New Items Added in Last 30 Days
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Date AddedTitleAuthor
07/16/2018 Bollywood confidential
Singh, Sonia
07/16/2018 Rasputin's daughter
Alexander, Robert
07/16/2018 Sudden prey
Sandford, John
07/16/2018 Midwives : a novel
Bohjalian, Chris
07/16/2018 One shot : a Reacher novel
Child, Lee
07/16/2018 Tripwire
Child, Lee
07/16/2018 Dark curse
Feehan, Christine
07/16/2018 Death in the truffle wood
Magnan, Pierre
07/13/2018 Mondo & other stories = Mondo et autres histoires
Le Clézio, J-M G
07/13/2018 Dead drift
Pettrey, Dani
07/13/2018 How to paint a dead man
Hall, Sarah
07/13/2018 Pomegranate soup : a novel
Mehran, Marsha
07/13/2018 Sweeter than honey
Morrison, Mary B
07/13/2018 Day by day armageddon : origin to exile
Bourne, J L
07/13/2018 The road to Samarcand
O'Brian, Patrick
07/12/2018 Thief of time
Pratchett, Terry
07/12/2018 The Saturday big tent wedding party
McCall Smith, Alexander
07/12/2018 The light fantastic : a novel of discworld
Pratchett, Terry
07/12/2018 Men at arms : a novel of Discworld
Pratchett, Terry
07/12/2018 Night watch, a novel of Discworld
Pratchett, Terry
07/12/2018 The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
McCall Smith, Alexander
07/12/2018 The fifth elephant : a novel of Discworld
Pratchett, Terry
07/12/2018 Monster
Peretti, Frank E
07/12/2018 Sourcery : a novel of Discworld
Pratchett, Terry
07/12/2018 Give me your hand
Abbott, Megan
07/11/2018 The shining
King, Stephen
07/11/2018 The picture of Dorian Gray
Wilde, Oscar
07/11/2018 Free food for millionaires
Lee, Min Jin
07/11/2018 The fires of heaven
Jordan, Robert
07/11/2018 The sirens of Titan
Vonnegut, Kurt
07/11/2018 The good fight : a novel
Steel, Danielle
07/10/2018 Driving the king : a novel
Howard, Ravi
07/10/2018 The unseen
Jacobsen, Roy
07/10/2018 A haven on Orchard Lane
Blackwell, Lawana
07/10/2018 When we found home
Mallery, Susan
07/10/2018 Clock Dance
Tyler, Anne
07/10/2018 Blasphemy
Alexie, Sherman
07/10/2018 Arrow's flight
Lackey, Mercedes
07/10/2018 Spinning silver
Novik, Naomi
07/09/2018 The last time I lied : a novel
Sager, Riley
07/05/2018 The cabin at the end of the world : a novel
Tremblay, Paul
07/03/2018 Spymaster : a thriller
Thor, Brad
07/03/2018 The bride's matchmaking triplets
Scott, Regina
07/02/2018 It started in June
Kietzman, Susan
07/02/2018 Lighthouse beach
Noble, Shelley
07/02/2018 Back to life : love after heartbreak
07/02/2018 The annotated Sword of Shannara
Brooks, Terry
07/02/2018 Never deceive a viscount
Miller, Renee Ann
07/02/2018 Another side of paradise : a novel
Koslow, Sally
07/02/2018 You never forget your first earl
Quinn, Ella
07/02/2018 A blood thing
07/02/2018 Touched by you
Wright, Elle
07/02/2018 Larkspur Cove
Wingate, Lisa
07/02/2018 What happens in summer
Piñeiro, Caridad
07/02/2018 Don't believe it
Donlea, Charlie
07/02/2018 The accidental mistress
De León, Aya
07/02/2018 Cowboy SEAL redemption
Helm, Nicole
06/29/2018 The start of something good
Probst, Jennifer
06/29/2018 How far she's come : a novel
Brown, Holly
06/29/2018 Visible empire
