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01/19/2018 Explosive eighteen : a Stephanie Plum novel [sound recording]
Evanovich, Janet
01/18/2018 Sizzling sixteen [sound recording]
Evanovich, Janet
01/18/2018 The doll funeral : a novel [sound recording]
Hamer, Kate
01/18/2018 The honest spy [sound recording]
Kollender, Andreas
01/18/2018 Losing Leah Holloway [sound recording]
Regan, Lisa
01/18/2018 The secret life : three true stories of the digital age [sound recording]
O'Hagan, Andrew
01/18/2018 Brave new world [sound recording]
Huxley, Aldous
01/18/2018 One flew over the cuckoo's nest [sound recording]
Kesey, Ken
01/18/2018 South of forgiveness : a true story of rape and responsibility [sound recording]
Elva, Thordis
01/18/2018 The great Halifax explosion : a World War I story of treachery, tragedy, and extraordinary heroism [sound recording]
Bacon, John U
01/18/2018 Staying stylish : cultivatin a confident look, style & attitude [sound recording]
Cameron-Bure, Candace
01/18/2018 Trap kitchen : bangin' recipes from Compton [sound recording]
Jenkins, Malachi
01/18/2018 Not a crime to be poor : the criminalization of poverty in America [sound recording]
Edelman, Peter B
01/18/2018 Something like happy [sound recording]
Woods, Eva
01/18/2018 Cannabis pharmacy : the practical guide to medical marijuana [sound recording]
Backes, Michael
01/18/2018 Grass roots : the rise and fall and rise of marijuana in America [sound recording]
Dufton, Emily
01/18/2018 Member of the family : my story of Charles Manson, life inside his cult, and the darkness that ended the sixties [sound recording]
Lake, Dianne
01/18/2018 Pretty fun : creating and celebrating a lifetime of tradition [sound recording]
Hudson, Kate
01/18/2018 Ultra memory course : unlock your personal genius [sound recording]
Kittell, Bob
01/18/2018 Atlas shrugged [sound recording]
Rand, Ayn
01/18/2018 Batman. No man's land. 1 [sound recording]
Rucka, Greg
01/18/2018 Goddess of anarchy : the life and times of Lucy Parsons, American radical [sound recording]
Jones, Jacqueline
01/18/2018 Grace for amateurs : field notes on a journey back to faith [sound recording]
Burana, Lily
01/18/2018 The last man who knew everything : the life and times of Enrico Fermi, Father of the Nuclear Age
Schwartz, David N
01/18/2018 Queen of Bebop : the musical lives of Sarah Vaughan [sound recording]
Hayes, Elaine M
01/18/2018 What does this button do? : an autobiography [sound recording]
Dickinson, Bruce
01/18/2018 Love held captive [sound recording]
Gray, Shelley Shepard
01/18/2018 A stranger in the house : a novel [sound recording]
Lapeña, Shari
01/18/2018 Still dead [sound recording]
Jance, Judith A
01/18/2018 The relive box, and other stories [sound recording]
Boyle, T Coraghessan
01/18/2018 Craig & Fred : a Marine, a stray dog, and how they rescued each other [sound recording]
Grossi, Craig
01/18/2018 In shock : my journey from death to recovery and the redemptive power of hope [sound recording]
Awdish, Rana
01/18/2018 The telomere effect : a revolutionary approach to living younger, healthier, longer [sound recording]
Blackburn, Elizabeth H
01/18/2018 Global discontents : conversations on the rising threats to democracy [sound recording]
Chomsky, Noam
01/18/2018 The spectrum of hope : an optimistic and new approach to Alzheimer's disease and other dementias [sound recording]
Devi, Gayatri
01/18/2018 A simple wish [sound recording]
Hubbard, Charlotte
01/18/2018 The Leafly guide to cannabis : a handbook for the modern consumer [sound recording]
01/18/2018 Braving it : a father, a daughter, and an unforgettable journey into the Alaskan wild [sound recording]
Campbell, James
01/17/2018 What unites us [sound recording]
Rather, Dan
01/17/2018 Star wars : Canto Bight [sound recording]
01/17/2018 Eleventh grave in moonlight : a novel [sound recording]
Jones, Darynda
01/17/2018 Poison [sound recording]
Niederhoffer, Galt
01/17/2018 The Walking dead. Return to Woodbury [sound recording]
Kirkman, Robert
01/17/2018 Blessed are the misfits [sound recording]
Hansen, Brant
01/17/2018 Never look at the empty seats : a memoir [sound recording]
Daniels, Charlie
01/17/2018 The power paradox : how we gain and lose influence [sound recording]
Keltner, Dacher
01/17/2018 Dare not linger : the presidential years [sound recording]
Mandela, Nelson
01/17/2018 Secrecy world : inside the Panama Papers investigation of illicit money networks and the global elite [sound recording]
Bernstein, Jake
01/17/2018 The neighbor [sound recording]
Koontz, Dean R
01/17/2018 Harpoon : inside the covert war against terrorism's money masters [sound recording]
