You Are Here - 2011 Summer at the Library for Teens

2011 Summer at the Library for Teens

You Are Here - Web Links

Bollywood Backstage Pass

Bollywood Ticket
Keep up with what’s new in Bollywood at this site, which includes news, reviews, and commentary about India’s film industry.

Can You Make a Difference?

The Power of Giving
This article describes the many benefits of teen volunteering.

Ryan’s Well Foundation
Ryan Hreljak was just six years old in 1998 when he learned that fresh water is a rarity for many people.  He did extra chores around the house to earn $70.  In 1999, that $70 funded the digging of a well in a village in Uganda.  Years later, the Ryan’s Well Foundation continues to dig wells for people all around the world.

Japan Culture Club

Anime News Network
Keep up with what’s new in the world of anime and manga.

Haiku for People
Clear instructions on writing haiku are illustrated by examples both traditional and contemporary.

Harajuku Style
Harajuku Style is a term used to describe fashion styles adopted by teens and young adults who congregate at the Harajuku subway station in Tokyo.  Styles include “cute” Kawaii clothing, Gothic Lolita, cosplay (costumes based on characters in anime or manga), and hip-hop.

Japanese Streets
Hop here to see what teens are wearing on the streets of Tokyo these days.
This site offers info and photos on many aspects of Japan, including daily news.  Modern Japan focuses on pop culture, while Cultural Japan explores traditional Japanese culture.  The Japan Omnibus section fills in history and other background.  The New to Japan section offers tourists and new residents practical getting-around info.  Japan Forums open discussion of everything from J-pop to daily events.

Japanese Pop Culture
Go to Google, type in Japanese Pop Culture, and you’ll see “Images for Japanese Pop Culture.”

Virtual Japan: Japanese Pop Culture
Elements of Japanese pop culture include anime, manga, fashion, pop music, and designs that are used on everything from erasers (Hello Kitty) to airplanes (Japan Airlines Boeing painted with Pokeman characters).

JPop: Japanese Pop Music
Japanese pop music launched in 1956, when Japanese artists began to combine elements of traditional Japanese music with western-style rock ‘n roll.  JPop has continued to explore such styles as girl groups, techno, dance music, R&B, and hip-hop.  Click on “JRock” to get a list of JRock bands.

VIZ Media
VIZ Media publishes such popular manga series as Bleach, Death Note, Inu-Yasha, and Naruto.

Teens Write!

100 Benefits of Journaling
Benefits include stress reduction, healing, personal growth, knowing yourself, easier problem solving, enhancing creativity and intuition, and telling your life story.

All About Me Journaling Prompts
Scroll down past the photos of Writing Jars to a long list of journal-writing prompts.

Create a blog at this site.  You’ll need to start your account with a Google email address.

Journaling Prompts
Hover your mouse over a “star” and the star responds with a pop-up with a journal writing prompt in it.

World Crafts

Carp Kites
Make carp kites that fly like fish in the wind using the printouts and instructions at this web site.

Japanese Folding Fan
Follow the instructions to make a folding fan, and then let your creativity run wild to decorate it.

Make Your Own Worry Dolls or Toothpick People
In Guatemala, when children are worried about something, their parents give them a bag full of worry dolls.  For each worry, children put one doll under their pillow—and when they wake up, their worries are gone.  Learn how to make worry dolls for your younger sibs at this site, which features step-by-step instructions illustrated with photos.

Paper Matryuska Doll
Use this web site’s templates to color, cut out, and assemble nesting matryushka dolls.

World Facts and Fun

Australian Slang
Go to “Aussie slang,” click on “Learn it now,” but whatever you do, don’t big-note yourself.

Board Game Geek (Twister)
Adapt the basic rules of Twister, explained at this site, for North American Geography Twister.

This guide to writing systems around the world includes alphabets and audio files of useful words and phrases in world languages.

United States Trivia
See if you can answer these multiple-choice trivia questions about United States geography.  Click on the link for trivia questions about Asian and European geography.