Baron, Aileen Garsson     
The torch of Tangier

Chandra, Vikram     
Sacred games

Church, James     
The man with the Baltic stare
Ordered out of retirement to Pyongyang to cover up a crime of passion committed by the young leader of a transitional government vital to a tenuous peace agreement between the two Koreas, Inspector O finds his life threatened when the case tests his loyalties.

Cotterill, Colin     
The woman who wouldn't die
When a murdered woman suddenly reappears in her Lao village home with clairvoyant powers and is enlisted by a ghost to help find his remains at the bottom of a river, national coroner Siri Paiboun oversees the excavation.

Flint, Shamini     
A Bali conspiracy most foul : Inspector Singh investigates

Furutani, Dale     
Kill the shogun : a samurai mystery

Gur, Batya     
Murder in Jerusalem : a Michael Ohayon mystery
When film designer Tirzah Rubin is crushed to death on the set of her director-husband's latest film, Chief Superintendent Michael Ohayon launches an investigation that links the woman's murder to a larger network of social and political unrest.

Hamilton, Ian     
The disciple of Las Vegas : an Ava Lee novel
Investigating the theft of fifty million dollars from one of the richest men in the Philippines, forensic accountant and martial arts master Ava Lee teams up with her Triad-connected partner, Uncle, to track leads to the illegal gambling dens of Las Vegas.

Higashino, Keigo     
Salvation of a saint
When a man about to leave his wife is found murdered and the wife has a too-convenient alibi that convinces a smitten lead detective of her innocence, Professor Manubu Yukawa is tapped by a concerned Kaoru Utsumi to solve a seemingly impossible case.

Isaka, Kotaro     
Remote control
Masaharu Aoyagi is a driver for a delivery company in the city of Sendai in northern Japan. Two years ago he had achieved brief notoriety for rescuing a local starlet from a robbery attempt while making a delivery to her apartment. Now he is back in the spotlight, this time as the main suspect in the assassination of newly elected prime minister. Masaharu Aoyagi is a driver for a delivery company in the city of Sendai in northern Japan. Two years ago he had achieved brief notoriety for rescuing a local starlet from a robbery attempt while making a delivery to her apartment.

Keating, H R F     
Inspector Ghote's first case

Kirino, Natsuo     

Massey, Sujata     
Shimura trouble
A Rei Shimura Mystery - During a family reunion on the island of Oahu, Japanese-American undercover spy Rei Shimura is roped into helping the Hawaiian branch of her family regain land stolen from them during World War II. But when fire sweeps the island and her young cousin is accused of arson, Rei, with the assistance of both her boyfriend and ex-lover, must discover the truth, which turns out to be linked to the Shimura family history . . .

May, Peter     
Chinese whispers
The media and the terror-stricken public are demanding the arrest of the Beijing Ripper and Li Yan, the head of Beijing's serious crime squad, has been put in the spotlight. American pathologist Margaret Campbell is invited to perform an autopsy on one of the victims and her results send shockwaves through the investigation. Then Li begins receiving personal letters from the killer, and his life and career start falling apart.

Mishani, D A     
The missing file
Israeli detective Avraham Avraham must find a teenage boy gone missing from the suburbs of Tel Aviv in this first volume in a new literary crime series.

Miyabe, Miyuki     
The sleeping dragon

Oe, Kenzaburo     
Death by water
"[Kogito Choko] returns to his hometown village in search of a red suitcase rumored to hold documents revealing the details of his father's death during World War II, details that will serve as the foundation for his new, and final, novel. Since his youth, renowned novelist Kogito Choko planned to fictionalize his father's fatal drowning in order to fully process the loss. Stricken with guilt and regret over his failure to rescue his father, Choko has long been driven to discover why his father was boating on the river in a torrential storm. Though he remembers overhearing his father and a group of soldiers discussing an insurgent scheme to stage a suicide attack on Emperor Mikado, Choko cannot separate his memories from imagination and his family is hesitant to reveal the entire story. When the contents of the trunk turn out to offer little clarity, Choko abandons the novel in creative despair. Floundering as an artist, he's haunted by fear that he may never write his tour de force. But when he collaborates with an avant-garde theater troupe dramatizing his early novels, Choko is revitalized by revisiting his formative work and he finds the will to continue investigating his father's demise" --|cprovided by publisher.

Pattison, Eliot     
Mandarin gate
"In an earlier time, Shan Tao Yun was an Inspector stationed in Beijing. But he lost his position, his family and his freedom when he ran afoul of a powerful figure high in the Chinese government. Released unofficially from the work camp to which he'd been sentenced, Shan has been living in remote mountains of Tibet with a group of outlawed Buddhist monks. Without status, official identity, or the freedom to return to his former home in Beijing, Shan has just begun to settle into his menial job

Pearce, Michael     
The point in the market : a Mamur Zapt mystery

Raybourn, Deanna     
Dark road to Darjeeling
Lady Julia and her detective husband, Nicholas Brisbane, join Julia's siblings in tracking down a murderer in India. Set in 1889, the mystery explores India's colonial tensions.

Rees, Matt     
A grave in Gaza : an Omar Yussef mystery

Rowland, Laura Joh     
The incense game : a novel of feudal Japan

Shoham, Liad     
Asylum city : a novel
"Joseph Finder hailed Liad Shoham's previous book, Lineup, as "a marvel of tight plotting, sparse prose, and relentless pacing." A young police officer's search for the truth about the murder of a young woman drives this new thriller from the #1 international bestseller"--|cProvided by publisher.

Somer, Mehmet Murat     
The serenity murders
Oh, no! Burçak Veral--kickboxing transvestite, nightclub owner, Audrey Hepburn lookalike, and amateur sleuth--has finally been invited to strut her stuff on a local television show. But during her appearance, an angry viewer calls in vowing to kill off everyone close to Burçak. Later that night, the show's host is shot dead. What did Burçak do to infuriate the mystery caller? And in a city as chaotic as Istanbul, where does a girl even begin to look?

Takagi, Akimitsu     
The tattoo murder case

Vittachi, Nury     
The feng shui detective goes west

Williams, Liz     
The Iron Khan : a Detective Inspector Chen novel , Zhen Tan Chen

  Olympia Library Staff - August 2016