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Great Service Stories from Library Staff

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I just had to share this adorable story!  Recently, there was a youth services progam at the Hoodsport library called the "Cardboard Fort Read-In."  Since then, a  young boy named Sebastion (Bash for short) who visits the library after school with his mother told me that he's been sleeping in his fort at bedtime.  He's also added some accessories(on a rotating basis), such as pillows, blankets, favorite books, toys, and stuffed animals to, in his words, "make it feel more like Home."
Hoodsport Timberland Library     November  2017               Share this story

A patron visited the library and asked us to stamp his library passport. He gave us one of the 2010 passports to stamp. He said how much he enjoyed going to different TRL libraries, and commented on what a good library system we have.
Elma Timberland Library     October  2017               Share this story

Recently, a woman who was visiting the Hoodsport library became very frustrated because she was unable to access her email account. She said that she had just moved here and was still unpacking. She couldn't find her little book of passwords. Luckily, our library manager Donna Feddern happened to be here and she came to the patron's assistance. After a short discussion, Donna was able to retrieve the email account. The woman was instantly delighted with Donna's results and spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on her email and other online business. Since that day, the woman has been a regular browsing patron who we have enjoyed getting to know better.
Hoodsport Timberland Library     October  2017               Share this story

Trick or treating was super fun this year, with many boys dressed as SWAT team members and older kids as vampires. We gave out lots of candy and many bookmarks.
Raymond Timberland Library     October  2017               Share this story

Aberdeen Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

Amanda Park Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

Centralia Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

Chehalis Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

Sometimes even I forget the resources available with my library card. Recently, I had my two grandsons on a small road trip, as what happens sometimes with them, they started bickering. I thought to myself, why did I not brings some books to make this a more pleasant trip with the two. Then I remembered that books were just a download away, so I let them download an audio book. It turned an unpleasant situation to a pleasant one. The boys were engaged and quiet the rest of the trip.
Elma Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

Recently, a parent who home schools her four young children thanked the Hoodsport library staff for our good humor and our courteous assistance with the educational needs of her family. The kids love coming to family story time as well as other youth services programs that are offered throughout the year.  She's also enthusiastic about using the online resource for early learning activities and companion apps as an additional resource.
Hoodsport Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

The librarian for the Taholah School District contacted us and asked how to get library cards for her students. She didn't want to wait for the Digital Cards to be rolled out at her district, so she sent out library card applications. We are making cards for her students. Our shared goal is to make sure that all 177 students at her school have access to the Timberland Regional Library and all of the services we provide.
Hoquiam Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

Lacey Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

McCleary Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

Mountain View Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

Naselle Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

Olympia Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

Packwood Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

We hosted a Community Celebration in September featuring the local Folklorico Dance Troupe "Las Estrellas". 34 folks attended, with nearly as many dancers from primary school to high school ages. The colorful beribboned dresses and beautifully choreographed stories were a wonderful celebration of our community. Everyone had cake from the Centralia Mexican bakery El Amigo after the show, and dancers and the audience got to mingle.
Salkum Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

Shelton Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

South Bend Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

Westport Timberland Library     September  2017               Share this story

A patron called to thank us from the bottom of her heart for helping her get some audiobooks. She had called previously and spoken to Shawna. She explained that she was temporarily disabled and couldn't make it in to get audiobooks to keep her busy during her recuperation. Shawna was very patient with her and was able to find items she hadn't heard before and that were available on our shelf. Shawna was able to get them ready for pick-up. The patron said that the service at our library was exemplary and far and above the call of duty.
Chehalis Timberland Library     August  2017               Share this story

A patron turned in her adult summer reading bingo card and talked about how much she enjoyed listening to an audiobook. Normally she does not listen to audiobooks, but found one that she liked in order to complete her Bingo.  She found that she enjoyed it so much that she went for extra car rides just to finish the book!
Elma Timberland Library     August  2017               Share this story

The meeting room at the Hoodsport Library is an important and frequently used resource in the community. People are very appreciative of this facility because there few spaces available for public and private assembly in the town of Hoodsport which brings me to the significance of my service story. At the beginning of this month, a representative of a high tech business from the Seattle area called to inquire about the availability of our meeting room. She was in a panic because the location that she had reserved for a training workshop for 36 employees had suddenly cancelled their reservation. She needed a room for the next day and luckily I was able to schedule her group. As a result, she was so grateful that she wrote a personal thank you note to us. She thanked us for being able to accommodate the group on such short notice and for "being so accommodating and welcoming." 
Hoodsport Timberland Library     August  2017               Share this story

The Ilwaco staff were described as "patient, supportive, and helpful," as a patron went thru online EMT training over the course of several months....and passed!
A new patron, who is just five years old, expressed his joy in the children's area, yelling across the room "Hey, guys have the most awesome toys!" He was seated next to a large stack of books that he was pleased with as well.
Ilwaco Timberland Library     August  2017               Share this story

We've had many families coming in this month to claim their Summer Reading rewards. Today, a family came in who mentioned they'd never been in the library before!  Apparently they found the online component of the Summer Reading Program and completed the goal without ever walking through our doors, until now.
I told them about some of the activities we have available, and today they found books to check out and got TRL library cards for the very first time.

Submitted by Raina Sedore
Lacey Timberland Library     August  2017               Share this story

The Bloxel Program for teens was very popular for this year's SRP. One young man told Carol that he loved the Bloxels so much that he wished he could live at the library!
Montesano Timberland Library     August  2017               Share this story

This service story is all about community connections: When our staff are out and about in our community, we discover many people with many different talents. This year, as in the past, we are lucky to have local patrons skilled and willing to teach/share their skills with: rock painting, playing the ukulele, drawing zentangles, making paracord bracelets, special effects face painting (think zombie/Halloween awesomeness), henna tattoos, scrapbooking, mushroom crafts and more. Everyone will benefit from these skills by attending our programs. Together, we are using the library as a community gathering space and instilling in our patrons that this is THEIR library. Mountain View Timberland Library     August  2017               Share this story

A great time was had by all at the annual ice cream party and egg hunt! Even hot weather couldn't put a damper on spirits; particularly when we moved the egg hunt inside - that novelty was well-appreciated!
Naselle Timberland Library     August  2017               Share this story

​​I just received a phone call from a woman who told me that several years ago, her daughter had come to one of our reading to dogs programs (PAWS to R.E.A.D.). Her daughter had really positive memories of this experience, and was calling because now that she's 13, she really wants to become a volunteer who helps kids read to dogs! I gave her PAWS to R.E.A.D.'s contact info, and she's going to get ahold of them to try to volunteer! Just an example of how a library program can have a lasting effect on someone, and inspire them to give back to their community in similar ways!Olympia Timberland Library     August  2017               Share this story

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