A sampling of books, DVDs, graphic novels, and zines by and about LGBTQ+ people.
Before Stonewall : the making of a gay and lesbian community [DVD]
Traces the social, political and cultural history of homosexuality in America from the 1920s to 1969; the beginning of the Gay Liberation Movement after a police raid on Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City; and the three-day riot that followed.

How to survive a plague [DVD]
The story of the brave young men and women who successfully reversed the tide of an epidemic, demanded the attention of a fearful nation, and stopped AIDS from becoming a death sentence. This improbable group of activists bucked oppression and infiltrated government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry, helping to identify promising new medication and treatments and move them through trials and into drugstores in record time.

Milk [DVD]
His life changed history, his courage changed lives. Harvey Milk is a middle-aged New Yorker who, after moving to San Francisco, becomes a Gay Rights activist and city politician. On his third attempt, he is elected to San Francisco's Board of Supervisors in 1977, the first openly-gay man to be elected to public office in the United States. The following year, both he and the city's mayor, George Moscone, are shot to death by former city supervisor, Dan White, who blames his former colleagues for denying White's attempt to rescind his resignation from the board. Based on the true story of Harvey Milk.

Atkins, Gary     
Gay seattle : stories of exile and belonging
"Gay Seattle" traces the evolution of Seattle's gay community since 1893, when Washington State first passed legislation making homosexuality a crime. Gary Atkins shows, through a century of stories, how gays and lesbians have sought to achieve a sense of belonging in Seattle.

Bausum, Ann     
Stonewall : breaking out in the fight for gay rights
That's the Stonewall. The Stonewall Inn. Pay attention. History walks through that door. In 1969 being gay in the United States was a criminal offense. It meant living a closeted life or surviving on the fringes of society. People went to jail, lost jobs, and were disowned by their families for being gay.

Beachy, Robert     
Gay Berlin : birthplace of a modern identity
A detailed historical look at the surprising ways in which the uninhibited urban sexuality, sexual experimentation and medical advances of pre-Weimar Berlin created and molded our modern understanding of sexual orientation and gay identity.

Downs, Jim     
Stand by me : the forgotten history of gay liberation
Despite the tremendous gains of the LGBT movement in recent years, the history of gay life in this country remains poorly understood. According to conventional wisdom, gay liberation started with the Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village in 1969. The 1970s represented a moment of triumph--both political and sexual -- before the AIDS crisis in the subsequent decade, which, in the view of many, exposed the problems inherent in the so-called "gay lifestyle". In Stand by Me, the acclaimed historian Jim Downs rewrites the history of gay life in the 1970s, arguing that the decade was about much more than sex and marching in the streets.

Faderman, Lillian     
The gay revolution : the story of the struggle
A chronicle of the modern struggle for gay, lesbian and transgender rights draws on interviews with politicians, military figures, legal activists and members of the LGBT community to document the cause's struggles since the 1950s.

Parkinson, R B     
A little gay history : desire and diversity across the world
When was the first chat-up line between men recorded? Who was the first "lesbian"? Were ancient Greek men who had sex with each other necessarily "gay," and what did Shakespeare think about crossdressing? A Little Gay History answers these questions and more through close readings of art objects from the British Museum's far-ranging collection. Consulting ancient Egyptian papyri, the Roman Warren Cup's erotic figures, David Hockney's vivid prints, and dozens of other artifacts, R. B. Parkinson draws attention to a diverse range of same-sex experiences and situates them within specific historical and cultural contexts. The first of its kind, A Little Gay History builds a complex and creative portrait of love's many guises.--From publisher description.

Pohlen, Jerome     
Gay & lesbian history for kids : the century-long struggle for LGBT rights, with 21 activities
Offers a look at the history of LGBT rights through personal stories and firsthand accounts, and chronicles the events, organizations, and influential leaders of the movement.

