Here comes Mother Goose
Presents more than sixty traditional nursery rhymes, including "Old Mother Hubbard, " "I'm a Little Teapot, " and "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe, " accompanied by illustrations of various animals.

My very first Mother Goose
A collection of more than sixty nursery rhymes including "Hey Diddle, Diddle, " "Pat-a-Cake, " "Little Jack Horner, " and "Pussycat, Pussycat."

Shake my sillies out : Raffi songs to read
Animals and campers join together in the woods one evening and shake their sillies, clap their crazies, and yawn their sleepies out. Includes unaccompanied melody.

The wheels on the bus [zine].

Who is sleeping? Who is awake?
Allow young readers to view faces of different animals to try and guess who is asleep or awake. On board pages.

Allen, Jonathan     
The little rabbit who liked to say moo
When a rabbit begins saying "moo, " it helps the other farm animals realize that they are not limited to their own language, and one by one they begin to join the others in making the noises they like best.

Allen, Pamela     
Who sank the boat?

Anderson, Airlie     
Cows in the kitchen [board book]
His fields are empty, so Tom Farmer is looking for all the farmyard animals. He's in for a big surprise when he finds them. Die-cut holes in each page hold clues to what follows.

Aylesworth, Jim     
The gingerbread man
A freshly baked gingerbread man escapes when he is taken out of the oven and eludes a number of pursuers until he meets a clever fox.

Baker, Keith     
Big fat hen
Big Fat Hen counts to ten with her friends and all their chicks.

Barton, Byron     
The Little red hen
The little red hen finds none of her lazy friends willing to help her plant, harvest, or grind wheat into flour, but all are eager to eat the bread she makes from it.

Bornstein, Ruth     
Little gorilla
Little Gorilla's family and friends try to help him overcome his special growing pains.

Braun, Sebastien     
Meeow and the big box
Meeow, a black cat, paints a big box red and uses an orange chair and a blue mug to make into an imaginary fire engine.

Brown, Margaret Wise     
Bumble bugs and elephants : a big and little book
Great big and tiny little animals interact side by side.

Bryan, Sean     
A boy and his bunny
One morning, a boy wakes up with a rabbit on his head and, although his mother is skeptical, he soon discovers that he can be fed, ride a bobsled, and even look cool with a rabbit on his head.

Bunting, Eve     
Hurry! hurry!
All the animals of the barnyard community hurry to greet their newest member, who is just pecking his way out of an egg.

Butler, John     
Can you growl like a bear?
In rhyming text, the reader is asked to mimic a variety of animal noises in preparation for a good night's sleep.

Bynum, Janie     
Kiki's blankie
Kiki the monkey has many daring adventures with her polka-dot "blankie, " but when it sails away without her and lands above a sleeping crocodile, she may not be brave enough to come to the rescue.

Cabrera, Jane     
Old MacDonald had a farm
The inhabitants of Old MacDonald's farm are described, verse by verse.

Carle, Eric     
The very hungry caterpillar
Follows the progress of a hungry little caterpillar as he eats his way through a varied and very large quantity of food until, full at last, he forms a cocoon around himself and goes to sleep.

Cousins, Lucy     
Hooray for fish!
Little Fish has all sorts of fishy friends in his underwater home, but loves one of them most of all.

Craig, Lindsey     
Dancing feet!
Easy-to-read, rhyming text depicts diffent animals dancing.

Crews, Donald     
Freight train
Brief text and illustrations trace the journey of a colorful train as it goes through tunnels, by cities, and over trestles.

Crum, Shutta     

Dodd, Emma     
I love bugs
Easy-to-read text celebrates the many kinds of bugs that can be found in a backyard.

Dunrea, Olivier     
Gossie and Gertie
Gossie and Gertie are best friends and everywhere Gossie goes, Gertie goes too--except when she doesn't, and sometimes that's even better.

Ehlert, Lois     
Eating the alphabet : fruits and vegetables from A to Z
An alphabetical tour of the world of fruits and vegetables, from apricot and artichoke to yam and zucchini.

Falwell, Cathryn     
Six silent turtles sit still as stones on a log, as energetic movement by the other animals in the pond happens all around them.

Feiffer, Jules     
Bark, George

Fischer, Scott M     
From bugs and frogs to alligators and whales, frightened animals always move out of the way of a larger opponent.

Fleming, Denise     
Barnyard banter
All the farm animals are where they should be, clucking and mucking, mewing and cooing, except for the missing goose.

Fleming, Denise     
The everything book
A collection of simple works which introduce colors, shapes, numbers, animals, food, and nursery rhymes.

Foley, Greg E     
Thank you Bear
Despite the criticism of others, a bear finds the perfect gift for his mouse friend.

Fox, Mem     
Hello, baby! :
A baby encounters a variety of young animals, including a clever monkey, a hairy warthog, and a dusty lion cub, before discovering the most precious creature of all.

