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06/18/2018 Chi's sweet home. 5, Tabby travels
Konami, Kanata
06/18/2018 The worst years of my life
Patterson, James
06/18/2018 The enchanted charms : the seventh adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy
Stilton, Geronimo
06/15/2018 Giants beware!
Aguirre, Jorge
06/15/2018 Geronimo Stilton : the Kingdom of fantasy
06/15/2018 Mystery in the sand
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
06/15/2018 Tree house mystery
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
06/15/2018 Mike's mystery
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
06/15/2018 Mountain top mystery
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
06/13/2018 The green ember
Smith, S D
06/12/2018 Primordia : in search of the lost world
Beck, Greig
06/12/2018 Diary of a wimpy kid : the long haul
Kinney, Jeff
06/12/2018 Audrey's magic nine
Wright, Michelle
06/12/2018 The last archer
Smith, S D
06/12/2018 Ember rising
Smith, S D
05/31/2018 Ivy + Bean take care of the babysitter
Barrows, Annie
05/30/2018 Mr. Klutz is nuts!
Gutman, Dan
05/30/2018 Amber Brown is on the move
Danziger, Paula
05/30/2018 Mrs. Patty is batty!
Gutman, Dan
05/30/2018 Amber Brown is green with envy
Danziger, Paula
05/30/2018 Killer Pizza : a novel
Taylor, Greg
05/30/2018 Diary of a wimpy kid : the getaway
Kinney, Jeff
05/30/2018 Forever Amber Brown
Danziger, Paula
05/29/2018 Schoolhouse mystery
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
05/29/2018 The trumpeter of Krakow
Kelly, Eric Philbrook
05/29/2018 When you reach me
Stead, Rebecca
05/29/2018 The spy in the bleachers
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
05/29/2018 Razzle dazzle unicorn : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure
Simpson, Dana
05/29/2018 Ice wolves
Kaufman, Amie
05/29/2018 Escape from Aleppo
Senzai, N H
05/29/2018 One true way
Hitchcock, Shannon
05/29/2018 Dr. Brad has gone mad!
Gutman, Dan
05/29/2018 The chocolate sundae mystery
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
05/29/2018 The Parker inheritance
Johnson, Varian
05/29/2018 A problematic paradox
05/29/2018 Amber Brown goes fourth
Danziger, Paula
05/29/2018 Into the nightfell wood
Bailey, Kristin
05/29/2018 Like Vanessa
Charles, Tami
05/29/2018 The ostrich and other lost things
Hautala, Beth
05/29/2018 The quest of the cubs
Lasky, Kathryn
05/29/2018 Samantha Spinner and the super-secret plans
Ginns, Russell
05/29/2018 Strongheart : wonder dog of the silver screen
Fleming, Candace
05/29/2018 The amusement park mystery
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
05/29/2018 Amber Brown wants extra credit
Danziger, Paula
05/29/2018 The lost treasure
Byrd, Ellis
05/29/2018 Band on the run
Fagan, Cary
05/29/2018 A wind in the door
L'Engle, Madeleine
05/29/2018 Amber Brown sees red
Danziger, Paula
05/29/2018 The wonderful Wizard of Oz
Baum, L Frank
05/29/2018 Age of Atlantis
Whittemore, Jo
05/29/2018 A pup called Trouble
Pyron, Bobbie
05/29/2018 The mystery of the mummy's curse
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
05/29/2018 The 11:11 wish
Tomsic, Kim
05/29/2018 Amber Brown is feeling blue
Danziger, Paula
05/29/2018 All three stooges
Perl, Erica S
05/29/2018 Mystery at Mt. Shiveer
Byrd, Ellis
05/29/2018 Dark wyng
D'Lacey, Chris
05/29/2018 Granted
Anderson, John David
05/29/2018 Midnight in the piazza
Parks, Tiffany
05/29/2018 The lifters
Eggers, Dave
05/29/2018 Stuck in the stone age
Rodkey, Geoff
05/29/2018 Stanley will probably be fine
Pla, Sally J
05/25/2018 Ms. Leakey is freaky!
Gutman, Dan
05/25/2018 My brother is a big, fat liar
Patterson, James
05/25/2018 Bunny double, we're in trouble!
Gutman, Dan
05/25/2018 The Royal Rabbits of London
Montefiore, Santa
05/25/2018 Stella Díaz has something to say
Dominguez, Angela
05/25/2018 The serpent's secret
DasGupta, Sayantani
05/25/2018 Abigail Adams, pirate of the Caribbean
Sheinkin, Steve
05/25/2018 The Boggart fights back
Cooper, Susan
05/25/2018 Carlos's scavenger hunt
Brody, Jessica
05/25/2018 The crooked castle
Horwitz, Sarah Jean
05/25/2018 Una boda en el bosque
Elliott, Rebecca
05/25/2018 Wed wabbit
Evans, Lissa
05/25/2018 Bus station mystery
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
05/25/2018 Baby Monkey, private eye
Selznick, Brian
05/25/2018 Brooklyn House magician's manual : your guide to Egyptian gods & creatures, glyphs & spells, and more
Riordan, Rick
05/25/2018 Road trip with Max and his mom
Urban, Linda
05/25/2018 Space mall
Shaw, Natalie
05/25/2018 Caboose mystery
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
05/25/2018 Mr. Sunny is funny!
