Alexie, Sherman     
Indian killer
While a serial killer stalks and scalps white men in Seattle, John Smith, a Native American adopted into a white family, becomes dissatisfied with his life, and, as the killer searches for his next victim, John descends into the madness of Seattle's homeless.

Alexie, Sherman     
Reservation blues

Coplin, Amanda     
The orchardist : a novel

Daheim, Mary     
The Alpine recluse : an Emma Lord mystery

Evison, Jonathan     
West of here : a novel
Since the dawn of recorded history, the Klallam Indians have thrived upon the bounty of the Elwha River. In 1889, on the eve of Washington's statehood, the Olympic Peninsula remains America's last frontier. But not for long. As northwestern expansion reaches its feverish crescendo, the clock is ticking...

Ford, Jamie     
Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet : a novel
Set in the ethnic neighborhoods of Seattle during World War II and Japanese American internment camps of the era, this debut novel tells the heartwarming story of widower Henry Lee, his father, and his first love Keiko Okabe.

Guterson, David     
Our Lady of the Forest
Sixteen-year-old runaway and unlikely spiritual candidate Ann Holmes, surviving by living in a tent and working as a mushroom picker, experiences a vision of the Virgin Mary in the foggy woods of a Washington November morning.

Guterson, David     
Snow falling on cedars

Hannah, Kristin     
True colors
In a small Washington town, the Grey sisters once-solid world is broken apart by jealousy, passion, and betrayal until one of their family is arrested and tried for murder.

Jackson, Lisa     
You don't want to know
After spending the past two years in and out of Seattle mental institutions, unable to remember the details of her son's disappearance, Ava returns home and, secretly visiting a hypnotist, discovers that her son may still be alive.

Jance, Judith A     
Until proven guilty : a J.P. Beaumont mystery

Jenkins, Victoria     
An unattended death
"On a hot August morning, Anne Paris is found dead, her body floating in the slough at the bottom of her family's remote summer property on an island in Puget Sound, the apparant victim of a sailing accident. Irene Chavez, the lone female detective in a rural Washington State sherriff's department, is assigned to investigate the death of this privileged young psychiatrist. As Irene gets to know Anne's family, their houseguests and neighbors - and Anne herself, as the dead woman emerges in the ac

Lindquist, Mark     
The king of Methlehem

Littlewood, Ann     
Endangered : a zoo mystery
Zoo keeper Iris Oakley is sent to a remote farm in Washington State to rescue exotic animals after a drug bust. Instead of pets, she finds smuggled parrots and tortoises destined for sale to unscrupulous or unsuspecting collectors. The zoo's facilities are full, and she ends up with two macaws shrieking in her basement. The marijuana grow operation and the meth lab are the cops' problem. The smuggling side-line is hers. An outraged Iris is determined to break the criminal pipeline that snatches

Lynch, Jim     
Border songs

Lynch, Jim     
Truth like the sun
Roger Morgan, the promoter responsible for bring the World's Fair to Seattle in 1962, runs for mayor in 2001, right after the tech bubble bursts, while budding reporter Helen Gulanos probes his secretive past.

Macomber, Debbie     
16 Lighthouse Road
Family court judge Olivia Lockhart becomes front page news when she refuses to grant a divorce to a naval officer and his wife after the the death of their baby, and discovers the lives of her family and friends to be increasingly complex.

Mallery, Susan     
Barefoot season
This poignant tale of family dynamics, the jarring impact of change, and eventual acceptance and healing is sure to please Mallery's many, devoted fans.

Mallery, Susan     
Three sisters
Buying one of the famed Three Sisters Queen Anne houses on Blackberry Island, Dr. Andi Gordon, deciding that both her life and home are in need of some major renovations, forms an unbreakable bond with her neighbors--two very different women who are dealing with their own struggles.

Mullen, Thomas     
The last town on earth : a novel

Raban, Jonathan     

Ross, Dana Fuller     
Wagons West Washington!
The towering saga of defiant men and powerful women who challenge a lawless land.

Semple, Maria     
Where'd you go, Bernadette : a novel

Stein, Garth     
The art of racing in the rain : a novel
Nearing the end of his life, Enzo, a dog with a philosopher's soul, tries to bring together the family, pulled apart by a three year custody battle between daughter Zoe's maternal grandparents and her father Denny, a race car driver.

Talton, Jon     
Deadline man
He's a man whose life is so intertwined with his job that we know him only as the columnist. He writes for a newspaper in Seattle, isn't afraid to stir up trouble and keeps his life - including his multiple lovers and his past - in safe compartments. It's all about to be violently upended when he goes out on what seems like the most mundane of assignments, looking into a staid company that never makes news. But from the moment one of his sources takes a dive off a downtown skyscraper, the column

Walter, Jess     
Citizen Vince : a novel

Walter, Jess     
Land of the blind : a novel

Weller, Lance     
Wilderness : a novel
Thirty years after the Civil War's Battle of the Wilderness left him maimed, Abel Truman has found his way to the edge of the continent, the rugged, majestic coast of Washington State, where he lives alone in a driftwood shack with his beloved dog. He is on a final journey over the snowbound Olympic Mountains. As Abel makes his way into the foothills, the violence he endures at the hands of two thugs who are after his dog is crosscut with his memories of the horrors of the war, the friends he lo

Wilson, Susan     
The dog who danced
Justine Meade takes a cross-country journey to find her lost dog, and discover herself.

Wood, Patricia     

  Lacey Library Staff - January 2014