Aberdeen Timberland Library
Summer 2017

Books from the book smackdown!

Diary of a Minecraft zombie girl
"Zam has a problem. Lots of problems, actually - life as a teenage zombie chick isn't easy after all. She's always getting in trouble with her dad for eating things like apples, steak, sugar, and basically everything besides brains. Zam thinks he's stuck in the past, and ends up spending a lot of time grounded. Between punishments and the start of school, though, she finds time to sneak off, try new foods, hang out with her friends, and learn that her stubborn father is just one of her many worries as a youth growing up in a blocky world."-- from back cover.

Clanton, Ben     
Narwhal : unicorn of the sea
A happy-go-lucky, waffle-loving narwhal and a cynical, no-nonsense jellyfish forge an unlikely friendship and share adventures while exploring the ocean together.

Davis, Jim     
Garfield's Guide to everything

Froeb, Lori     
Happy like Elmo [board book] : Grouchy like Oscar : a book about feelings
Shares two story books about feelings, including "Happy like Elmo, " in which Elmo shares all the things that make him happy.

Gould, Francesca     
Why you shouldn't eat your boogers : gross but true things you don't want to know about your body
"Itching to know what bugs live in your eyelashes, why you get goose bumps, or how ants can be used to heal a wound? Use this delightfully disgusting collection of kid-tastic facts to gross out your friends and relatives."--Amazon.com.

Guiberson, Brenda Z     
The deadliest creature in the world
Profiles the world's most dangerous predators from venomous fish and strangling snakes to infection-spreading insects.

Harvey, Derek     
Sharks and other deadly ocean creatures : visual encyclopedia
Profiles more than two hundred sharks and fierce fish that call the ocean home, sharing details on the ocean habitats, body sizes, and tails of marine animals that range from barracudas to great whites.

Holm, Jennifer L     
Babymouse : puppy love
Babymouse doesn't exactly have a great history with pets--even her goldfish ran away from home. But all that's about to change. Will Babymouse get the dog of her dreams? Will she ever find her missing fish?

Kusaka, Hidenori     
Pokémon adventures. Black 2 & White 2. Volume 1
When Team Plasma attacks the Unova region using Pokémon-controlling machines, Nate infiltrates the Pokémon Trainers' School in order to acquire a memory card that can jam the signals, which is in the possession of Rosa, a student.

Lipkowitz, Daniel     
LEGO Star Wars in 100 scenes
Experience Star Wars as you've never seen it before, with 100 classic scenes retold in LEGO bricks. From the Phantom Menace to Return of the Jedi, all the most iconic moments are here, along with your favorite characters in minifugure form.

Peirce, Lincoln     
Big Nate, thunka, thunka, thunka
"Sixth grade can be a tension convention for Nate Wright. His baseball team's just been given the lamest name in Little League history; he's on the verge of becoming know-it-all Gina's personal servant for a day; and Spitsy, the closest thing he has to a dog of his own, is in love with a cat. Yup, Nate's up to his ears in stress. Luckily, the perfect remedy is close at hand: an empty plastic soda bottle"--Page 4 of cover.

Romanek, Trudee     
Squirt! : the most interesting book you'll ever read about blood
Uses colorful illustrations and interesting and diverse facts to provide an examination of blood and its many purposes.