Stryker, Susan     
Transgender history
A chronological account of transgender theory documents major movements, writings, and events, offering insight into the contributions of key historical figures while discussing treatments of transgenderism in pop culture

Woods, Gregory     
Homintern : how gay culture liberated the modern world
"In a hugely ambitious study which crosses continents, languages, and almost a century, Gregory Woods identifies the ways in which homosexuality has helped shape Western culture. Extending from the trials of Oscar Wilde to the gay liberation era, this book examines a period in which increased visibility made acceptance of homosexuality one of the measures of modernity. Woods shines a revealing light on the diverse, informal networks of gay people in the arts and other creative fields. Uneasily called "the Homintern" (an echo of Lenin's "Comintern") by those suspicious of an international homosexual conspiracy, such networks connected gay writers, actors, artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, politicians, and spies. While providing some defense against dominant heterosexual exclusion, the grouping brought solidarity, celebrated talent, and, in doing so, invigorated the majority culture. Woods introduces an enormous cast of gifted and extraordinary characters, most of them operating with surprising openness; but also explores such issues as artistic influence, the coping strategies of minorities, the hypocrisies of conservatism, and the effects of positive and negative discrimination. Traveling from Harlem in the 1910s to 1920s Paris, 1930s Berlin, 1950s New York and beyond, this sharply observed, warm-spirited book presents a surpassing portrait of twentieth-century gay culture and the men and women who both redefined themselves and changed history"--|cProvided by publisher.

Identity & Family
A family by any other name : exploring queer relationships
At no other time in history have lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender relationships and families been more visible or numerous. "A Family by Any Other Name" celebrates this advance.

Against equality : queer revolution, not mere inclusion

Gaming in color [DVD]
Explores the LGBTQ video game community, "gaymer" culture, and role of video games in the lives of sexual minorities.

Out here : a documentary film about queer farmers in the U.S. [DVD]
Out Here is a full-length documentary film created by the Queer Farmer Film Project. Completed after 4 years in production, it looks at the experiences of queer farmers across the country and asks - what does it mean to be a queer farmer, is agriculture a safe space for queer people, and what are the relationships between food production and queerness?

Out in the open [DVD]
Out in the Open will, once and for all, destroy the misconceptions, fears, and myths about the LGBTQ community. This uplifting documentary is geared toward at-risk youth across the world, as well as their families, friends, and teachers. Featuring interviews with celebrities, politicians, and everyday allies who openly embrace the LGBTQ community, this feel-good film asserts that no single person is the same and that all people should be celebrated.

Queer and trans artists of color : stories of some of our lives
A collection of sixteen unique and honest conversations you won't read anywhere else...

Speaking Out : Queer Youth in Focus
A photographic essay that explores a wide spectrum of experiences told from the perspective of a diverse group of young people, ages 14-24, identifying as queer (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning), Speaking OUT: Queer Youth in Focus presents portraits without judgment or stereotype by eliminating environmental influence with a stark white backdrop....

StoryCorps OutLoud : stories from the LGBTQ community, gathered by StoryCorps and heard on NPR [sound recording]
Recognizes the profound historical importance of capturing the stories of the LGBT.

Trans bodies, trans selves : a resource for the transgender community
There is no one way to be transgender. Transgender and gender non-conforming people have many different ways of understanding their gender identities. Only recently have sex and gender been thought of as separate concepts, and we have learned that sex (traditionally thought of as physical or biological) is as variable as gender (traditionally thought of as social)....

Arnal, Kike     
Bordered lives : transgender portraits from Mexico
A richly evocative collection of photographs by internationally renowned photographer Kike Arnal, Bordered Lives seeks to push back against the transphobic caricatures that have perpetuated discrimination against the transgender community in Mexico.

Boykin, Keith (EDT)     
For colored boys who have considered suicide when the rainbow is still not enough : coming of age, coming out, and coming home
Addresses the issues of young gay men of color by allowing them to tell their own stories.

Decker, Julie Sondra     
The invisible orientation : an introduction to asexuality
"In 'The invisible orientation, ' Julie Sondra Decker outlines what asexuality is, counters misconceptions, provides resources, and puts asexual people's experiences in context as they move through a very sexualized world. It includes information for asexual people to help understand their orientation and what it means for their relationships, as well as tips and facts for those who want to undersand their asexual friends and loved ones."--Jacket.

Duron, Lori     
Raising my rainbow : adventures in raising a fabulous, gender creative son
Discusses the author's experiences raising an effeminate son who may be gay.

Nutt, Amy Ellis     
Becoming Nicole : the transformation of an American family
The inspiring true story of a transgender girl, her identical twin brother, and an ordinary American family's extraordinary journey to understand, nurture, and celebrate the uniqueness in us all, from the Pulitzer Prize-winning science reporter for The Washington Post

Owens-Reid, Dannielle     
This is a book for parents of gay kids : a question-and-answer guide to everyday life
Written in an accessible Q&A format, here, finally, is the go-to resource for parents hoping to understand and communicate with their gay child. Through their LGBTQ-oriented site, the authors are uniquely experienced to answer parents' many questions and share insight and guidance on both emotional and practical topics. Filled with real-life experiences from gay kids and parents, this is the book gay kids want their parents to read. --Publisher's description.

