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Alaska Wildlife Notebook
Learn more about 100 species of animals found in Alaska and other parts of the Pacific Northwest.

Animal Diversity Web
Enter an animal into the search textbox to read about its physical characteristics, habitat and conservation efforts.

BBCs Prehistoric Life site from the "Walking With..." series
Information about cavemen, prehistoric animals of all kinds including dinosaurs.  Fun interactive games.  Based on the BBC "Walking With..." series.

Dinosaurs facts and fun for over 300 species of dinosaurs.

Endangered Species Fact Sheets in Kids' Planet
Fact sheets about endangered species worldwide perfect for writing reports. Also, games, coloring pages, and information about how you can help.

SeaWorld's Animal Information Database
Great site about sea and land creatures maintained by SeaWorld Adventure parks and Busch Gardens.

Species of Concern
Produced by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, this is a good source for information on endangered , threatened , sensitive, candidate, concern and monitor species in Washington state.

Student Resources in Context
Database includes full-text articles (basic to advanced) on animals, including endangered species topics. (Available outside the library with a Timberland Regional Library card.)

World Wildlife Fund
News and information about 26,000 species of animals.

CIA World Fact Book
Updated annually, this site not only provides country information but detailed full-color maps as well.

Learn about the cultures of 182 countries and territories and tour the 50 United States and District of Columbia. Find out about the people, land, customs, lifestyle, recipes and more. (Available outside the library with a Timberland Regional Library card.)

Join Parsifal Penquin and and his wise guide, Ophelia Owl, as they travel the globe to learn about different cultures. They chow down food, hear folktales, play games, and learn about arts, crafts, history, holidays, and festivals.

Lands and Peoples Online
Encyclopedia of countries, cultures, and current events. (Available outside the library with a Timberland Regional Library card.)

Library of Congress Country Studies
The Country Studies Series analyzes the social, economic, political, and national security systems of countries throughout the world and how they have changed throughout history.

United Nations Cyberschoolbus
Country information, flags, human rights and the infonation page which allows a search to compare data about different countries.

A Math Dictionary for Kids
An animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 500 common mathematical terms in simple language.

Dictionaries for rhyming, definitions, synonyms, antonyms and more. Even a search for quotations.

Spelling City
Spelling quizzes and games. Great for practicing spelling words.

Webster’s Word Central
Look up a word in this dictionary from Merriam-Webster.

Daily Life Through History
Daily life for ordinary people in different cultures throughout history. (Available outside the library with a Timberland Regional Library card.)

Explorers in "Student Resources in Context" (Available outside the library with a Timberland Regional Library card.)
Type "exploration" then click on Discovery and Exploration. Person search - use the name of your explorer. Classroom topics - select "history" and type explorers in the keyword box. You will find articles and primary documents.

Hyper History
An interactive timeline lets you view and learn world history with the click of a mouse.

A Math Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather.
An animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 500 common mathematical terms in simple language.

A Plus Math
Includes printable flashcards, a “Game Room,” a “Homework Helper” section, and extensive worksheets.

Archimedes’ Laboratory.
A fun site full of puzzles and curiosities.

Cynthia Lanius' No Matter What Shape
Use online pattern blocks to calculate fractions.

FunBrain Numbers
Numbers and counting games including Math Baseball, Bunny Count, and Changemaker.

Math worksheets
Create and print worksheets for different math concepts and skills. Creates an answer key as well.

Choose your math level to find out quick information or in-depth explanation of math concepts.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
NLVM is an National Science Foundation supported project with a K-12 emphasis.

NCES Kidzone Create a Graph page

Play Kids Games
Timed practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The Math Forum: Student Center
Includes “Have a Math Question?” “Weekly/Monthly Challenges” Sections for Elementary Middle and High School levels, Non-English Resources, Internet Math Hunt and more.

African American Biographies
Biographical information about notable African Americans.

First Americans
Covers Dine, Muscogee, Tlingit, Lakota and Iroquois nations and how they are alike and different. Includes an historical overview and a large collection of links to other websites.

