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Great Service Stories from Library Staff

Recently, a patron who often frequents the Hoodsport library had a request for a book that she was afraid that the staff would not be able to locate for her.  Her inquiry was made even more difficult because she did not remember the title or the author of the book since she had read it a number of years ago.  We began our search for the item by asking what the book was about.  She remembered that it was a picture book that featured beautiful cottages and gardens of Great Britain.  The publication featured the garden settings of books written by her favorite author Rosamunde Pilcher.  Tim Ramos was the first to locate what she might be looking for.  The book was titled “The World of Rosamunde Pilcher.”  This book was written by her to honor the land and people of Great Britain who had inspired her novels.  When Tim showed her the book’s cover, he knew immediately that his search was successful because of the big grateful smile that appeared on her face.
Hoodsport Timberland Library     November  2016               Share this story               More Service Stories...

I just had to share this adorable story!  Recently, there was a youth services progam at the Hoodsport library called the "Cardboard Fort Read-In."  Since then, a  young boy named Sebastion (Bash for short) who visits the library after school with his mother told me that he's been sleeping in his fort at bedtime.  He's also added some accessories(on a rotating basis), such as pillows, blankets, favorite books, toys, and stuffed animals to, in his words, "make it feel more like Home."
Hoodsport Timberland Library     November  2017               Share this story               More Service Stories...

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