Pittard, Hannah
06/29/2018 The consultant : a Jonathan Hunter thriller
O'Connor, T J
06/29/2018 Lord of the White Hell. Book two
Hale, Ginn
06/29/2018 Beyond control
Martin, Kat
06/29/2018 The list
Konrath, Joe
06/29/2018 Dancer from the dance : a novel
Holleran, Andrew
06/29/2018 Hawke's war : a Sonny Hawke thriller
Wortham, Reavis Z
06/29/2018 Dirty exes
Van Dyken, Rachel
06/29/2018 Epoch
06/28/2018 The cardinal of the Kremlin
Clancy, Tom
06/28/2018 Foreign influence : a thriller
Thor, Brad
06/28/2018 Sunburn : a novel
Lippman, Laura
06/28/2018 Hunt the viper
Mann, Don
06/28/2018 Flowers in the attic
Andrews, V C
06/28/2018 The finishing school
Godwin, Gail
06/28/2018 The deep end of the ocean
Mitchard, Jacquelyn
06/28/2018 Rainbow Six
Clancy, Tom
06/28/2018 The brethren
Grisham, John
06/28/2018 The English American
Larkin, Alison
06/28/2018 Private : #1 suspect
Patterson, James
06/28/2018 At the corner of rock bottom & nowhere
Witt, L A
06/28/2018 Clear and present danger
Clancy, Tom
06/28/2018 Executive orders
Clancy, Tom
06/28/2018 Perfect match
Picoult, Jodi
06/28/2018 Starburst
Pilcher, Robin
06/28/2018 Shadowed souls
06/28/2018 The great alone
Hannah, Kristin
06/28/2018 Varina : a novel
Frazier, Charles
06/28/2018 The lost daughter collective : a novel
Drager, Lindsey
06/28/2018 The short stories of Ernest Hemingway : the Hemingway library edition
Hemingway, Ernest
06/28/2018 Without remorse
Clancy, Tom
06/28/2018 Angels & demons
Brown, Dan
06/28/2018 Hour game
Baldacci, David
06/28/2018 Runaway : stories
Munro, Alice
06/28/2018 Worth dying for : a Reacher novel
Child, Lee
06/28/2018 The woman in the window
06/28/2018 All we ever wanted : a novel
Giffin, Emily
06/28/2018 Between you & me : a novel
Wiggs, Susan
06/28/2018 Liar, liar
Jackson, Lisa
06/28/2018 Patriot games
Clancy, Tom
06/28/2018 The firebrand : a novel
Bradley, Marion Zimmer
06/28/2018 The Christmas mystery
Gaarder, Jostein
06/28/2018 Running blind
Child, Lee
06/28/2018 The Broker
Grisham, John
06/28/2018 The fifth season
Jemisin, N K
06/28/2018 The year of needy girls
Smith, Patricia A
06/28/2018 Girls of the Great War
Lightfoot, Freda
06/28/2018 Season of storms
Sapkowski, Andrzej
06/28/2018 A walk to remember
Sparks, Nicholas
06/28/2018 Gods behaving badly : a novel
Phillips, Marie
06/28/2018 The cobra
Forsyth, Frederick
06/28/2018 Rainy day friends : a novel
Shalvis, Jill
06/28/2018 Six neckties
Diaz, Johnny
06/28/2018 Cold feet : the lost years
Harrington, Carmel
06/28/2018 A schoolboy's diary : and other stories
Walser, Robert
06/28/2018 The Sicilian
Puzo, Mario
06/28/2018 The sum of all fears
Clancy, Tom
06/28/2018 The last templar
Khoury, Raymond
06/28/2018 South of Broad : a novel
Conroy, Pat
06/28/2018 Dexter by design : a novel
Lindsay, Jeffry P
06/28/2018 Dark angel and Lord Carew's bride
Balogh, Mary
06/28/2018 Hidden order : a thriller
Thor, Brad
06/28/2018 Code of conduct : a thriller
Thor, Brad
06/28/2018 Outside is the ocean
Lansburgh, Matthew
06/28/2018 Imager
Modesitt, L E
06/28/2018 Iron will
Maxwell, James
06/28/2018 Metro girl
Evanovich, Janet