Memoir & Biography
Abbott, Alysia     
Fairyland : a memoir of my father
"A beautiful, vibrant memoir about growing up motherless in 1970s and '80s San Francisco with an openly gay father."--Amazon.

Bechdel, Alison     
Fun home : a family tragicomic
This book takes its place alongside the unnerving, memorable, darkly funny family memoirs of Augusten Burroughs and Mary Karr. It's a father-daughter tale perfectly suited to the graphic memoir form. Meet Alison's father, a historic preservation expert and obsessive restorer of the family's Victorian house, a third-generation funeral home director, a high school English teacher, an icily distant parent, and a closeted homosexual who, as it turns out, is involved with male students and a family babysitter. Through narrative that is alternately heartbreaking and fiercely funny, we are drawn into a daughter's complex yearning for her father. And yet, apart from assigned stints dusting caskets at the family-owned 'fun home, ' as Alison and her brothers call it, the relationship achieves its most intimate expression through the shared code of books. When Alison comes out as homosexual herself in late adolescence, the denouement is swift, graphic, and redemptive.

Bingham, Emily     
Irrepressible : the Jazz Age life of Henrietta Bingham
"Raised like a princess in one of the most powerful families in the American South, Henrietta was offered the helm of a publishing empire. Instead, she ripped through the Jazz Age like an F. Scott Fitzgerald character: intoxicating and intoxicated, selfish and shameful, seductive and brilliant, and often terribly troubled. In New York, Louisville, and London she drove men and women wild with desire, and her youth blazed with sex. But her lesbian love affairs made her the subject of derision and drove a doctor to try to cure her. After the speed and pleasure of her youth, the toxicity of judgment coupled with her own anxieties led to years of addiction and breakdowns,"--Novelist.

Blow, Charles M     
Fire shut up in my bones : a memoir
"New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow mines the compelling poetry of the out-of-time African-American Louisiana town where he grew up--a place where slavery's legacy felt astonishingly close, reverberating in the elders' stories and in the near-constant wash of violence"--Amazon.com.

Conley, Garrard     
Boy erased : a memoir
The son of a Baptist pastor and deeply embedded in church life in small-town Arkansas, Garrard Conley was terrified and conflicted about his sexuality as a young man. When Garrard was a nineteen-year-old college student, he was outed to his parents, and was forced to make a life-changing decision: either agree to attend a church-supported conversion therapy program that promised to "cure" him of homosexuality; or risk losing family, friends, and the God he had prayed to every day of his life.

Cooper, Alex     
Saving Alex : when I was fifteen I told my Mormon parents I was gay, and that's when my nightmare began
A memoir from Alex Cooper, who knew "she was holding a secret that could shatter her family, her church community, and her life. Yet when this secret couldn't be hidden any longer, she told her parents that she was gay, and the nightmare began. She was driven from her home in Southern California to Utah, where, against her will, her parents handed her over to fellow Mormons who promised to save Alex from her homosexuality"--Dust jacket flap.

Cordova, Jeanne     
When we were outlaws : a memoir of love & revolution
A sweeping memoir, a raw and intimate chronicle of a young activist torn between conflicting personal longings and political goals. When We Were Outlaws offers a rare view of the life of a radical lesbian during the early cultural struggle for gay rights, Women's Liberation, and the New Left of the 1970s.

Dunham, Kelli S     
Freak of nurture : essays and stories
"Kelli Dunham demonstrates that comedy and chaos reign when you combine a great sense of humor with a determination to make bad ideas a fantastic reality. Whether she is hitchhiking across Haiti to help out with disaster relief or volunteering at a convention full of 7,000 screaming Sarah Palin fans, her humorous interpretation of difficult situations is both inspiring and entertaining"--P. [4] of cover.

Eversmeyer, Arden     
Without apology : the second collection of life stories based on interview transcripts in the Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project

Gore, Ariel     
The end of Eve
The author's life is turned upside down when her mentally ill mother reveals she is dying, and she moves from Portland to New Mexico to care for her.

Hernández, Daisy     
A cup of water under my bed : a memoir
The memoir of one Colombian-Cuban daughter's rebellions and negotiations with the women who raised her and the world that wanted to fit her into a cubbyhole. From language acquisition to coming out as bisexual to arriving as a reporting intern at the New York Times as the paper is rocked by its biggest plagiarism scandal, Daisy Hernandez chronicles what the women in her community taught her about race, sex, money, and love. This is a memoir about the private nexus of sexuality, immigration, race and class issues, but it is ultimately a daughter's cuento of how to take the lessons from home and shape them into a new, queer life.

