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100 Great Books for High School Teens     
Whatever you like to read, you'll find great books on this booklist.
100 Great Books for Middle School Teens     
Find great books on this list, from survival stories to Sci-Fi, from funny stories to stories from the heart.
15 Books We Can't Stop Reading     
TRL Staff Love These Books
Action! Adventure!     
Teen heroines and heroes are swept out of their everyday lives by extraordinary events.
Adult Books for Teens     
Have you read every book in the teen section of the library? These books were written technically for adults, but there's no reason a teen wouldn't like them!
Around the World     
A mix of contemporary, historical, biographical, even fantastical stories of teen lives around the world
Be Part of the Solution     
Teens act to solve problems.
Teens tell stories of being bullied--or being bullies--in fiction and nonfiction.
Christian Fiction     
Classics Starring Teens     
DIY: Resources for doint it yourself     
Experimental Formats     
These books are all written in creative ways -- journals, diaries, letters, newspaper articles, emails, text messages, screenplays, and more!
Fantasy: Magic, Epic Quests & More     
Fractured Fairytales: A Dark and Twisted Path to Happily Ever After     
You may think of fairy tales as light and fun -- but these books are dark and disturbing, just like the original Grimm Brothers stories!
Graphic Novels / Comics     
Find your new favorite graphic novel - be it superhero, manga, or something completely different - by checking out this recommended list of fiction in pictures!
High School Romance     
In addition to being swoonworthy, these books might also get a little steamy.
Historical Fiction     
From ancient times to now, teens have been dealing with identity, family, friends, and the future.
Beware -- these books are scary. Feel free to read them at night, in the dark, with a flashlight -- but only if you never want to sleep again.
If you liked "The Fault in Our Stars"...     
Teens face cancer and other illnesses with the help of friends and family.
If you liked "The Hunger Games"...     
… you might also like these books about surviving in a dystopian society or post-apocalyptic world.
La Vida: Young Adult Fiction with Latino Themes     
These novels feature teens from the many countries and cultures of the Southern Hemisphere.
LGBTQI Resources     
Here are some excellent resource books for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning and Intersex teens.
LGBTQIA Fiction     
Great stories about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual characters.
Love Stinks     
Middle School Romances     
Romances that won't make you blush.
Mystery and Suspense     
Sunny or rainy outside, keep the lights on while reading mystery and suspense!
Narrative Nonfiction     
Nonfiction that won't make you snore.
Outstanding Audios     
Listened to a good book lately?
Paranormal Romance     
Listen to the music of language in these novels written in poetry and in poetry collections.
Religion or Lack Thereof     
Dealing with questions of religion and faith
Road trips     
Science Fiction     
From aliens to genetic engineering, far-off galaxies to the not-too-distant future, and more, this list has sci-fi for everyone.
Short Story Anthologies and Collections from Your Favorite YA Authors     
Sports! Get Your Game On     
Join athletically inclined teens as they struggle with issues both on and off the field. Nonfiction items about sports will be found between Dewey Decimal Numbers 796 and 799.
Stories of Creativity     
Looking for stories with art, music, or characters that thrive on creativity? You're in the right spot!
Stories of Survival     
Teens in these memoirs and novels survive war, plague, shipwrecks, massacres and other disasters.
Superhero Movies     
Superheroes to the rescue!
Supernatural: Teens with special gifts     
Time Travel     
Travel through all space and time with these books!
Tough Issues     
Trouble comes to these high school teens in many forms: alcohol, drugs, mental illness, alienation, and violence.
Middle and high school teens unmask to reveal their true identities to others--and to themselves.
Verse Novels     
Sometimes, you just need to read a book filled with brain-consuming, flesh-rotting monsters.

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