Yahoo Finance: Starting Out - Begin Funding -Simple outline with short paragraphs, aimed at younger adults.

Rutgers University's "Investing For Your Future" home study course - Particularly Units 1-3.

  • Unit 1 Basic Building Blocks of Successful Financial Management
  • Unit 2 Investing Basics
  • Unit 3 Finding Money to Invest

MSN Money article: "How to Invest When You are Broke"


The Modern Rules of Personal Finance for Professionals by Susan A. Berson
332.024 BERSON 2008
Short and current, small format. Overview of many topics, includes setting goals, budgets, using credit, mortgages, investments, taxes, retirement, life events, giving back, and more.

Investing for Dummies by Eric Tyson 
332.6 TYSON 2006
Lists the basic steps of ‘preparing’ : pay off credit, emergency fund, mortgage for a house, then set goals and invest.