Y = books recommended for younger readers; O = books recommended for older readers
Bancroft, Bronwyn     (Y)
Possum and wattle : my big book of Australian words
Presents an alphabet book with aboriginal style illustrations for over one hundred words related to Australia, with a glossary of the most uncommon and distinctive terms.

Fox, Mem     (Y)
Hunwick's egg
When a wild storm sends a beautiful egg to Hunwick the bandicoot's burrow, he decides to give it a home and become its friend.

French, Jackie     (Y)
Diary of a wombat
In his diary, a wombat describes his life of eating, sleeping, and getting to know some new human neighbors.

Harris, Christine     (O)
Audrey of the outback
Audrey, a young girl living in the Australian outback, has adventures involving the wildlife, travelers passing by her house, and her wild imagination.

Herrick, Steven     (Y)
Naked bunyip dancing
This novel in verse follows the school year of Australian students in classroom 6C, as their unconventional teacher encourages them to discover their own strengths and talents and perform in a memorable concert.

Horse, Harry     (O)
The last gold diggers: being as it were, an account of a small dog's adventures, down under
A series of letters from Grandfather reveal his adventures in Australia with the remarkable little dog Roo, as he seeks his long-lost older brother, Uncle Vincent, who went there to find gold when he was seventeen.

Morpurgo, Michael     (O)
Kensuke's kingdom
When Michael is swept off his family's yacht, he washes up on a desert island, where he struggles to survive--until he finds he is not lone.

Ormerod, Jan     (Y)
Lizzie nonsense
Her mother calls it nonsense when Lizzie pretends that their house is pretty or that a bath is the sea, but it turns out that imagination runs in the family.

Roberts, Marion     (O)
Sunny side up
As the hot Australian summer draws to an end, eleven-year-old Sunny, content to be an only child with amicably divorced parents, finds her life getting much too complicated when her mother's boyfriend moves in with his two children, her best friend begins to develop an interest in boys, and she is contacted by her long-estranged grandmother.

Roth, Susan L     (Y)
The biggest frog in Australia
When a thirsty frog drinks up all the water in Australia, the other animals must think of a way to make him give it up.

Votaw, Carol J     (Y)
Waking up down under
Kangeroos, koalas, emus, and wombats wake up and start their day or night in Australia.

Wild, Margaret     (Y)
Bobbie dazzler
Bobbie, a red-necked wallaby, can do many athletic things, but she cannot do the splits, until she has patience, practices, and gets a helping paw from Wombat, Koala, and Possum.

  Summer 2011