Kicking butts : quit smoking and take charge of your health.

Carr, Allen     
The easy way for women to stop smoking : a revolutionary approach using Allen Carr's easyway method

Cummings, Joanna     
Kick butts, take names. Round two : a multi-faceted response to the challenge of tobacco cessation

Fielding, Dawn Lesley     
The COPD solution : a proven 10- week program for living and breathing better with chronic lung disease
"Although COPD is the third leading cause of death in the United States, few books provide a comprehensive approach to living with this condition. Now, with The COPD Solution, respiratory therapist and educator Dawn Lesley Fielding brings her twelve-week sustainable program--which has a 100 percent success rate in improving the health of her own patients--to the public. Fielding provides invaluable information on diagnosis, medical treatments, physical therapy, pulmonary rehab, and smoking cessation. Her plan gives readers tools to manage every aspect of living with COPD, including tips for communicating with doctors, symptom-tracking charts, nutrition guidelines, easy exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques, even information on intimacy. With up-to-date medical research about this disease and a practical program for managing it, The COPD Solution is a welcome resource for anyone suffering from chronic lung disease"--|cProvided by publisher.

Jopp, Andreas     
I know you like to smoke, but you can quit... now

McKenna, Paul     
Quit smoking today : without gaining weight
Offers a guide to quit smoking without gaining weight through stress-busting exercises, visualizations, helpful questions and answers, and a handful of rules.

Schlosberg, Suzanne     
Quit smoking for life : a simple, proven 5-step plan
Provides straight forward instructions for a five-step plan to quit smoking that is backed by the American Cancer Society.

Seidman, Daniel F     
Smoke free in 30 days : the pain-free, permanent way to quit

Seidman, Daniel F     
Smoke-free in 30 days : the pain-free, permanent way to quit [sound recording]
As nicotine addiction and smoking-related cancers continue to plague society in the 21st century, several quick-quitting programs have tried and ultimately failed to wean smokers off of cigarettes. However, Daniel F. Seidman believes he has found the ultimate solution. Here, through Seidman's modernized program, users will discover how to kick their smoking habits in as little as 30 days.

Downloadable ebooks
Carr, Allen     
The easy way to stop smoking [electronic resource]
Presents the Easyway method for quitting smoking, based on a factual understanding of the harm of cigarette addiction and practical advice on how to successfully break the habit.

Williamson, Tim     
Escape from smoking [electronic resource] : look younger, feel younger, make money & love your life!

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