, Toni
12/28/2017 Count me in : a parade of Mexican folk art numbers in English and Spanish [board book]
Weill, Cynthia
12/28/2017 It's Valentine's Day!
Prelutsky, Jack
12/28/2017 Bear counts [board book]
Wilson, Karma
12/28/2017 Motor mix. Flight : mix and match [board book]
12/28/2017 Animal talk : Mexican folk art animal sounds in English and Spanish [board book]
Weill, Cynthia
12/28/2017 Birds & other animals [board book]
Picasso, Pablo
12/28/2017 If I were a whale [board book]
Gill, Shelley
12/27/2017 Click, clack, moo : I love you!
Cronin, Doreen
12/27/2017 Global babies = Bebés del mundo [board book]
12/27/2017 Pete's a pizza
Steig, William
12/26/2017 Flapdoodle dinosaurs : a colorful pop-up book
Carter, David A
12/26/2017 The Berenstain Bears' big machines
Berenstain, Mike
12/26/2017 The big adventures of Tiny House
Bernardo, Susan Schaefer
12/26/2017 Wacky Wednesday
12/26/2017 Puppy birthday to you!
Petrossi, Fabrizio
12/26/2017 The wolf, the duck & the mouse
Barnett, Mac
12/26/2017 Rappy goes to Mars
Gutman, Dan
12/26/2017 George Washington : the first president
Albee, Sarah
12/26/2017 Animals
12/26/2017 Feather
12/26/2017 Stop picking on me : a first look at bullying
Thomas, Pat