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07/19/2018 Where the sidewalk ends : the poems & drawings of Shel Silverstein.
Silverstein, Shel
07/19/2018 Mythmaker : the life of J.R.R. tolkien, creator the The hobbit and The lord of the rings
Neimark, Anne
07/19/2018 A king salmon journey
Miller, Debbie S
07/19/2018 From spider webs to man-made-silk
Allman, Toney
07/18/2018 The LEGO book
Lipkowitz, Daniel
07/18/2018 Who is Barack Obama?
Edwards, Roberta
07/18/2018 Jelly, garbage + toys : making pictures with Vik Muniz
Muniz, Vik
07/17/2018 Garfield fat cat 3-pack. Volume 05 [colorized]
Davis, Jim
07/17/2018 Garfield fat cat 3-pack. Volume 04 [colorized]
Davis, Jim
07/17/2018 Smile
Telgemeier, Raina
07/16/2018 Pokémon gotta catch 'em all! : deluxe essential handbook : the need-to-know stats and facts on over 700 Pokémon.
07/16/2018 Honest pretzels : and 64 other amazing recipes for cooks ages 8 & up
Katzen, Mollie
07/16/2018 Pink is for blobfish : discovering the world's perfectly pink animals
Keating, Jess
07/12/2018 If you see a fairy ring
07/09/2018 Sisters
Telgemeier, Raina
07/09/2018 Scary stories to tell in the dark
Schwartz, Alvin
07/06/2018 Rhinoceros tap
Boynton, Sandra
07/05/2018 From the heart of Africa : a book of wisdom
Walters, Eric
07/03/2018 Life of Fred : pre-algebra 1 with biology
Schmidt, Stanley F
07/02/2018 Bad princess : true tales from behind the tiara
Waldherr, Kris
07/02/2018 Women athletes who rule!
07/02/2018 Who was Johnny Appleseed?
Holub, Joan
07/02/2018 Smile
Telgemeier, Raina
07/02/2018 Between the lines : how Ernie Barnes went from the football field to the art gallery
Wallace, Sandra Neil
06/29/2018 Soccer
Hornby, Hugh
06/28/2018 Women's suffrage
Ohlin, Nancy
06/28/2018 The drawing lesson : a graphic novel that teaches you how to draw
Crilley, Mark
06/28/2018 Carlos gets the sneezes
Katschke, Judy
06/27/2018 One fun day with Lewis Carroll : a celebration of wordplay and a girl named Alice
Krull, Kathleen
06/27/2018 A place to start a family : poems about creatures that build
Harrison, David L
06/27/2018 Chicken soup for the soul think positive for kids : 101 stories about good decisions, self-esteem, and positive thinking
06/27/2018 First dinosaur encyclopedia
06/27/2018 Made for each other : why dogs and people are perfect partners
Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw
06/27/2018 Netherlands
Murray, Julie
06/27/2018 No truth without Ruth : the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Krull, Kathleen
06/27/2018 Explore the Salish Sea : a nature guide for kids
Gaydos, Joseph K
06/27/2018 Midnight teacher : Lilly Ann Granderson and her secret school
Halfmann, Janet
06/20/2018 The funniest man in baseball : the true story of Max Patkin
Vernick, Audrey
06/20/2018 Young, gifted and black : meet 52 black heroes from past and present
06/20/2018 Remember 10 with Explorer Ben
Veitch, Catherine
06/20/2018 The secret of water : for the children of the world
Emoto, Masaru
06/20/2018 How to draw cute stuff
Nguyen, Angela
06/20/2018 Vietnam
Murray, Julie
06/20/2018 The world Jesus knew : a curious kid's guide to life in the first century
Olson, Marc
06/20/2018 Fly girls : the daring American women pilots who helped win WWII
Pearson, P O'Connell
06/20/2018 From the heart of Africa : a book of wisdom
Walters, Eric
06/20/2018 School people
06/20/2018 Ukraine
Murray, Julie
06/20/2018 Curiosity : the story of a Mars rover
Motum, Markus
06/20/2018 Kenya
Murray, Julie
06/20/2018 Pope Francis : the people's pope
Gormley, Beatrice
06/20/2018 Venezuela
Murray, Julie
06/20/2018 When Paul met Artie : the story of Simon & Garfunkel
Neri, Greg
06/19/2018 DK the big book of airplanes
06/19/2018 A child's introduction to African American history : the experience, people, and events that shaped our country
Asim, Jabari
06/19/2018 Confucius: great teacher of China
06/19/2018 Prototyping your inventions
Fontichiaro, Kristin
06/19/2018 Egyptomania
06/19/2018 How does my home work?
Butterworth, Christine
06/19/2018 Cats vs. dogs
Carney, Elizabeth
06/19/2018 Coding with LEGO WeDo
Quinn, Amy
06/19/2018 Fairy spell : how two girls convinced the world that fairies are real
Nobleman, Marc Tyler
06/19/2018 Did you hear what I heard? : poems about school
Winters, Kay
06/19/2018 Butterflies : exploring the life cycle
Raines, Shirley C
06/19/2018 Gertrude B. Elion and pharmacology
Labrecque, Ellen
06/19/2018 In the past
Elliott, David
06/19/2018 Building squishy circuits
Thomas, AnnMarie P
06/19/2018 How to draw 101 animals : easy step-by-step drawing
Green, Dan