New Items Added in Last 30 Days
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Date AddedTitleAuthor
01/10/2018 Fairytale [large print] : a novel
Steel, Danielle
12/29/2017 The law in Crossroads [large print]
12/29/2017 The smiling hangman [large print]
Irons, Owen G
12/29/2017 Comanche dawn [large print]
12/29/2017 Smugglers' brand
Scott, Bradford
12/28/2017 Desperation trail [large print]
12/28/2017 Lonely is the gunfighter [large print]
Hayes, Steve
12/28/2017 The kill switch [large print] : a Tucker Wayne novel
Rollins, James
12/28/2017 Seven stones to stand or fall : a collection of Outlander fiction [large print]
Gabaldon, Diana
12/28/2017 Hell hath no fury : a John Hawk western [large print]
West, Charles
12/28/2017 The other girl [large print]
12/28/2017 Trap the devil [large print]
Coes, Ben
12/28/2017 Squaw man [large print]
Bridges, Ben
12/28/2017 The last ride [large print]
Savage, Les
12/28/2017 The child finder [large print]
Denfeld, Rene
12/28/2017 The Austen escape [large print]
12/28/2017 House. tree. person. : a novel of suspense [large print]
12/28/2017 Plundered range [large print]
Ermine, Will
12/28/2017 Trace [large print]
Mayor, Archer
12/28/2017 You're gonna love me [large print]
Hatcher, Robin Lee
12/28/2017 Pieces of happiness : a novel of friendship, hope and chocolate [large print]
Ostby, Anne
12/28/2017 Righteous [large print]
Ide, Joe
12/28/2017 That last weekend [large print]
DiSilverio, Laura A H
12/28/2017 To wager her heart [large print]
Alexander, Tamera
12/28/2017 The ice-cream makers [large print]
12/28/2017 Enchantress of numbers [large print]: a novel of Ada Lovelace
Chiaverini, Jennifer
12/28/2017 Before the dawn [large print]
Eden, Cynthia
12/28/2017 A just clause [large print]
Barrett, Lorna
12/28/2017 Hidden order : a thriller [large print]
Thor, Brad
12/28/2017 The history of bees [large print]
Lunde, Maja
12/28/2017 Best day ever [large print]
Rouda, Kaira Sturdivant
12/28/2017 The Raven's honor : a Sam Houston story [large print]
Boggs, Johnny D
12/28/2017 Modoc [large print] : the last sundown [large print]
Holmes, L P
12/26/2017 The mammy [large print]
O'Carroll, Brendan
12/26/2017 Happiness in this life : a passionate meditation on earthly existence [large print]
12/21/2017 Killers of the Flower Moon [large print] : the Osage murders and the birth of the FBI
Grann, David
12/20/2017 The ghost of Christmas past [large print]
Bowen, Rhys
12/20/2017 Year one [large print]
Roberts, Nora
12/20/2017 Dead or alive [large print] [large print]
Clancy, Tom
12/19/2017 The gift [large print]
Gray, Shelley Shepard