An inn near Kyoto : writing by American women abroad

The best American travel writing. 2004

Bourdain, Anthony     
A cook's tour : in search of the perfect meal
Follows the author on a quest around the world to find the ultimate meal, from Japan where he eats traditional fugu, a poisonous blowfish that can only be prepared by specially licensed chefs, to a delectable snack in the Mecong Delta.

Bryson, Bill     
A walk in the woods : rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail

Byron, Robert     
The road to Oxiana

Cahill, Tim     
Road fever : a high-speed travelogue

Darwin, Charles     
The voyage of the Beagle

De, Botton Alain     
The art of travel

Duff, Chris     
On Celtic tides : one man's journey around Ireland by sea kayak

Egan, Timothy     
The good rain : across time and terrain in the Pacific Northwest

Geniesse, Jane Fletcher     
Passionate nomad : the life of Freya Stark
A portrait of one of the last great female adventurers chronicles the life of Freya Stark, a British woman whose career as a writer and explorer led her into the remote regions of the Islamic world during the first half of the twentieth century.

Harrison, Kathryn     
The road to Santiago

Heat, Moon William Least     
Blue highways : a journey into America

Iyer, Pico     
Sun after dark : flights into the foreign

Kaplan, Robert D     
Mediterranean winter : the pleasures of history and landscape in Tunisia, Sicily, Dalmatia, and the Peloponnese

Kapuscinski, Ryszard     
The soccer war

Morris, Jan     
The world : travels 1950-2000

Newby, Eric     
A short walk in the Hindu Kush
Recounts the author's exploration of the Hindu Kush Mountains in the northeastern Afghanistan province of Nuristan

Salzman, Mark     
Iron & silk = [T`ieh yu ssu]

Seal, Jeremy     
A fez of the heart : travels around Turkey in search of a hat

Settle, Mary Lee     
Spanish recognitions : the roads to the present

Solnit, Rebecca     
Wanderlust : a history of walking

Stark, Freya     
The southern gates of Arabia : a journey in the Hadhramaut

Steinbach, Alice     
Without reservations : the travels of an independent woman

Steinbeck, John     
Travels with Charley : in search of America

Stevens, Stuart     
Night train to Turkistan : modern adventures along China's ancient silk road
The author describes his experiences traveling with three companions from Beijing to India via Kashgar in order to retrace the route followed by Peter Fleming in 1936

Stiller, Eric     
Keep Australia on your left : a true story of an attempt to circumnavigate Australia by kayak

Storace, Patricia     
Dinner with Persephone: travels in Greece

Theroux, Paul     
Dark star safari : overland from Cairo to Cape Town

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