Family Read & Sing Aloud
March 2 - April 12

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Family Read & Sing Aloud (FR&SA) is an annual, 6-week celebration of children’s literature, songs, and families that love them. It begins each year on Dr. Seuss’s birthday, March 2 and ends on the birthday of Beverly Cleary, April 12. These beloved authors have left a rich legacy of characters and stories, enriching the lives of countless children.

Timberland libraries offer special programs for families during FR&SA. One highlight is Sing to Your Librarian Week, held March 21-26. Children are invited to choose a song and perform it as a gift to their favorite librarian. Singing out-loud has been shown to aid memory and language comprehension, as well as encouraging young learners to find and share their voices with others.

Families, teachers and child-care providers can pick up program materials at any Timberland library, enter a drawing for prizes and start reading and singing together in as many places as possible. Each library will award a backpack filled with books.

All library programs encourage parents to talk, sing, read, write and play with their children.