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Great Service Stories from Library Staff

Recently, Hoodsport celebrated the 20th anniversary of the library being barged across Hood Canal by tugboat from Belfair.  The current Hoodsport Timberland Library was the former North Mason Library.  A beautifully framed article titled, "It Came from the Sea:  The Chronicle of a Library Move" hangs in a place of honor in the library.
The Hoodsport staff worked cooperatively and enthusiastically to prepare for the event.  A special thanks goes to Senior Library Assistant Jenna for her artistic talent.  She created a big banner depicting the canal crossing that was hung above the library entrance.  Scrapbooks, matted, and loose photos commemorating the event were on display for community viewing.  Refreshments were served, and a guest book was available for patrons to write personal comments and memories relating to the event.  A great time was had by all. 
The following are comments that were written in our guest book by Hoodsport library patrons:
"I love the story of our library; how it came by barge across the water!  I have had the honor and pleasure of having the cleaning contract here all these years.  It is such a joy to work in this kind of environment- amongst all these books and all the people who love them.  And thanks to those who help keep this and all libraries available to us."
"We are so lucky to have such a great library in such a small community, also to have great staff."
"We love the library!  We're so appreciative of the programs for children and community concert etc.  The library is a safe, welcome place with the world at our feet (in books).  Thank you."
"From coast to sound, to swamps; all of the libraries are important and a great source of our natural resources."
"Don't know what I'd do without the library and its wonderful staff."
"When I moved to Hoodsport from Seattle, I was delighted to see that such a small community is home to such a wonderful library.  Working here has helped me learn what a great place Hoodsport is to live and has helped this town feel like home."
"We love the library!  Story time is the highlight of our week!"
" I will go out for my walk in the pouring rain to get to the library! It is worth getting wet."
Hoodsport Timberland Library     October  2016               Share this story               More Service Stories...

Recently, a woman who was visiting the Hoodsport library became very frustrated because she was unable to access her email account. She said that she had just moved here and was still unpacking. She couldn't find her little book of passwords. Luckily, our library manager Donna Feddern happened to be here and she came to the patron's assistance. After a short discussion, Donna was able to retrieve the email account. The woman was instantly delighted with Donna's results and spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on her email and other online business. Since that day, the woman has been a regular browsing patron who we have enjoyed getting to know better.
Hoodsport Timberland Library     October  2017               Share this story               More Service Stories...

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