Fox, Mem     
Let's count goats!
The reader is invited to count goats of many shapes, sizes, hobbies, and professions.

García, Emma     
Tip tip dig dig

George, Lindsay Barrett     
That pup!
After having fun digging up acorns, a little dog decides to bury them all again.

Gibbs, Edward     
I spy with my little eye--
Peeking through the pages, children will be able to spot a different colored animal every time, and guess what it is using a simple, factual clue. Bold illustrations and die-cut holes will absorb young readers as they learn about colors and animal names.

Glossop, Pat     
Cardinal Richelieu
A biography of the able seventeenth-century statesman who, for more than eighteen years, was the actual ruler of France during the reign of Louis XIII.

Gravett, Emily     
Blue chameleon
A lonely chameleon tries to change his color and shape to fit in with other animals, incuding the swirly snail, the pink cockatoo, and the green grasshopper, but he cannot find anyone that is just like him.

Gravett, Emily     
Monkey and me

Hacohen, Dean     
Tuck me in!
The reader helps tuck in baby animals at bedtime using pages with flaps to serve as blankets.

Henkes, Kevin     
Little white rabbit
As he hops along a little rabbit wonders what it would be like to be green as grass, tall as fir trees, hard as rocks, and flutter like butterflies.

Hill, Eric     
Where's Spot?
A mother dog finds eight other animals hiding around the house before finding her lost puppy. Flaps conceal the animals.

Hillenbrand, Will     
Down by the station
In this version of a familiar song, baby animals ride to the children's zoo on the zoo train.

Hillenbrand, Will     
Mother Goose picture puzzles
Nursery rhymes are presented in the form of rebuses.

Ho, Minfong     
Hush! : a Thai lullaby
A lullaby which asks animals such as a lizard, monkey, and water-buffalo to be quiet and not disturb the sleeping baby.

Hort, Lenny     
The seals on the bus
Different aniamls--including seals, tigers, geese, rabbits, monkeys, and more--make their own sounds as they ride all around the town on a bus.

Hutchins, Pat     
Rosie's walk
Although unaware that a fox is after her as she takes a walk around the farmyard, Rosie the hen still manages to lead him into one accident after another.

Isadora, Rachel     
As an African American toddler keeps getting into mischief throughout the day, the reader is invited to discover what the trouble is with each page-turn and to say "uh-oh."

Kalan, Robert     
Jump, frog, jump!
A cumulative tale in which a frog tries to catch a fly without getting caught itself.

Katz, Karen     
Counting kisses
How many kisses does a tired baby need to change her from crying into sleeping?

Krilanovich, Nadia     
Chicken, chicken, duck!
Easy-to-read, rhythmic text about a group of farm animals, led by a tenacious duck, who play a noisy game together.

Lawrence, John     
This little chick
A little chick shows that he can make the sounds of the animals in his neighborhood.

Martin, David     
All for pie, pie for all
Grandma Cat bakes an apple pie that is heartily enjoyed by her family as well as the Mouse and Ant families that live nearby.

Martin, Bill     
Brown bear, Brown bear, what do you see?
Children see a variety of animals, each one a different color, and a mother looking at them.

Martin, David     
We've all got bellybuttons!
Various animals invite the reader to experience what their different body parts can do, including their tickly belly buttons.

Miranda, Anne     
To market, to market
Starting with the nursery rhyme about buying a fat pig at market, this tale goes on to describe a series of unruly animals that run amok, evading capture and preventing the narrator from cooking lunch.

Mockford, Caroline     
Cleo's color book
When Cleo the cat goes out to play, she observes a variety of colors in the things around her.

Patricelli, Leslie     
The birthday box
An imaginative young child has a wonderful time playing with a box he receives for his birthday.

Pinkney, Jerry     
Three little kittens
Presents the classic tale of three youngsters who are careless with their mittens, but who turn out to be good little kittens after all.

Portis, Antoinette     
Not a box
To an imaginative bunny, a box is not always just a box.

Rayner, Catherine     
Ernest, the moose who doesn't fit
A rather large moose who cannot fit on the page teams up with his little chipmunk friend to find a solution. Final pages form a gatefold.

Richards, Laura Elizabeth Howe     
Jiggle joggle jee!
Baby goes for a rollicking ride on a jiggling, joggling locomotive.

Rohmann, Eric     
A kitten tale
As four kittens who have never seen winter watch the seasons pass, three of them declare the reasons they will dislike snow when it arrives, while the fourth cannot wait to experience it for himself.

Root, Phyllis     
Flip, flap, fly!
Little readers are invited to join these baby animals as they fly, swim, wiggle, and slide, all with the help of their mamas. But what these babies like best, of course, is spotting other baby animals! With the buoyant rhythms of Phyllis Root and David Walker's cheerful illustrations, here is a guaranteed favorite for young readers.

