Investopedia: Retirement Planning Glossary
Dictionary of Retirement Planning terms.

Yahoo Finance: Planning for Retirement
Comprehensive site mixing investment tools and strategies for using them with goal setting.

FINRA: Saving for Retirement
While it appears that 401k is the focus of this source, 403b and 457 plans are also included as well as salary deferral plans, vesting and other savings vehicles.

Google Images: Plan Chart
Detailed grid giving pros and cons for SEP,401k, IRA, & Keogh contributions tax liability and employer participation.

Investorguide: Small-Business Retirement Plans
Summary of retirement tools for small-business owners and the self employed.

TRL Databases:

Gale Virtual Reference Library: Encyclopedia of Aging Database
Search for "Retirement Planning programs" in this database.  The four major types of employer-sponsored retirement programs: pensions, profit-sharing and stock ownership plans, salary reduction, and thrift plans are explained.  


IRAs, 401(k)s & Other Retirement Plans: Taking your Money Out by Twila Slesnick & John C Suttle
343.7305 SLESNICK 2007
Comprehensive resource for everyone with a retirement plan. Describes the various plans available—including Roth IRAs and focuses on distribution rules, taxes and potential penalties. Important life contingencies are covered; when distribution is taken for higher education and health premium expenses or when death occurs.

The Wall Street Journal Complete Retirement Guidebook: how to plan it, live it, and enjoy it by Glenn Ruffenach
646.79 RUFFENAC 2007
Guides you through the intricacies of 401(k)s, IRAs, annuities, and other financial tools and resources.

Kiplinger’s Retire Worry-Free by Kiplinger
332.024 RETIRE-W 2008
Devoted from front to back to IRAs, 401(K)s, Keoghs, Profit Sharing, annuities and pensions, Social Security and at least 7 other money strategies for retirement.