Hispanic Heritage Biographies
Biographical information about notable individuals of Hispanic heritage.

Lands and Peoples Online
Encyclopedia of countries, cultures, and current events. (Available outside the library with a Timberland Regional Library card.)

Native Americans
A webpage created by the Timberland staff with links to many websites related to Native Americans, both current day and historical information.

Notable Asian Pacific Americans
Biographical information about notable Asian Pacific Americans.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Maintained by the US Department of Labor and revised every two years, this handbook outlines the nature of the work, working conditions, qualifications and future growth of the career.

The Library of Congress American Memory Project Immigration page
Click on the sidebar in this federal website to find historical information about different peoples that emigrated to the United States, as well as current information about the “changing face” of our nation.

The Washington Occupation Information Service provides overviews of careers, a self-assessment to find out what you do best and a searchable database of schools where you can be trained in the career of your choice. (Available outside the library with a Timberland Regional Library card.)

Women's History Biographies
Biographical information about notable women throughout history.

Ask An Expert
Find out the answers to your questions from the people who really know. This site leads you to experts in fields from biology to college applications.

Ask Kids
Just type in a question …

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
Contains over 800 links to sites that will help you with your homework

Great Web Sites for Kids
The Association for Library Service to Children’s comprehensive index to web pages of interest to children. It has a great section for parents and teachers. All sites have age categories labeled.

How Stuff Works
Ever wonder why stuff works the way it does? Search this site or read the top 10 questions to find out.

Facts, current events, weirdness, home, recreation, the arts, health, computers, cars, robots, cartoons-you name it, a "bunch of librarians" have found it for you!

KidSpace @ The Internet Public Library
Librarians at the IPL have put together an index of informative and fun sites on a variety of homework topics and hobbies.

OneKey uses a filter and the Google search engine to find kid-friendly sites.

Yahoo Kids
New features keep you up with Harry Potter's latest adventure, parents' guide for safe surfing, Pokemon, wrestling, jokes, music, and a world of other fun stuff.

Biomes of the World
Click one of six biomes to find out where it is located, what plants and animals live there, and what it looks like.

Ecosystems of the World
Find out information about ten different earth ecosystems. Includes sounds and links to other websites.

Kids Astronomy
Explore deep space and the solar system in this well designed site full of scientific information and fun facts. Also, see real-time maps of what the sky will look like tonight!

NASA's Planetary Photojournal
A database of almost 1300 NASA images. You can choose a planet and then choose which NASA spacecraft you would like to view images from. Good links to other planet websites.

Nine Planets
Choose a planet or moon from the list to find historical, mythological and current planetary information. Most planets and some moon have photos. Also, follow links to other information sites.

Science Fair Project Guide
Everything you need to know to create an award winning science project! You'll find basic instructions, practical hints, different types of projects, and how to make a poster display. Includes a list of links to other great science project sites.

Windows to the Universe
Choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced levels to access planetary information, stunning photos and real-time animation.

50 States.com
Click a state name to find out quick facts such as the motto, population and area codes and links to maps, elected officials and famous people.

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Benjamin Franklin will answer your questions about the U.S. Government and how it works. Information is provided by grade level.

Census for Kids
Read fun facts about the census results in all 50 states then test your knowledge with a quiz!

Class Brain State Reports
Class Brain will help you find lists of books, official state sites, symbols, maps, history and statistics to complete your state report.

The US50
Choose a state to visit and learn history, geography and historic figures.

US Historical Documents
What's in the Iroquois Constitution-one of the sources used by the framers of the United States Constitution? Read it here, along with speeches, popular songs, presidential declarations, and other documents from American history.

US House of Representatives
Contact your state representative or find out what bills are currently under debate.

US Senate
Contact your state senator or find out what bills are currently under debate.

Access Washington - All About Washington
This is a great place to start to find all sorts of information about Washington state.

Profiles of Washington Counties
Each profile includes a link to the county's official Web site.