Middle and high school teens unmask to reveal their true identities to others--and to themselves.
Amara, Philip     
So, you want to be a comic book artist? the ultimate guide on how to break into comics!
Presents a step-by-step guide to creating, publishing and marketing comic books, including developing compelling characters, approaching publishers, and adapting storylines for video games and movies.

Barton, Chris     
Can I see your I.D.? : true stories of false identities
Stories of ten impostors-- many of them teenagers-- push questions of identity, deception, and gullibility to the extreme.

Bascomb, Neal     
The Nazi hunters : how a team of spies and survivors captured the world's most notorious Nazi
Recounts how, fifteen years after the end of World War II, a team of undercover Israeli agents captured the Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann, in a remote area of Argentina and brought him to trial in Israel for crimes committed during the Holocaust.

Bowers, Rick     
Superman versus the Ku Klux Klan : the true story of how the iconic superhero battled the men of hate
This book tells a group of intertwining stories that culminate in the historic 1947 collision of the Superman Radio Show and the Ku Klux Klan.

D'Errico, Camilla     
Pop manga : how to draw the coolest, cutest characters, animals, mascots, and more
Provides instruction on drawing manga characters, including the human head and body, action poses, and animals.

Galbraith, Patrick W     
The moe manifesto : an insider's look at the worlds of manga, anime, and gaming
Devoted fans of Japanese anime, manga, and video games give us the term moé to refer to the sense of emotional attachment that they develop for their favorite characters. Characters like Suzumiya Haruhi have cult followings, and fans of Hatsune Miku, a "virtual idol", have made her one of the biggest stars in Japan today. Moé is one of the driving forces behind the success of Japanese anime and manga throughout the world.

Helfand, Lewis     
They changed the world : Edison-Tesla-Bell
Three men, three great minds and three completely different approaches to science. Find out how these men tamed the forces of science in order to share its power with the world.

Krensky, Stephen     
Comic book century : the history of American comic books
Provides a history of comic books in America during the twentieth century, showing how it has influenced and been influenced by American culture. Includes an epilogue about comics in the early twenty-first century.

Levinson, Cynthia     
We've got a job : the 1963 Birmingham Children's March
Discusses the events of the 4,000 African American students who marched to jail to secure their freedom in May 1963.

Maslon, Luarence     
Superheroes! : capes, cowls, and the creation of comic book culture
Together again for the first time, here come the greatest comic book superheroes ever assembled between two covers.

McLachlan, Brian     
Draw out the story : ten secrets to creating your own comics
Offers advice for effective storytelling in comic book format, covering such topics as color, placement, pacing, visually representing ideas, and other techniques for short gag strips as well as graphic novels and other more involved storylines.

Pyle, Kevin C     
Bad for you : exposing the war on fun!
Bad For You presents facts, figures and more to debunk myths about things throughout history, such as comic books, video games, and texting, that have been deemed to cause bad behavior and psychological damage in children.

Sheinkin, Steve     
The Port Chicago 50 : disaster, mutiny, and the fight for civil rights
Presents an account of the 1944 civil rights protest involving hundreds of African-American Navy servicemen who were unjustly charged with mutiny for refusing to work in unsafe conditions after the deadly Port Chicago explosion.

Snider, Brandon T     
The Dark Knight manual : tools, weapons, vehicles & documents from the Batcave
Explores the world created by filmmaker Christopher Nolan and his reboot of the Batman series in 2005 with Batman begins and the continuing through to The Dark Knight and the upcoming series conclusion The Dark Knight Rises.

Wallace, Daniel     
Iron Man manual
A guide to the history, equipment and characters of Iron Man as depicted in the motion pictures.

Williams, Freddie E     
The DC comics guide to digitally drawing comics

Yoda, Hiroko     
Ninja attack! : true tales of assassins, samurai, and outlaws
"Ninja Attack! introduces dozens of unforgettable real-life ninja straight out of the annals of Japanese history--many of whom are all but unknown outside their home country. Ninja masters. Solo assassins and operatives. Femme fatales as deadly as they were sexy. Swordfighters out of legend. And the Shogun and warlords who commanded them. Each individual is profiled with a full-page manga-style drawing and a dossier brimming with top-secret information, including photos, anecdotes, and dramatic