Darshan-Leitner, Nitsana
01/17/2018 Love poems & a good cry : what we learn from tears and laughter [sound recording]
Giovanni, Nikki
01/17/2018 Magic : a novel [sound recording]
Steel, Danielle
01/17/2018 The myth of equality : uncovering the roots of injustice and privilege [sound recording]
Wytsma, Ken
01/17/2018 The book of Joe : the life, wit, and (sometimes accidental) wisdom of Joe Biden [sound recording]
Wilser, Jeff
01/17/2018 The curse of tenth grave : a novel [sound recording]
Jones, Darynda
01/17/2018 Past perfect : a novel [sound recording]
Steel, Danielle
01/17/2018 The temptation to be happy [sound recording]
Marone, Lorenzo
01/17/2018 The wanted [sound recording]
Crais, Robert
01/17/2018 A deadly affair : the shocking true story of a high-profile love triangle that led to murder [sound recording]
Henderson, Tom
01/17/2018 Destination Casablanca : exile, espionage, and the battle for North Africa in World War II [sound recording]
Hindley, Meredith
01/17/2018 Dollars and sense : how we misthink money and how to spend smarter [sound recording]
Ariely, Dan
01/17/2018 Hello mornings : how to build a grace-filled, life-giving morning routine [sound recording]
Lee, Kat
01/17/2018 Madison Park : a place of hope [sound recording]
Motley, Eric L
01/17/2018 A rage in Harlem : a Grave Digger & Coffin Ed novel [sound recording]
Himes, Chester B
01/17/2018 Death in St. Petersburg : a Lady Emily mystery [sound recording]
Alexander, Tasha
01/17/2018 The extraditionist [sound recording]
Merer, Todd
01/17/2018 Little boy lost [sound recording]
Trafford, J D
01/17/2018 The potlikker papers : a food history of the modern South [sound recording]
Edge, John T
01/17/2018 You do you : how to be who you are and use what you've got to get what you want [sound recording]
Knight, Sarah
01/17/2018 The bad food bible : how and why to eat sinfully [sound recording]
Carroll, Aaron E
01/17/2018 Counting backwards : a doctor's notes on anesthesia [sound recording]
Przybylo, Henry Jay
01/17/2018 The gifted generation : when government was good [sound recording]
Goldfield, David R
01/17/2018 Laugh it up! : embrace freedom and experience defiant joy [sound recording]
Payne, Candace
01/17/2018 The little book of lykke : secrets of the world's happiest people [sound recording]
Wiking, Meik
01/17/2018 The city always wins : a novel [sound recording]
Hamilton, Omar Robert
01/17/2018 How the finch stole Christmas! : a Meg Langslow Christmas mystery [sound recording]
Andrews, Donna
01/17/2018 Alone : lost overboard in the Indian Ocean [sound recording]
Archibald, Brett
01/17/2018 The antidote : happiness for people who can't stand positive thinking [sound recording]
Burkeman, Oliver
01/17/2018 Backbone : living with chronic pain without turning into one [sound recording]
Duffy, Karen
01/17/2018 The ghost : the secret life of CIA spymaster James Jesus Angleton [sound recording]
Morley, Jefferson
01/17/2018 Living in a mindful universe : a neurosurgeon's journey into the heart of consciousness [sound recording]
Alexander, Eben
01/17/2018 Stranger no more : a Muslim refugee's story of harrowing escape, miraculous rescue, and the quiet call of Jesus [sound recording]
Parsan, Annahita
01/17/2018 Catch-22 [sound recording]
Heller, Joseph
01/17/2018 Hopeful healing : essays on managing recovery and surviving addiction [sound recording]
Phillips, Mackenzie
01/17/2018 The trouble with twelfth grave : a novel [sound recording]
Jones, Darynda
01/17/2018 The selfie generation : how our self images are changing our notions of privacy, sex, consent, and culture [sound recording]
Eler, Alicia
01/12/2018 Meditation for fidgety skeptics [sound recording]
Harris, Dan
01/10/2018 Resync your life : 28 days to a stronger, leaner, smarter, happier you [sound recording]
Becic, Samir
01/10/2018 Finger lickin' fifteen [sound recording]
Evanovich, Janet
01/10/2018 A simplified life [sound recording]
Ley, Emily
01/09/2018 The science of mindfulness : a research-based path to well-being [sound recording]
Siegel, Ronald D
01/05/2018 The clever gut diet : how to revolutionize your body from the inside out [sound recording]
Mosley, Michael
01/05/2018 On power : my journey through the corridors of power and how you can get more power [sound recording]
Simmons, Gene
01/04/2018 The house of unexpected sisters [sound recording]
McCall Smith, Alexander
01/04/2018 Oathbringer [sound recording]
Sanderson, Brandon
01/03/2018 Wild horse country : the history, myth, and future of the mustang [sound recording]
Philipps, David
