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Short nights of the shadow catcher

About Timothy Egan

Timothy Egan has written compelling nonfiction about the Pacific Northwest in The Good Rain (1990); his story of the American West, both dark and bright in Lasso the Wind (1998); the solving of a cold case crime of murder from Depression-era Pend Oreille County, WA in Breaking Blue (1992); the Dust Bowl in The Worst Hard Time (2009); and the worst forest fire in U.S. history in The Big Burn (2009). Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher (2012), is his most recent book. The Boston Globe wrote: "This is a riveting biography of an American original."

"His [Egan’s] thoughtful interweaving of past and present displays a narrative drive one usually encounters only in suspense novels. Egan's erudition, wit, and sharp sense of humanity transform his books from casual history to indispensable testament" –Novelist (web database)

A journalist as well as the author of seven books, Egan worked for the New York Times for 18 years as Pacific Northwest correspondent and a national enterprise reporter. Egan lives in Seattle, where he writes a weekly column for the New York Times blog, Opinionator.

Honors: In 2001, Egan was part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning team that wrote the series "How Race Is Lived in America." The Worst Hard Time won a National Book Award for nonfiction. He has twice won the Washington State Book Award and the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award. Egan’s work has been named a New York Times Editors' Choice and he has received the Ambassador Book Award for American Studies. Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher has won the 2013 Andrew Carnegie award for nonfiction and the Chautauqua Prize.