06/28/2018 Birds without wings
De Bernières, Louis
06/28/2018 The girl who takes an eye for an eye
Lagercrantz, David
06/28/2018 Still me
Moyes, Jojo
06/28/2018 Vagabond heart
Roberts, Ann
06/28/2018 Mother of invention : a novel
Widger, Caeli Wolfson
06/28/2018 A good day to kill
Richards, Dusty
06/28/2018 Checking out
Spalding, Nick
06/27/2018 Milk glass moon : a novel
Trigiani, Adriana
06/27/2018 The given day : a novel
Lehane, Dennis
06/27/2018 Last instructions
Hezroni, Nir
06/27/2018 The prince : a devil's Duke novel
Ashe, Katharine
06/27/2018 The master will appear
Witt, L A
06/27/2018 The Mandela plot
Bonert, Kenneth
06/27/2018 Huesos sanos
Kelly, Laura
06/27/2018 Lost in translation
Mones, Nicole
06/27/2018 Bridget Jones : the edge of reason
Fielding, Helen
06/27/2018 Happiness sold separately
Winston, Lolly
06/27/2018 Smoke screen
Brown, Sandra
06/27/2018 The second opinion
Palmer, Michael
06/27/2018 A dog's purpose
Cameron, W Bruce
06/27/2018 The American
Booth, Martin
06/27/2018 The fifth witness : a novel
Connelly, Michael
06/27/2018 How to forget a duke
06/27/2018 Too Wilde to wed
James, Eloisa
06/27/2018 The widow's watcher
Maxwell, Eliza
06/27/2018 A winter scandal
Camp, Candace
06/27/2018 The dark prince
Leech, Emma V
06/27/2018 Notes of a crocodile
Qiu, Miaojin
06/27/2018 Anil's ghost
Ondaatje, Michael
06/27/2018 The high flyer : a novel
Howatch, Susan
06/27/2018 Dance upon the air
Roberts, Nora
06/27/2018 Charleston
Jakes, John
06/27/2018 Heavenly date and other flirtations
McCall Smith, Alexander
06/27/2018 Case histories : a novel
Atkinson, Kate
06/27/2018 The lost symbol : a novel
Brown, Dan
06/27/2018 Home to Big Stone Gap : a novel
Trigiani, Adriana
06/27/2018 Blue-eyed devil
Kleypas, Lisa
06/27/2018 A lost wife's tale : a novel
McGilvary, Marion
06/27/2018 An unexpected guest : a novel
Korkeakivi, Anne
06/27/2018 Fifty shades of Grey
James, E L
06/27/2018 Crooked heart
Evans, Lissa
06/27/2018 The world of tomorrow
Mathews, Brendan
06/27/2018 Mem : a novel
Morrow, Bethany C
06/27/2018 Cold as thunder
Apps, Jerold W
06/27/2018 Tom Clancy's Op-Center. For honor
Clancy, Tom
06/27/2018 The heart between us
Harrel, Lindsay
06/27/2018 Fallout
Turtledove, Harry
06/27/2018 Independence day
Ford, Richard
06/27/2018 Term limits
Flynn, Vince
06/27/2018 Lucy Sullivan is getting married
Keyes, Marian
06/27/2018 Heaven and earth
Roberts, Nora
06/27/2018 A feast for crows
Martin, George R R
06/27/2018 Heart of the matter
Giffin, Emily
06/27/2018 The confession
Grisham, John
06/27/2018 Ghost radio
Gout, Leopoldo
06/27/2018 This bright beauty
Cavanagh, Emily
06/27/2018 The secret history
Tartt, Donna
06/27/2018 The empty chair
Deaver, Jeffery
06/27/2018 The rising tide : a novel of World War II
Shaara, Jeff
06/27/2018 The quickie : a novel
Patterson, James
06/27/2018 Rosewater and soda bread : a novel
Mehran, Marsha
06/27/2018 Testimony : a novel
Shreve, Anita
06/27/2018 A reliable wife : a novel
Goolrick, Robert
06/27/2018 The crowning glory of Calla Lily Ponder : a novel
Wells, Rebecca
06/27/2018 Faithful Place
French, Tana