Rosen, Michael     
Tiny Little Fly
With a tramp and a roll and a swat, Great Big Elephant, Great Big Hippo, and Great Big Tiger try to capture Tiny Little Fly as he teases each one in turn.

Rubinger, Ami     
I dream of an elephant
Elephants of many colorful shades are described in couplets that invite the reader to complete the rhyme using color-themed clues.

Rueda, Claudia     
Let's play in the forest while the wolf is not around
In this adaptation of the traditional French and Latin American song, animals play in the forest while a scary wolf slowly dresses and becomes hungrier and hungrier.

Schoenherr, Ian     
Pip & Squeak
After rushing through the snow to get to their friend's birthday party, two mice realize that they forgot to bring the present.

Shaw, Charles Green     
It looked like spilt milk.

Shea, Bob     
Dinosaur vs. the potty
Dinosaur keeps insisting that he doesn't need to use the potty, as he makes lemonade, splashes in the sprinkler, and eats a three-juice-box lunch, until his victory dance makes him change his mind.

Shea, Bob     
Race you to bed
Follows, in rhymed text and illustrations, a young rabbit's adventures on the way to bed.

Sherry, Kevin     
I'm the biggest thing in the ocean
A giant squid brags about being bigger than everything else in the ocean--almost.

Stein, David Ezra     
A baby kangaroo takes his first tentative hops outside of his mama's pouch, meeting other creatures and growing bolder each time.

Sturges, Philemon     
How do you make a baby smile?
Animal parents use their best tricks to make their babies smile, laugh, coo, and grin.

Taback, Simms     
Simms Taback's city animals
The reader is invited to guess which animal is hiding beneath fold-outs that reveal a succession of clues.

Tafuri, Nancy     
Spots, feathers, and curly tails
Questions and answers highlight some outstanding characteristics of farm animals, such as a chicken's feathers and a horse's mane.

Thomas, Jan     
A birthday for Cow!
Despite the objections of Pig and Mouse, Duck insists on adding a special ingredient to the cake they are making to celebrate Cow's birthday.

Timmers, Leo     
Who is driving?
Easy-to-read text invites the reader to guess which animal is driving each of seven vehicles based on how they are dressed, then reveals their destinations and the vehicles' sounds.

Watson, Wendy     
Bedtime bunnies
Bunnies scamper, scurry, splash, zip, and snuggle as they get ready for bed.

Weeks, Sarah     
Bunny fun
A lively young rabbit finds many ways to have fun--and cause havoc--on a rainy day.

Weeks, Sarah     
From morning to night, a young child playfully grabs and throws items, including a bathtime rubber ducky and snacktime raisins.

Whybrow, Ian     
The noisy way to bed
As a sleepy boy decides it is bedtime and sets out across the farm toward home, he meets several animals who, in their noisy way, express the same idea.

Wickberg, Susan     
Hey Mr. Choo-Choo, where are you going?
A train engine hauls his cars from the city to the sea, answering questions about what he is pulling, seeing, and hearing along the way.

Wild, Margaret     
Kiss kiss!
Baby Hippo is in such a rush to play one morning he forgets to kiss his mama, but strangely all the jungle noises seem to remind him.

Willems, Mo     
Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!

Willems, Mo     
Let's say hi to friends who fly!
An exuberant cat cheers on her friends as they demonstrate whether or not they can fly.

Williams, Sue     
I went walking
During the course of a walk, a young boy identifies animals of different colors.

Wilson, Karma     
The cow loves cookies
While all the other animals on the farm enjoy eating their regular food, the cow chooses to eat the one thing that she loves best.

Wood, Audrey     
The napping house
In this cumulative tale, a wakeful flea atop a number of sleeping creatures causes a commotion, with just one bite.

Zimmerman, Andrea Griffing     
Trashy town
Little by little, can by can, Mr. Gillie, the trash man, cleans up his town.

Wordless books
Andreasen, Dan     
The treasure bath
A wordless picture book in which a young boy explores a creature-filled world beneath the bubbles in his bathtub.

Rathmann, Peggy     
Good night, Gorilla
An unobservant zookeeper is followed home by all the animals he thinks he has left behind in the zoo.

Savage, Stephen     
Where's Walrus?
Follows Walrus on a journey through the city, as he tries on different hats to disguise himself from the chasing zookeeper.

Music & movement
Ladybug one [sound recording]

The singable songs collection [sound recording]

Babypants, Caspar     
This is fun! [sound recording]

Hickman, Sara     
Big bird, little bird : animated songs for wee ones and parenting tips from Sara [DVD]

Mitchell, Elizabeth     
Sunny day [sound recording]
Elizabeth Mitchell's third collection of children's music relies heavily on Appalachian and international folk songs and lullabies with an emphasis on acoustic arrangements.

Reid-Naiman, Kathy     
Sally go round the sun : songs and rhymes from the parent-child Mother Goose program [sound recording]

  Timberland Youth Services Staff - February 2012