Gutman, Dan
05/25/2018 Camping catastrophe
Klein, Abby
05/25/2018 R is for rebel
Coats, J Anderson
05/25/2018 The nerdiest, wimpiest, dorkiest I funny ever
Patterson, James
05/25/2018 Explorer : the mystery boxes : seven graphic stories
05/25/2018 Battle for Wakanda
Snider, Brandon T
05/25/2018 Team players
Lupica, Mike
05/25/2018 The garden thief
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
05/25/2018 Mrs. Lizzy is dizzy!
Gutman, Dan
05/25/2018 The animal shelter mystery
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
05/25/2018 The Blade of Marmora
Spinner, Cala
05/25/2018 Don't sit on my lunch!
Klein, Abby
05/25/2018 Double play
Green, Tim
05/25/2018 Ready, set, snow!
Klein, Abby
05/25/2018 Saint Philomene's infirmary for magical creatures
Cotter, Bill
05/25/2018 The truth as told by Mason Buttle
Connor, Leslie
05/25/2018 Waste of space
Gibbs, Stuart
05/25/2018 Bicycle mystery
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
05/25/2018 Benny uncovers a mystery
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
05/25/2018 Call of the Alphas
Byrd, Ellis
05/25/2018 Riding lessons
Smiley, Jane
05/25/2018 The science of breakable things
Keller, Tae
05/25/2018 Snow Lane
Angelini, Josephine
05/25/2018 Worlds apart
Riley, James
05/25/2018 Vacation dreams
Bentley, Sue
05/24/2018 Yo-kai watch. 1, [Nate's lucky day]
Konishi, Noriyuki
05/24/2018 La mágica noche de las estrellas danzantes
Stilton, Geronimo
05/24/2018 Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians
Krosoczka, Jarrett
05/24/2018 Lunch lady and the cyborg substitute
Krosoczka, Jarrett
05/23/2018 The password to Larkspur Lane
Keene, Carolyn
05/23/2018 The sign of the twisted candles.
Keene, Carolyn
05/23/2018 The witch tree symbol
Keene, Carolyn
05/23/2018 Mystery of the tolling bell
Keene, Carolyn
05/23/2018 The secret of Mirror Bay
Keene, Carolyn
05/23/2018 The ringmaster's secret
Keene, Carolyn
05/23/2018 The spider sapphire mystery
Keene, Carolyn
05/23/2018 The message in the hollow oak
Keene, Carolyn
05/22/2018 The invention of Hugo Cabret : a novel in words and pictures
Selznick, Brian
05/22/2018 Cosmic
Cottrell Boyce, Frank
05/22/2018 My little pony : friends forever. Volume 8
Anderson, Ted
05/22/2018 The Pompeii disaster
Gutman, Dan
05/22/2018 Locomotive
Floca, Brian
05/22/2018 Mil veces hasta siempre
Green, John
05/22/2018 The meaning of life-- and other stuff
Gownley, Jimmy
05/22/2018 Dark waters
Holt, Christopher
05/22/2018 Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone
Rowling, J K
05/22/2018 Gregor and the curse of the warmbloods
Collins, Suzanne
05/22/2018 A journey to the New World : the diary of Remember Patience Whipple
Lasky, Kathryn
05/22/2018 Babymouse : mad scientist
Holm, Jennifer L
05/22/2018 The menagerie
Sutherland, Tui
05/21/2018 Happy birthday Bad Kitty
Bruel, Nick
05/21/2018 Drama
Telgemeier, Raina
05/21/2018 Deck the halls, we're off the walls!
Gutman, Dan
05/21/2018 The hour of magic : the eighth adventure in the kingdom of fantasy
Stilton, Geronimo
05/21/2018 The first rule of punk
05/21/2018 The case of the swirling killer tornado
Erickson, John R
05/21/2018 Quest for the golden apple : an unofficial graphic novel for Minecrafters
Miller, Megan
05/21/2018 Amina's voice
Khan, Hena
05/21/2018 The hall monitors are fired!
Chabert, Jack
05/21/2018 Hilo. vol. 2, Saving the whole wide world
Winick, Judd
05/21/2018 Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Whatever Cure
Martin, Ann M
05/21/2018 Volcano trash : a Double+ adventure
Sears, Ben
05/21/2018 Coach Hyatt is a riot!
Gutman, Dan
05/21/2018 The hobbit, or, there and back again
Tolkien, J R R
05/21/2018 Merhorses and bubbles
Citro, Asia
05/21/2018 I, Amber Brown
Danziger, Paula
05/21/2018 Emily Windsnap and the monster from the deep
Kessler, Liz
05/21/2018 Diary of a wimpy kid : cabin fever
Kinney, Jeff
05/21/2018 FukuFuku : kitten tales. 2
Konami, Kanata
05/21/2018 Brave
Chmakova, Svetlana
05/21/2018 Historias de miedo para contar en la oscuridad : recogidas del folklore popular y adaptadas por Alvin Schwartz ; con ilustraciones de Brett Helquist ; traducción, Jose Manuel Moreno Cidoncha.
Schwartz, Alvin
05/21/2018 The Boggart
Cooper, Susan
05/21/2018 My little pony : friends forever. Volume 7.