About Family Read & Sing Aloud


Family Read & Sing Aloud

On March 1, Timberland will launch the Family Read & Sing Aloud - a library district-wide initiative. Families may pick up Read & Sing Aloud materials starting March 1 at any Timberland library to read and sing in rooms all around their house from March 1 through April 12.

It's no coincidence that we begin our read aloud with the celebration of the birthday of Dr. Seuss (March 2) and close with the celebration of the birthday of Beverly Cleary (April 12). Characters from books written by these beloved authors have become part of cherished childhood memories for many generations!

This year’s initiative features reading AND singing! March 23-28 is Sing to Your Librarian Week!

Children are invited to sing the ABC song, a nursery rhyme or another short song to their librarian!

Many Timberland libraries offer special family programming during the Family Read & Sing Aloud – check out the Family Read & Sing Aloud events calendar. Timberland programming and services support Every Child Ready to Read @ Your Library, a research-based initiative of the American Library Association and the Public Library Association. All library programming encourages parents to talk, sing, read, write and play with their children.