06/27/2018 Her mother's secret
Ley, Rosanna
06/27/2018 The shadow killer
Arnaldur Indriðason
06/27/2018 Más allá del invierno
Allende, Isabel
06/27/2018 The sword of Shannara
Brooks, Terry
06/27/2018 Certain prey
Sandford, John
06/27/2018 Fay : a novel
Brown, Larry
06/27/2018 Middlesex
Eugenides, Jeffrey
06/27/2018 We need to talk about Kevin
Shriver, Lionel
06/27/2018 Limitations
Turow, Scott
06/27/2018 Simple genius
Baldacci, David
06/27/2018 The condition: a novel
Haigh, Jennifer
06/27/2018 The girl with the dragon tattoo
Larsson, Stieg
06/27/2018 The girl who played with fire
Larsson, Stieg
06/27/2018 The litigators
Grisham, John
06/27/2018 Tom Clancy Power and empire
Clancy, Tom
06/27/2018 The tortilla curtain
Boyle, T Coraghessan
06/27/2018 The summer I met Jack
Gable, Michelle
06/27/2018 You make me tremble
Walsh, Karis
06/27/2018 Impossible
Steel, Danielle
06/27/2018 Depths
Mankell, Henning
06/27/2018 Little bird of heaven : a novel
Oates, Joyce Carol
06/27/2018 The museum of innocence
Pamuk, Orhan
06/27/2018 Tom Clancy Point of contact
Clancy, Tom
06/27/2018 The first time at Firelight Falls
Long, Julie Anne
06/27/2018 Into?
Morgan, North
06/27/2018 Los alimentos contra el cáncer : la prevención del cáncer a través de la alimentación
Béliveau, Richard
06/27/2018 The glory : a novel
Wouk, Herman
06/27/2018 The partner
Grisham, John
06/27/2018 The women : a novel
Boyle, T Coraghessan
06/27/2018 Vision in white
Roberts, Nora
06/27/2018 Typhoon
Cumming, Charles
06/27/2018 The longest ride
Sparks, Nicholas
06/27/2018 The stranger
Coben, Harlan
06/27/2018 Tom Clancy True faith and allegiance
Clancy, Tom
06/27/2018 And all the phases of the moon
Singer, Judy Reene
06/27/2018 Double lucky : the goddess of vengeance ; drop dead beautiful
Collins, Jackie
06/26/2018 The eleventh commandment
Archer, Jeffrey
06/26/2018 Combat
06/26/2018 Deception point
Brown, Dan
06/26/2018 Blue shoe
Lamott, Anne
06/26/2018 A perfect day
Evans, Richard Paul
06/26/2018 Schindler's list [DVD]
06/26/2018 Hour game
Baldacci, David
06/26/2018 Paths of glory
Archer, Jeffrey
06/26/2018 Pachinko
Lee, Min Jin
06/26/2018 Origin : a novel
Brown, Dan
06/26/2018 Murder in paradise : thrillers
Patterson, James
06/26/2018 The sagas of Icelanders : a selection
06/26/2018 A bend in the road
Sparks, Nicholas
06/26/2018 The soldier's wife
Leroy, Margaret
06/26/2018 Herons landing
Ross, JoAnn
06/26/2018 The bonfire of the vanities
Wolfe, Tom
06/26/2018 Fall on your knees : a novel
MacDonald, Ann-Marie
06/26/2018 A god in ruins : a novel
Uris, Leon
06/26/2018 Death match : a novel
Child, Lincoln
06/26/2018 The Romanov ransom : a Sam and Remi Fargo adventure
Cussler, Clive
06/26/2018 The rising sea : a novel from the NUMA files
Cussler, Clive
06/26/2018 A map of the world
Hamilton, Jane
06/26/2018 Scarlet feather
Binchy, Maeve
06/26/2018 The guardian
Sparks, Nicholas
06/26/2018 O'Hara's choice
Uris, Leon
06/26/2018 Mutant message down under
Morgan, Marlo
06/26/2018 Bel canto : a novel
Patchett, Ann
06/26/2018 Next : a novel
Crichton, Michael
06/26/2018 Returning to earth
