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What Families are saying about Family Read & Sing Aloud...

How has the Family Read & Sing Aloud made a difference for your family?

  • It has reminded us to sing!
  • We sing together as a family now. I have learned new songs. Reading in new places is fun.
  • It has helped our son talk, have fun, laugh and play.
  • Good socialization and learning her letters.
  • We’re reading and coloring more often.
  • We are remembering to read together, and to read in fun places.
  • It has made reading fun!
  • It was great fun to sing to the librarian! We have been enjoying programs at different libraries!
  • More fun, new rooms.
  • The kids spend more time with their parents!
  • The children are now reading to their family.
  • It’s been fun to incorporate music into our day.
  • It’s been so fun to find a place where we haven’t read before.
  • The kids have enjoyed singing – they have been more verbal.
  • It’s made them happy – and if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. Our five year old boy now says it’s the rule to read during bathtime.
  • Our daughter loves the scavenger hunts. She will do them and then take other kids around and help them.
  • They have read aloud in more rooms and have increased their reading in general.
  • They had a lot of fun with their big sister and spending time doing it together.
  • My son practiced his Sing to your Librarian song a lot.
  • We are really focusing on spending more time reading as a family.
  • Dad joined the fun, and Grandma too!

In what ways has the Family Read & Sing Aloud contributed to early learning for your child?

  • My child will perform more songs.
  • We have learned new songs, stories and words.
  • We did this mainly for our three year-old, but I have seen a difference in our 18 month-old…has started singing along and dancing.
  • It has helped with pronouncing words.
  • She’s learning and retaining song lyrics – thank you!
  • She is reading with more family members – papa, grandparents.
  • We are checking out more sing along stories and having more fun reading together.
  • She is asking more questions and trying to read.
  • My first born was able to read before kindergarten, and is an excellent reader now!
  • Books are fun and fascinating! We want, now, to write our own. They are magical!
  • It has helped him to better understand school.
  • It has made my son want to learn to read.
  • It has helped make connections, i.e. rhyming.
  • We are telling more stories, take more books home, recognize letters and pictures and have been playing with sounds.
  • The kids are becoming passionate about what we read!
  • The kids are more verbal, and have better comprehension with reading.
  • He loves to come to the library and get a stack of books. He loves to be read to and is starting to sound out words.
  • We are reading and singing more!
  • The library is so wonderful for having programs like this!
  • We can’t wait to do this again next year.
  • We wish we had come by the library sooner so we could have done the Family Read & Sing Aloud longer.
  • Working with colors, numbers and imagination!
  • Thank you for an excellent staff who always encourage reading, finding answers and having fun!
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