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Great Service Stories from Library Staff

The research club has started using the library for their bi-monthly meetings. We found a way to display in our meeting room the original, heavy brass plate given to the library by the Reasearch Club back in 1929. The group was very pleased to see it "back home" in the library. The group was talking about disbanding until they found out that the library would "take them back" again. Since returning to the library, the group has commented that they are quite pleased with the meeting room arrangements. We love having them!
Raymond Timberland Library     October  2016               Share this story               More Service Stories...

Trick or treating was super fun this year, with many boys dressed as SWAT team members and older kids as vampires. We gave out lots of candy and many bookmarks.
Raymond Timberland Library     October  2017               Share this story               More Service Stories...

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