Bleu Montclair knew as a young girl that she would one day escape the hard, unrelenting streets of Flint, Michigan, and when her desperate prayers are answered in the form of a scholarship to UCLA, Bleu knows she's struck gold. But soon after arriving, all her beautiful, bright dreams begin to fall apart. Endless temptations abound in the form of cars, clothes, booze, drugs, and Bleu cannot keep up

Power & beauty : a love story of life in the streets
After the death of his mother, Paul "Power" Clay allows himself to be guided by Slim, a local businessman. Power is sure that if he learns Slim's ways, he'll make something of himself-- and perhaps be worthy of Tanya "Beauty" Long. From Chicago to Miami to New York, through drugs, women, and violence, Power makes the difficult transition from boy to man and, in doing so, begins to question if those who have taught him truly have his best interests at heart.

Red hot liar : the misadventures of Mink LaRue
After gaining control of the Dominion family's oil billions, Mink LaRue must contend with new threats to her power.

The fix 2
As she tries to fix her life after a nearly deadly cocaine addiction, Persia receives a call that threatens to pull her back to the streets, while her childhood friend Li'l Monk is making a name for himself as a ruthless gangland killer.

The kid : a novel
In The Kid bestselling author Sapphire tells the electrifying story of Abdul Jones, the son of Push's unforgettable heroine, Precious. A story of body and spirit, rooted in the hungers of flesh and of the soul, The Kid brings us deep into the interior life of Abdul Jones. We meet him at age nine, on the day of his mother's funeral. Left alone to navigate a world in which love and hate sometimes hideously masquerade, forced to confront unspeakable violence, his history, and the dark corners of his own heart, Abdul claws his way toward adulthood and toward an identity he can stand behind.

Zane's vengeance : a novel
After fleeing from Atlanta years ago following a traumatic event, Caprice Tatum decides it's time to return to her roots--only this time, she's coming back as Wicket, the international pop sensation who's the very definition of fame and fortune. And while she may be the perfect diva onstage, offstage she's desperate to finally lay her past to rest. Her plan? Revenge.

Slim, Iceberg     
Shetani's sister
In hard-hitting, street-smart prose, Shetani's Sister relates the deadly duel between two complex men: LAPD vice cop Sergeant Russell Rucker and Shetani (Swalihi for "Satan"), a master pimp who controls his stable of whores with calculated doses of vioence and smack.

Souljah, Sister     
The coldest winter ever : a novel
After a black drug dealer goes to jail in Brooklyn, his ruthless 17-year-old daughter takes over his empire. A look at the mores and manners of the black underclass, this one with money. First novel by a hip-hop artist, author of No Disrespect.

Blue, Treasure E     
Fly Betty
Betty Blaise, known as Fly Betty to her friends, uses her knowledge of psychology as a means to attract young millionaires as part of a secret society.

Clark, Wahida     
Thugs and the women who love them
Trying to survive the 'hood, friends Angel, Jaz, and Kyra find themselves unable to leave the lying, cheating, vicious, drug-dealing men that they love, becoming trapped in a world of jealousy, turf wars, revenge, sex, and violence.

Diamond, De'nesha     
Queen divas
While Ta'Shara fights for her life, Lucifer works a dangerous truce, Cleo will do anything to destroy the man now controlling her, and police captain Hydeya Hawkins tries to survive her department's dirtiest secrets.

DuPree, Kia     
Silenced : a novel
She gets lost in the fantasy of books and poetry. But in Tinka Hampton's all-too-real world, her mother Nicola has lost her job and is struggling to stop her family's fall into poverty. With her sons turning to drug dealing--and worse--Nicola wants better things for her daughter.

Goines, Donald     
Terry and Teddy's relationship crumbles and they go in separate directions as they become heroin addicts and seek their dealer's favor in order to feed the addiction.

Holmes, Shannon     
Caught up
Used to living the good life, Dixyn turns to "B-Dub" and a life on the streets when her husband is arrested and the bills begin to mount.

Santiago, Nisa     
Killer dolls
When Aoki and her friends, Ri-Ri and Tisa, agree to help a friend with his drug game, their escapade is caught on camera and goes viral, but this newfound fame leads to jealousy and envy.

Swinson, Kiki     
The score
Lauren Kelly looks to turn the tables on her lover and accomplice, Matt Connors, when she learns that Matt and their partner, Yancy, are preparing to stab her in the back to keep a multimillionaire tycoon's money to themselves. As Lauren plots to settle the score, the real threat closes in on all three of them.

Verdejo, Tra     
Corrupt city
Meet Donald "Lucky" Gibson. He's considered one of the best detectives around, until he joins his new unit, a team of corrupt cops wo are just as bad as the criminals they are supposed to be catching. Lucky soon falls into the trap and becomes one more thug with a badge....

Woods, Teri     
A Philadelphia drug lord's associate takes out two robbers who attempted to pilfer a stash house, then flees with the drugs himself, a situation that forces him to devise a clever alibi.

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