Timberland Writes Together

Technical Help With E-Book Copies  

Download a free e-book copy of Timberland Writes Together from the library catalog or the Timberland Reads Together website at http://www.trl.org/ProgramsResources/Pages/TRT15/TRT.aspx

The e-book is available in several formats:

ePub – The standard e-book format to use if you want to read the anthology on a Nook, Kobo or other e-reader device or e-book app that is not a Kindle.

Mobi – The .mobi format is used with Kindle e-readers and Kindle apps.

PDF – The PDF format can be read on computers and devices with standard PDF readers or web browsers.

There are several options to get your e-book file onto your device or into your app.

USB – With most devices you can connect the device to your computer with the USB cable and ‘sideload’ the e-book either using your file manager, Adobe Digital editions or a third-party program like Calibre.

Email – With a Kindle device or app you can email the e-book to your device/app. Find your Send-to-Kindle email address in the section to manage your devices, in your Amazon account. Be sure that the address you send from is on your approved email list.

Download – Download directly on your device, if supported, and open with the e-reader app.

Cloud Drive – Copy the e-book file into your cloud drive service (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), and open on your device with your e-reader app.

The e-books are DRM-free and do not expire.