General Investment Information Resources

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s website has information for consumers who are investors, such as investment choices, consumer protection, and background checks on the credentials and history of people working as investment professionals.   This organization’s primary focus is to train and monitor investment professionals across the United States.  However, they also have information for the investors themselves.  FINRA is also is the sponsoring organization that provided the grant money for “Smart Investing @ Your Library”.

Washington State Department of Financial Institutions
Often called simply “DFI”, this is Washington state’s organization that regulates and examines a variety of state chartered financial services.  This includes banks, credit unions, investment advisors, mortgage brokers, and payday lenders.  Their Consumer section on the website has Alerts about recent frauds and scams in the state, education on financial topics, a way to submit a complaint against an organization or professional, and a search to verify a state license.

Yahoo Finance
Part of the greater Yahoo website, this section focuses on investment information related to stocks, mutual funds, personal finance such as budgets and mortgages, how-to guides and news articles on related topics.   It also has a Portfolio function where you can set up your own account to track stocks and mutual funds, whether you have actually purchased them or not.

An online dictionary / encyclopedia of financial terminology. Also has tutorials at the Beginner, Advanced and Active Trader levels.  Look on the left side for navigation buttons to the dictionary and tutorials.  (Warning: to bypass the initial fullpage ad, click on “Direct to” at the top of the window.)

Rutgers University
A basic investing home study course, including  topics : Investing Basics, Finding Money to Invest, Stock, Mutual Fund and Tax-free (retirement) Investing, Finding Help, and Fraud.

North American Securities Administrators Association
NASAA’s website has an Investor Education tab at the top, which includes investor awareness, alerts and bill of rights, and other education resources.   Has a special area for Senior’s and

  • Includes Investing Online Resource Center
    Part of the NASAA website, this section has a way for investors to learn how to use online tools for trading stocks and other investments.   It is a simulator which allows the user to practice without making real trades

Your Money: A Guide to Reaching Your Financial Goals
The Guide introduces the world of investing and provides direction for learning basic financial investment skills for making short, medium and long term financial decisions.  There are eleven Information Modules plus Worksheets prepared by Lightbulb Press for the FINRA Investor Education Foundation

TRL Databases:

Morningstar Investment Research Center

Business & Company Resource Center

Financial Rating Series (includes and Weiss Ratings)

Smart Investing @ Your Library