Alexie, Sherman     
Thunder Boy Jr.
"Thunder Boy Jr. wants a normal name ... one that's all his own. Dad is known as Big Thunder, but Little Thunder doesn't want to share a name"--|cProvided by publisher.
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Beaty, Andrea     
Ada Twist, scientist
Ada Twist is a very curious girl who shows perseverance by asking questions and performing experiments to find things out and understand the world.
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Bernstrom, Daniel     
One day in the eucalyptus, eucalyptus tree
Gobbled by a snake, a crafty boy finds a find a way out of his predictament by encouraging the snake to eat an increasing number of animals.
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Gianferrari, Maria     
Coyote moon
"A nonfiction picture book about coyotes hunting in suburban neighborhoods at night."--|cProvided by publisher.
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Gomi, Taro     
Over the ocean
A young girl gazes out over the horizon, and wonders what lands lie beyond the ocean, and what the people are like who live in those lands.
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Jarvis, Peter     
Alan's big, scary teeth
When Alan wakes up to discover his big, scary teeth are missing, he tries to be scary without them.
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Jeffers, Oliver     
The Hueys in what's the opposite?
Quirky egg-shaped creatures known as the Hueys explore the concept of opposites.
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Klassen, Jon     
We found a hat
Two turtles find a hat that looks good on both of them, but, with fairness in mind, they decide to leave it be, until night falls and one of the turtles changes its mind.
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Lehrhaupt, Adam     
Chicken in space
"An adventurous chicken and her pig friend travel to what they believe is outer space, fueled by their imaginations"--|cProvided by publisher.
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Litchfield, David     
The bear and the piano
"A bear finds a piano in the woods, learns to play it, and travels to the big city to become rich and famous, but ultimately discovers that his old friends in the forest back home are still the best audience of all"--|cProvided by publisher.
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Milgrim, David     
Go, Otto, go!
Otto the robot builds a spaceship to take him home.
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Morales, Yuyi     
Rudas: Niño's horrendous hermanitas
"Niño's little sisters get in on the wrestling action"--|cProvided by publisher.
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Portis, Antoinette     
Best frints in the whole universe
Yelfred and Omek of planet Boborp are best frints, even when they have disagreements.
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Star, Fleur     
Uses print and braille to teach young readers about shapes.
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Watts, Jeri Hanel     
A piece of home
Moving with his family from Korea to West Virginia, Hee Jun struggles to adjust to his new home, an unfamiliar language, and the different appearances of his classmates before making friends and bringing a familiar flower home to his grandmother.
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  TRL Youth Services Staff February 2017