Microsoft Imagine Academy - Digital Literacy

TRL, Microsoft and Washington State are excited to offer you free technology training through the Microsoft Imagine Academy. As a Washington State resident and library patron you can now access Microsoft Digital Literacy courseware anyplace and anytime!

  Getting Started With Digital Literacy Online Courses Digital Literacy courses cover a wide range of computer basics. Each course has a multiple choice assessment and you can complete a Certificate Test at the end of the course.   To get started:  
  • Begin with the Digital Literacy Certificate Test to assess skill level
  • When you complete the test, click Score Assessment to see results and a personalized learning plan
  • Print the learning plan
  • Take courses based on the learning plan created from the test results
  • Continue to take courses followed by corresponding assessment until you pass
  • Upon completion of all Digital Literacy courses, take Certificate Test again and print a certificate to display achievement

Get Started Today
Links to the courses and assessments are provided below. Best in learning!

Digital Literacy Classes

Advanced Digital Literacy Classes