All TRL libraries have public Internet computers. In addition to Internet access, these PCs have Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint installed and access to the library catalog and TRL Reference databases. See Reserve a PC to reserve a session.

What do I need to use an Internet computer?

You are required to use your own TRL Library Card, Internet Card or Visitor Pass.

How do I get a card or pass?

  • Library Card: Eligible patrons need valid photo ID, birth date and current address.
  • Internet Card: Patrons and long-term visitors who only want Internet access need valid photo ID and birth date.
  • Visitor Pass: Short-term visitors from outside TRL's 5-county region need valid photo ID and birth date.

How long can I use the Internet computers?

You have up to 3 hours per day on Internet computers. You may break the time into multiple computer sessions. The 3 hour per day limit applies throughout the TRL system. It is not 3 hours per day per library.

Can I get more time?

Additional time may be allowed at staff discretion based on computer availability and library needs.

What if all the computers are busy?

You can make a reservation by selecting Reserve a PC from the TRL web site or the menu on any catalog computer. You can search for the next available computer or choose from a list of available times.

Can I reserve a computer session in advance?

Yes, you can reserve a computer session up to 7 open days in advance.

What if I forget my reservation details?

Ask library staff for assistance.

What if I am late for my reservation?

Your reservation is held for 10 minutes and then it is canceled.

Can I save files on library computers?

If you wish to save files, bring your own portable storage device. All library computers support portable USB storage devices that do not require installing software or drivers.