Indiana, Gary     
I can give you anything but love
The long-awaited memoir from one of the most acclaimed radical writers in American literature. Described by the London Review of Books as one of the most brilliant critics writing in America today, Gary Indiana is a true radical whose caustic voice has by turns haunted and influenced the literary and artistic establishments,--Amazon.com.

McBee, Thomas Page     
Man alive : a true story of violence, forgiveness and becoming a man
What does it really mean to be a man? In Man Alive, Thomas Page McBee attempts to answer that question by focusing on two of the men who most impacted his life -- one, his otherwise ordinary father who abused him as a child, and the other, a mugger who threatened his life and then released him in an odd moment of mercy. Standing at the brink of the life-changing decision to transition from female to male, McBee seeks to understand these examples of flawed manhood as he cobbles together his own identity.

Mock, Janet     
Redefining realness : my path to womanhood, identity, love & so much more
In a landmark book, an extraordinary young woman recounts her coming-of-age as a transgender teen--a deeply personal and empowering portrait of self-revelation, adversity, and heroism.

Rodriguez, Richard     
Darling : a spiritual autobiography
Examines international religious violence, growing public atheism in the West, and the author's religious rejection for his homosexuality, exploring subjects ranging from Jerusalem and Silicon Valley to Lance Armstrong and Mother Teresa.

Sezen, Beldan     
Snapshots of a girl
Beldan Sezen revisits the various instances of her coming of age, and her coming out as lesbian, in both western and Islamic cultures (as the daughter of Turkish immigrants in western Europe)--to friends, family, and herself. Through a series of vignettes, she navigates the messy circumstances of her life, dealing with family issues, bad dates, and sexual politics with the raw honesty of a young woman looking for happiness.

Snyder-Hill, Stephen     
Soldier of change : from the closet to the forefront of the gay rights movement
When "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the official U.S. policy on gays serving in the military, was repealed in September 2011, soldier Stephen Snyder-Hill (then Captain Hill) was serving in Iraq. Having endured years of this policy, which passively encouraged a culture of fear and secrecy for gay soldiers, Snyder-Hill submitted a video to a Republican primary debate held two days after the repeal...

Spoon, Rae     
Gender failure
Ivan E. Coyote and Rae Spoon are accomplished, award-winning writers, musicians, and performers; they are also both admitted "gender failures." In their first collaborative book, a poignant collection of autobiographical essays, lyrics, and images, Ivan and Rae explore and expose their failed attempts at fitting into the gender binary, and how ultimately our expectations and assumptions around traditional gender roles fail us all.

Sycamore, Mattilda Bernstein     
The end of San Francisco
The End of San Francisco breaks apart the conventions of memoir to reveal the passions and perils of a life that refuses to conform to the rules of straight or gay normalcy. A budding queer activist escapes to San Francisco, in search of a world more politically charged, sexually saturated, and ethically consistent--this is the person who evolves into Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, infamous radical queer troublemaker, organizer and agitator, community builder, and anti-assimilationist commentator.

Winterson, Jeanette     
Why be happy when you could be normal?
This memoir is a tough-minded search for belonging, for love, an identity, a home, and a mother by the author of "Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit"--winner of the Whitbread First Novel award and the inspiration behind the award-winning BBC television adaptation "Oranges."

Fiction by LGBTQ+ Authors
Push : a novel
A courageous and determined young teacher opens up a new world of hope and redemption for sixteen-year-old Precious Jones, an abused young African American girl living in Harlem who was raped and left pregnant by her father

Allison, Dorothy     
Bastard out of Carolina
Bone, an illegitimate child in a family of social outcasts, sees her mother's happiness with her new husband and will not tell when the stepfather begins abusing her in the 1950s.

Baldwin, James     
Early novels and stories
Novelist, essayist, and public intellectual, James Baldwin was one of the most brilliant and provocative literary figures of the postwar era, and one of the greatest African-American writers of this century.

Barnes, Djuna     
Nightwood, Djuna Barnes's strange and sinuous tour de force, has become a classic of modernist and lesbian literature since its first publication in 1936. Set in Paris, Berlin, and Vienna during the decadent period between the two World Wars, Nightwood "belongs to that small class of books that somehow reflect a time or an epoch

Binnie, Imogen     
Nevada is the darkly comedic story of Maria Griffiths, a young trans woman living in New York City and trying to stay true to her punk values while working retail. When she finds out her girlfriend has lied to her, the world she thought she'd carefully built for herself begins to unravel, and Maria sets out on a journey that will most certainly change her forever.

