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Balance Track: Teens and Money
Get the basics and beyond here, about money management, buying a car, checking and savings accounts, credit, and investment. Also available as a podcast.

Department of Ecology Youth Corps
Click on Southwest on the WA map, then click on Youth Crew (ages 14-17), to apply for a summer job. EYC crews focus on cleaning up roadside litter.

Employed Teenagers
Are you 13, 14, 15, 16, or 17? Find out what jobs you can do whatever your age.

FDIC Consumer News: Quick Tips for Managing Your Money
Borrowing money for college, saving, buying a car, establishing (and keeping) good credit, avoiding scams, and smartphone banking—all this and more is covered in this 12-page report from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Feed the Pig
Feed your piggy bank and take control of your finances!

Part-time Jobs for Teenagers
Possible part-time jobs include errand running for busy clients, creating Web sites, working at fast food outlets, and selling stuff you make at farmers’ markets.

Saving Money Tips for Teens
What? Skateboarding? This site collects sites about getting jobs and managing your money. Click here for money advice from fellow teens and other money-smart sites.

Six Great Ways for Teens to Make Some Green This Summer
Too young to get a job at a fast-food place? Click here for six teen businesses with quick about safety, legality, promoting your business, and customer service.

Click on “Visitor,” scroll down, and see articles such as “Top Ten Qualities Employers Want Most in a Teen Candidate.” Check with parents, because Teens4hire requires personal information (like your phone number) before you can search the jobs database as a “Basic” member, and a fee before you can apply for jobs as a “Premiere” member.

Washington Business Week
Washington Business Week is a week-long summer program that places high school students in simulations where they compete as industry professionals. Guided by a business community mentor, students gain a competitive edge on college preparation, workplace readiness, and life success.

YouthRules! Young Worker Toolkit
Teens ages 13 and under, 14 – 15, 16 – 17, and 18 and up: find out what you can and can’t do under U.S. Department of Labor regulations.

Teens' Minecraft & Book Trailers Winners
List of 2014 winners.

Art Journaling
Tips for creating your own art journal.

Artcyclopedia is an online encyclopedia dedicated to artists, artworks, and art museums.

Picmonkey Photo Editing
Make your photos even better with this free photo editing site.

Sock Monkey
Detailed sock monkey making instructions take out the guesswork.

The Duct Tape Guys
The Duct Tape Guys show you how to make duct tape wallets in eight photo-illustrated easy steps.

Wire Jewelry Making
Learn how to make wire jewelry from these easy-to-follow tutorials.

Zentangle Patterns
Check out this graphic guide to Zentangle patterns and how to draw them.

100 Benefits of Journaling
Benefits include stress reduction, healing, personal growth, knowing yourself, easier problem solving, enhancing creativity and intuition, and telling your story.

Al-Anon helps people recover from the effects of living with an alcoholic relative or friend. Alateen is a recovery group for young people with a drinking problem. Both groups base their programs on the work of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Information is listed alphabetically by topic and by age group. This site also features updates on bioterrorism topics.

Go Ask Alice!
Ask even your most embarrassing health questions and get answers.

Info on sexually transmitted diseases, advice on abstinence, and resources for gay teens are featured on this site, sponsored by the American Social Health Association.

College Board
Information on college planning, including PSAT and SAT registration.

Jobs, Education, & Practice Tests
TRL's reference databases for standardized test preparation guides, career information, and education programs.

Articles, advice, tools, and checklists for exploring all branches of the military, as well as other careers and colleges.

After high school, what’s next? Geared to high school juniors and seniors, NextStepU has articles and videos about college, careers, gap years, military service, and more.

Occupational Outlook
Explore hundreds of job and career profiles and learn what they do, how to become one, and what their future might look like.

Teen Ink: College Essays
Read real college essays published in the print and online versions of Teen Ink. Comment on and share others' essays and submit your own.

Washington Business Week
Washington Business Week give teens the opportunity to gain real-world experience in a variety of careers through summer camps and in-school community programs.

Washington Student Achievement Council
Information about colleges and universites in Washington as well as preparing for and paying for higher education. Includes state-specific information about programs such as Running Start, College Bound, and Washington Opportunity Pathways.

Car diagnostic mechanics Tom and Ray dispense advice with verve, spunk, and unstoppable humor on National Public Radio. Keep laughing and learning at their web site.

Driver License
Getting a driver license? Find out how by visiting the Washington State Department of Licensing web site.

Drive-Safely.net provides safe driving tips, traffic ticket advice and online traffic school reviews from a licensed CDL driving instructor.

Fuel Economy
This U.S. Department of Energy website gives the gas mileage, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution ratings, and safety info for new and used cars and trucks.

Practice Test
This site is designed to give you an idea of the types of questions you’ll be asked on the Washington state drivers license test.

Teen New Drivers’ Homepage
Ryan has some helpful stuff to say about driving around school, driving around town, bad weather, passing, the warning signs of fatigue, and more topics.

The Simple Dollar Guide to Teen Car Insurance and Driver Safety
This article provides tips for learning to drive, driving safely, responding to accidents and the police, and saving money on car insurance.

ESPN Action Sports
Skateboarding, snowboarding, bike stunts, motocross, and more extreme sports share space with X Games updates and a guide to the best places to skateboard in Seattle.

Need help with your heelflip technique? Or maybe, you'd like to try a Backslide Ollie 180. Turn to Transworld Skateboarding magazine's website for advice, inspiration, interviews with skateboarding legends, and 'boarding news.

Skaters for Public Skateparks
Want to build a skatepark? Zoom here for info on getting started, fund raising, design and building, and maintenance.

Bash your brain with these brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games, and optical illusions.

CR Puzzles
Cryptograms, picture scrambles, minicrostics, crosswords, logic problems… Updated daily, this online puzzle magazine will tweak your brain.

Free Rice
Put that cramming for SAT vocabulary to good use! For every correct definition you choose, Free Rice donates 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.

Games for the Brain
Have fun while training your brain with such games as Mastermind, Marsmoney, Oooze, and Chess.

Thinks.com Puzzles
Fiendish puzzles, riddles, trivia, anagrams, crosswords and scary crossword variants (don't ask, just look) make this site a thorny thicket.

TravelPod: The Traveler IQ Challenge
How well do you know the world? Get ready to click on the world map where you think famous places and cities are located. Speed and accuracy count!

ICYou See: T is for Thinking
ICYSee is a self-guided tour and training page that addresses basic questions, like: how do you search for stuff, and once you find it, how do you know if it's any good?

Social Networking Sites: Safety Tips for Tweens and Teens
Whatever space you choose for your socializing online, be smart and follow these common-sense guidelines.

This free public resource for web developers features tutorials and articles written by web designers and programmers.

Create a wiki to share with families, friends, teams, fan clubs, and more. Public wikis are free, but the site charges a fee for private and ad-free wikis.

National Center for Youth Law
This site links to information about youth health, child support, welfare, fair housing, juvenile justice, public policy organizations, and legislative resources.

Rock the Vote
Get the facts, get fired up, get involved in the political issues that affect teens.