01/03/2018 Better late than never [sound recording]
McKinlay, Jenn
01/03/2018 The art of investing : lessons from history's greatest traders [sound recording]
Longo, John M
01/03/2018 Bobby Kennedy : a raging spirit [sound recording]
Matthews, Christopher
01/03/2018 The magic of food : live longer and healthier- and lose weight- with the synergetic diet [sound recording]
Murray, Michael T
01/03/2018 Spy schools : how the CIA, FBI, and foreign intelligence secretly exploit America's universities [sound recording]
Golden, Daniel
01/03/2018 The end of Alzheimer's : the first program to prevent and reverse cognitive decline [sound recording]
Bredesen, Dale E
12/28/2017 Lilac Lane : a Chesapeake Shores novel [sound recording]
Woods, Sherryl
12/28/2017 The last ballad : a novel [sound recording]
Cash, Wiley
12/28/2017 Paris in the present tense [sound recording]
Helprin, Mark
12/28/2017 Righteous : an IQ novel [sound recording]
Ide, Joe
12/28/2017 The wisdom of Sundays : life-changing insights from super soul conversations [sound recording]
Winfrey, Oprah
12/28/2017 The orphaned adult : understanding and coping with grief and change after the death of our parents [sound recording]
Levy, Alexander
12/28/2017 Cat shining bright : a Joe Grey mystery [sound recording]
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau
12/28/2017 1984 [sound recording]
Orwell, George
12/28/2017 Rest : why you get more done when you work less [sound recording]
Pang, Alex Soojung-Kim
12/28/2017 I'm watching you [sound recording]
Rose, Karen
12/28/2017 The brightest embers [sound recording]
Frost, Jeaniene
12/28/2017 The midnight line : a Jack Reacher novel [sound recording]
Child, Lee
12/28/2017 Future home of the living god : a novel [sound recording]
Erdrich, Louise
12/28/2017 Gangster nation : a novel [sound recording]
Goldberg, Tod
12/28/2017 Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas goose [sound recording]
Laurens, Stephanie
12/28/2017 Count to ten [sound recording]
Patterson, James
12/27/2017 The shadow district : a thriller [sound recording]
Arnaldur Indriðason
12/27/2017 A darker sea : Master Commandant Putnam and the War of 1812 [sound recording]
Haley, James L
12/27/2017 City of lies [sound recording]
Thompson, Victoria
12/27/2017 Breaking free : how I escaped polygamy, the FLDS cult, and my father, Warren Jeffs [sound recording]
Jeffs, Rachel
12/27/2017 The nine-tailed fox [sound recording]
Limón, Martin
12/27/2017 Knit to kill [sound recording]
Canadeo, Anne
12/27/2017 5 days to a clutter-free house : quick, easy ways to clear up your space [sound recording]
Felton, Sandra
12/27/2017 Murder in an English village [sound recording]
Ellicott, Jessica
12/22/2017 The scarlet letter [sound recording]
Hawthorne, Nathaniel
12/22/2017 The Americans at D-day : the American experience at the Normandy Invasion [sound recording]
McManus, John C
12/22/2017 It can't happen here [sound recording]
Lewis, Sinclair
12/21/2017 The story of Arthur Truluv : a novel [sound recording]
Berg, Elizabeth
12/21/2017 Where the past begins : a writer's memoir [sound recording]
Tan, Amy
12/21/2017 The complete Sookie Stackhouse stories [sound recording]
Harris, Charlaine
12/20/2017 The TB12 method : how to achieve a lifetime of sustained peak performance [sound recording]
Brady, Tom
12/20/2017 Still dead [sound recording]
Jance, Judith A
12/20/2017 The tiger's prey : a novel of adventure [sound recording]
Smith, Wilbur A
12/20/2017 The runaway species : how human creativity remakes the world [sound recording]
Eagleman, David
12/20/2017 Run for something : a real-talk guide to fixing the system yourself [sound recording]
Litman, Amanda
12/20/2017 Homicide for the holidays [sound recording]
Honigford, Cheryl
12/20/2017 Start without me : a novel [sound recording]
Feldman, Joshua Max
12/20/2017 Pride and prejudice [sound recording]
Austen, Jane
12/20/2017 A small town love story : Colonial Beach, Virginia [sound recording]
Woods, Sherryl
12/20/2017 Civil war, a narrative. Volume 3, Red River to Appomattox [sound recording]
Foote, Shelby
12/20/2017 The Civil War: a narrative, Volume 2. Fredericksburg to Meridian [DVD]
Foote, Shelby
12/20/2017 Reflection Point : an Eternity Springs novel [sound recording]
March, Emily
12/20/2017 Pride and prejudice : with songs from Regency England [sound recording]
Austen, Jane
12/20/2017 Secrets kids know that adults oughta learn : enrich your life by viewing it though the eyes of a child [sound recording]
Klein, Allen
12/20/2017 The Civil War, a narrative. Volume 1, Fort Sumter to Perryville [sound recording]
Foote, Shelby