Reaching Out to Senior Citizens in Our Community

Residents of Assisted Living or Nursing facilities can’t come to the library, so Timberland will loan library materials to your senior residential facility.

Timberland has filled rolling carry-on suitcases with books in print, CD audiobooks, CD music and DVD videos that let you offer your clients materials that will:

  • Stimulate the mind and memory through reading.
  • Provide for the sharing of stories and experiences.

Inside the boxes -- fiction and non-fiction, current bestsellers and classics in various formats.   

  • DVD Videos – Some theatrical releases and some educational titles
  • Audiobooks on CD - Mostly fiction, a few non-fiction. These vary in length from one disc to as many as 20!
  • Large-print books - Both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Regular-print books - Primarily recent fiction and narrative non-fiction, with a few classic titles included.
  • Music on CD - Including jazz, classic and other music.

To borrow a Senior Box:

  • Call your local library. The staff there will verify your institution’s library account, and place a hold on Senior Connect boxes as you require.
  • The contents of each box is updated each time it is returned.
  • When the Senior Connect box you requested arrives at your library you will be notified of its arrival by phone or email, whichever is selected on your institutional card.
  • Each Connect Box checks out for three weeks. If you need it for a different period of time, tell the staff at your local library so they can adjust the due date.
  • You may return the Senior Connect box at any Timberland library – just return it to the staff for regular check-in. If you later find materials that belong in the box but got separated, return them when you find them. The contents of the boxes are flexible, so you will not be billed for missing items. We do expect the boxes to be returned, with the same policies as other Timberland materials.

We look forward to Connecting with you!