Brite, Poppy Z     
Drawing blood
Twenty years later Trevor McGee, a cartoonist, returns to the house where his family was killed to face his demons.

Brown, Rita Mae     
Rubyfruit jungle
Rubyfruit Jungle is the first milestone novel in the extraordinary career of one of this country's most distinctive writers. Bawdy and moving, the ultimate word-of-mouth bestseller, Rubyfruit Jungle is about growing up a lesbian in America-and living happily ever after.

Delany, Samuel R     

Donoghue, Emma     
Over the course of a year, the lives of two women--Sile, a flight attendant and world traveler, and Jude, a young archivist stubbornly attached to the town of Ireland, Ontario--intersect, in a story that reveals the joys and sorrows of a long-distance relationship.

Dunham, Kelli S     
Freak of nurture : essays and stories
"Kelli Dunham demonstrates that comedy and chaos reign when you combine a great sense of humor with a determination to make bad ideas a fantastic reality. Whether she is hitchhiking across Haiti to help out with disaster relief or volunteering at a convention full of 7,000 screaming Sarah Palin fans, her humorous interpretation of difficult situations is both inspiring and entertaining"--P. [4] of cover.

Harris, E Lynn     
No one in the world
Follows the experiences of a gay social climber and his career criminal brother, who reunite thirty years after being separated as children.

Highsmith, Patricia     
The price of salt

Lorde, Audre     
Zami, a new spelling of my name
The poet, Audre Lorde, depicts her life and examines the influence of various women on her development.

Maupin, Armistead     
28 Barbary Lane : a Tales of the city omnibus

McDermid, Val     
Out of Bounds
When a teenage joyrider crashes a stolen car and ends up in a coma, a routine DNA test reveals a connection to an unsolved murder from twenty-two years before. It's a cold case that should be straightforward. But it's as twisted as the DNA helix itself. Meanwhile, Karen is mired in grief and guilt after the death of her partner.

Raphael, Lev     
The death of a constant lover : a Nick Hoffman mystery

Sedaris, David     
Barrel fever : stories and essays
A satirical look at modern culture. In Glen's Homophobia Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 2, the author parodies the whining of minority groups, Diary of a Smoker tackles the persecution of smokers, and Santaland Diaries describes the author's experiences as a Macy's elf.

Shraya, Vivek     
She of the mountains
She of the Mountains is an illustrated novel by Vivek Shraya, the author of the Lambda Literary Award finalist God Loves Hair. Shraya weaves a passionate, contemporary love story between a man and his body, with a re-imagining of Hindu mythology. Both narratives explore the complex ways that we are formed and transformed by love, and show how the process of learning to love and be loved by another can ultimately, and sometimes painfully, bring us back to ourselves.

Tea, Michelle     
The passionate mistakes and intricate corruption of one girl in America

Vidal, Gore     
Empire : a novel

Walker, Alice     
The color purple : a novel

Waters, Sarah     
The paying guests
It is 1922, and London is tense. Ex-servicemen are disillusioned, the out-of-work and the hungry are demanding change. And in South London, in a genteel Camberwell villa, a large silent house now bereft of brothers, husband and even servants, life is about to be transformed, as impoverished widow Mrs Wray and her spinster daughter, Frances, are obliged to take in lodgers.

White, Edmund     
Our young man : a novel
Our Young Man follows the life of a gorgeous Frenchman, Guy, as he goes from the industrial city of Clermont-Ferrand to the top of the modeling profession in New York City's fashion world, becoming the darling of Fire Island's gay community. Like Wilde's Dorian Grey, Guy never seems to age; at thirty-five he is still modeling, still enjoying lavish gifts from older men who believe he's twenty-three---though their attentions always come at a price. Ambivalently, Guy lets them believe, driven especially by the memory of growing up poor, until he finds he needs the lie to secure not only wealth, but love itself. Surveying the full spectrum of gay amorous life through the disco era and into the age of AIDS, Edmund White (who worked at Vogue for ten years) explores the power of physical beauty---to fascinate, to enslave, and to deceive---with sparkling wit and pathos.

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Memoirs of a queer hapa. #2 [zine]

Stereotype threat. #7, Crisis intervention [zine] : trying to frame graduate school as a radicalqueerpunk endeavor