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October 2014

Questions for Thought and Discussion


  1. What is the author's attitude toward food? What is the author trying to persuade you to think or do?
  2. Is the book you read objective and balanced, or too personal to be unbiased?
  3. What was your perception of nutritional value prior to reading Eating on the Wild Side? How has this reading changed your thoughts on the way food is acquired and consumed?
  4. Do you believe that Americans are willing to overcome instant gratification and learn to eat seasonally?
  5. Both authors point out that eating what we want, when we want has significant consequences. Are you ready to change habits to support future sustainability?
  6. What was your perception of America's food industry prior to reading this book?
  7. How much of a role do the media play in determining what Americans eat and the decline of America's family farms? What does that mean for the country as a whole?
  8. How controversial are the issues raised in the book? Where do you fall?
  9. What are the implications for the future? Are there long- or short-term consequences to the issues raised in the book? Are they positive or negative...affirming or frightening?
  10. Does the book attempt to change or shape public opinion? How does it change the way you think about food and your relationship to it? Does it give you new perspectives on food?
  11. What have you learned after reading this book? Has reading this book inspired you to do further research on food and nutrition?
  12. Were you glad you read this book? Would you recommend it to a friend? Do you want to know more about the subject?
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