Harrison, Jim
06/26/2018 The longest ride
Sparks, Nicholas
06/26/2018 Typhoon fury : a novel of the Oregon files
Cussler, Clive
06/26/2018 Arctic gambit
Bond, Larry
06/26/2018 The splendid outcast : Beryl Markham's African stories
Markham, Beryl
06/26/2018 The phantom of Manhattan
Forsyth, Frederick
06/26/2018 The teeth of the tiger
Clancy, Tom
06/26/2018 The woods
Coben, Harlan
06/26/2018 The blessed : a novel
Gabhart, Ann H
06/26/2018 Honeymoon : a novel
Patterson, James
06/26/2018 The new Strong's expanded exhaustive concordance of the Bible
Strong, James
06/25/2018 Bearskin
McLaughlin, James A
06/25/2018 The perfect mother : a novel
Molloy, Aimee
06/25/2018 Varina : a novel
Frazier, Charles
06/25/2018 Tangerine
Mangan, Christine
06/25/2018 The cottages on Silver Beach
Thayne, RaeAnne
06/25/2018 Bring me back
Paris, B A
06/22/2018 Robby Riverton, mail order bride
Easton, Eli
06/22/2018 Tree of ages
Roethle, Sara C
06/22/2018 Tides of winter
06/22/2018 Freshmen
Lowe, RT
06/22/2018 Before and again : a novel
Delinsky, Barbara
06/22/2018 The Lance Brody series. Books 1 and 2 plus prequel novella
06/22/2018 The last equation of Isaac Severy [large print] : a novel in clues
Jacobs, Nova
06/22/2018 In his eyes
06/22/2018 The secret admirer
06/22/2018 The loudest silence
Janae, Olivia
06/22/2018 Shades of blue
06/22/2018 Five days in January
Lowe, RT
06/20/2018 Circe : a novel
Miller, Madeline
06/20/2018 Goldenrod : a Jericho novel
McMan, Ann
06/20/2018 True evil
Iles, Greg
06/20/2018 The female persuasion
Wolitzer, Meg
06/20/2018 Noir : a novel
Moore, Christopher
06/20/2018 Branded by fire
Leonard, Tina
06/20/2018 The home for unwanted girls : a novel
Goodman, Joanna
06/20/2018 A thousand years of good prayers : stories
Li, Yiyun
06/20/2018 The perfect royal mistress : a novel
Haeger, Diane
06/20/2018 All for nothing
Kempowski, Walter
06/20/2018 The girl who wrote in silk
Estes, Kelli
06/20/2018 After Anna
Scottoline, Lisa
06/20/2018 Warlight
Ondaatje, Michael
06/20/2018 The fallen
Baldacci, David
06/20/2018 The president is missing [large print] : a novel
Clinton, Bill
06/20/2018 The high tide club
Andrews, Mary Kay
06/20/2018 Not one day
06/19/2018 All the ever afters : the untold story of Cinderella's stepmother
Teller, Danielle
06/19/2018 The honey farm : a novel
Lye, Harriet Alida
06/19/2018 Star of the North : a novel
John, David
06/19/2018 Stand By Me
Robertson, S D
06/19/2018 Unworthy : a novel
Monda, Antonio
06/19/2018 The blues walked in
George, Kathleen
06/18/2018 Convenience store woman
Murata, Sayaka
06/18/2018 March violets
Kerr, Philip
06/18/2018 Firefly Lane
Hannah, Kristin
06/18/2018 No good reason
Hunter, Cari
06/18/2018 A place for us : a novel
Mirza, Fatima Farheen
06/18/2018 The seasonaires : a novel
King Kalichman, Janna
06/18/2018 The kiss quotient
Hoang, Helen
06/18/2018 The optimistic decade : a novel
Abel, Heather
06/18/2018 The glitch : a novel
06/18/2018 The hills have spies
Lackey, Mercedes
06/18/2018 Russian resurgence : a Craig Page thriller
Topol, Allan
06/18/2018 The house swap : a novel
Fleet, Rebecca