Printing on Library Computers & MobilePrint

Timberland provides printing services for patrons using library computers and for patrons using their own laptops, tablets and mobiles devices. To print at the library you need your own Library Card, Internet Card or Visitor Card. See staff for more information about library cards.

How much does printing cost?

  • You can print up to 100 free pages per week (Mon-Sat).
  • Additional pages cost $0.10/side printed.
  • There is no charge for printing TRL web pages such as pages from the library catalog, fines and fees payment receipts, and PC reservation information.
  • All other printed pages, including TRL reference databases and PDF files on the TRL web site, are chargeable and count against the 100 free pages per week.
  • The weekly 100-page limit includes all chargeable printing done at TRL libraries throughout the library district.

How much am I charged for duplex printing? (Printing on both sides of the paper)

You are charged $0.10/printed side.

How do I pay if I need to print more than the allowed free pages?

See library staff for assistance. They can take cash, Visa, and Mastercard.

What if I get poor print quality?

  • See library staff for assistance.
  • If the problem is due to a printer malfunction, staff may be able to reprint your job.
  • There are no reprints or refunds for problems caused by faulty web sites or patron error.