Get in the Game - Read! 2016 Summer at the Library for Teens

2016 Summer at the Library for Teens

Things to Do

Things to do

Comics and Manga - Upcycled!  At participating libraries in June, grab some comics and manga pages and make masks, temporary tattoos, bookmarks, necklaces and light switch covers.  See all Teen summer events.

Meet Manga artists Nicole Pelhem and Zoey Hogan at the library during Artists' Alley July 13-18.

Visit the TRL Teen website to find other Teen events - Pizza and Book Groups, Anime Clubs, movie afternoons, big fandom cons and lots more "ongoing" events that continue all summer!

Kickstart your art or writing with Art and Writing Prompts.  They'll give you ideas - for comic strips, cartoons, fanfic, stories and journal - that you didn't even know where in your brain.