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* NEW - 15 Books We Can't Stop Reading     
TRL Staff freaking love these books right now...
* NEW - Christian Fiction     
* NEW - Short Story Anthologies and Collections from Your Favorite YA Authors     
* NEW - Spies, Agents, and Secret Missions, Oh My!     
Have you ever wanted to go undercover? Solve a national crisis? Uncover a conspiracy? The heroes in these books defy the odds using awesome gadgets, secret codes, and tactical fighting skill…
* NEW - Time Travel     
Travel through all space and time with these books!
100 Great Books for Teens     
Whatever you like to read, you'll find great books on this booklist.
Action! Adventure!     
Teen heroines and heroes are swept out of their everyday lives by extraordinary events.and sometimes by what's happening just down the street!
Sunshine, fresh-cut grass, and the sound of a bat cracking. Nothing says spring and summer like baseball.
Beneath the Surface - High School Booklist     
Beneath the Surface - Middle School Booklist     
Bullying - Dealing with bullying for Teens     
Coming Out: GLBTQIA Fiction and Nonfiction about finding out who you are!     
Whether you identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning, Intersex, or as an Advocate, you'll learn from these stories of teens finding their places on the spectrums of gender and sexuality.
DIY Life: Learn It, Make It, Do It     
Fantasy: Magic, Faeries, Epic     
First in the Series     
Want to curl up with a new series? Try one of these teen-recommended openers.
Teens in these books are cooking food, serving food, catering food, bringing food to friends (and enemies), and attempting to eat nutritious food.
Fractured Fairytales: A Dark and Twisted Path to Happily Ever After     
Fractured Fairytales: Enjoying the Happily Ever After     
Going Green     
Teens are concerned about such issues as wildlife endangerment, pollution and rampant consumerism.
GraphicNovels / Comics / JuxtaposedPictorialAndOtherImagesInDeliberateSequence     
Find your new favorite graphic novel - be it superhero, manga, or something completely different - by checking out this recommended list of fiction in pictures!
Hilarity Ensues     
A library, a card, and 40 books to make you laugh.
Historical Guys and Gals     
From ancient times to now, teens have been dealing with identity, family, friends, and the future.
I wrote about it in my journal     
Teens narrate these novels in journal form, which can inspire you to write your own journal.
If you like The Hunger Games... might also like these books about surviving a dystopic or post-apocalyptic world.
La Vida: Young Adult Fiction with Latino Themes     
These novels feature teens from the many countries and cultures of the Southern Hemisphere.
Love Stinks     
Loved Ones: Family and Friends     
They love you, you love them, and standing together you weather life's challenges and whoop it up over life's joys.
Money Smart Teens     
Music Is Life     
Music, musicians and the fans who love them.
Mystery and Suspense     
Teens use their powers of observation, problem-solving skills, and courage to figure it all out.
Outstanding Audios     
Listened to a good book lately?
Paranormal Romance     
Listen to the music of language in these novels written in poetry and in poetry collections.
Real Life Books     
Got real life questions? Get real life answers in these and other nonfiction books.
Road trips     
Science Fiction     
Stories of Survival     
Teens in these memoirs and novels survive war, plague, shipwrecks, massacres and other disasters.
Supernatural: Teens with special gifts     
Teen Recommended: Manga     
Teen Recommended: Teen Life     
Teens Are Here     
Teens are here-all over the U.S. and the world.
Terror & Trepidation     
Trouble comes to these high school teens in many forms: alcohol, drugs, mental illness, alienation, and violence.
Write a Novel!     
You've read novels--now write one.