Graphic Novels
All-new X-Men. Vol. 1, Yesterday's X-Men
Professor X's original five students -- Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel and Beast -- are plucked from the past and brought to the present. But what they find--the state of there future selves, and the state of Xavier's dream -- is far from the future they dreamed of. How will these young idealistic heroes react when faced with the crushing knowledge of what their future holds? And how will the embittered X-Men of the present deal with their past coming crashing forward? When the original tea

Wonder Woman. Volume 1, Blood
Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, has kept a secret from her daughter all her life-and when Wonder Woman learns who her father is, her life will shatter like brittle clay. The only one more shocked than Diana by this revelation? Bloodthirsty Hera. So why is her sinister daughter, Strife, so eager for the truth to be told?

Allison, John     
The case of the team spirit
Six kids navigate the treacherous waters of school and adolesence while whole-heartedly diving into the whirlpool of mysteries that swirls around the peculiar English town of Tackleford. Shauna, Charlotte and Mildred just want to help the mysterious old immigrant woman keep her home. Jack, Linton and Sonny just want to find out why the owner of the local football stadium has been plagued by a curse. If only the two groups could stop fighting with each other, they might realize that there's a sha

Bell, Cece     
El deafo
The author recounts in graphic novel format her experiences with hearing loss at a young age, including using a bulky hearing aid, learning how to lip read, and determining her "superpower."

Bendis, Brian Michael     
Ultimate comics. Spider-Man : [Vol. 1]
Before the original Spider-Man died, young Miles Morales was poised to start the next chapter in his life in a new school. Then, the bite of a stolen genetically altered spider granted the grade-schooler incredible arachnid-like powers. Now, Miles has been thrust into a world he doesn't understand, with gut instinct and a little thing called responsibility as his ony guides. Can he live up to Peter Parker's legacy? -- back cover.

Carroll, Emily     
Through the woods
"A collection of five spine-tingling short stories"--|cProvided by publisher.

Cliff, Tony     
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish lieutenant
"Lovable ne'er-do-well Delilah Dirk is an Indiana Jones for the 19th century. She has traveled to Japan, Indonesia, France, and even the New World. Using the skills she's picked up on the way, Delilah's adventures continue as she plots to rob a rich and corrupt Sultan in Constantinople. With the aid of her flying boat and her newfound friend, Selim, she evades the Sultan's guards, leaves angry pirates in the dust, and fights her way through the countryside. For Delilah, one adventure leads to th

Danko, Dan     
Leonardo da Vinci : the Renaissance man
In graphic novel format, chronicles the life of the man who overcame significant odds to become one of the most renowned artists, scientists, and thinkers of the Renaissance.

Doctorow, Cory     
In real life
"Anda loves Coarsegold Online, the massively-multiplayer role playing game that she spends most of her free time on. It's a place where she can be a leader, a fighter, a hero. It's a place where she can meet people from all over the world, and make friends. But things become a lot more complicated when Anda befriends a gold farmer -- a poor Chinese kid whose avatar in the game illegally collects valuable objects and then sells them to players from developed countries with money to burn. This beh

Fraction, Matt     
Hawkeye. Vol. 01, My life as a weapon

Hale, Nathan     
One dead spy : the life, times, and last words of Nathan Hale, America's most famous spy
Nathan Hale, the author's historical namesake, was America's first spy, a Revolutionary War hero who famously said 'I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" before being hanged by the British. In the Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales series, author Nathan Hale channels his namesake to present history's roughest, toughest, and craziest stories in the graphic novel format.

Harrell, Rob     
Monster on the hill
"In a fantastical 1860s England, every quiet little township is terrorized by a ferocious monster--much to the townsfolk's delight! Each town's unique monster is a source of local pride, not to mention tourism. Each town, that is-- except for one. Unfortunately, for the people of Stoker-on-Avon, their monster isn't quite as impressive. In fact, he's a little down in the dumps. Can the morose Rayburn get a monstrous makeover and become a proper horror? It's up to the eccentric Dr. Charles Wilkie

Hicks, Faith Erin     
The adventures of Superhero Girl
Presents the adventures of Superhero Girl, who struggles with her everyday life, battling monsters and aliens, and snarky comments from Skeptical Guy.

Hosoda, Mamoru     
Wolf children Ame & Yuki
"When Hana falls in love with a young interloper she encounters in her college class, the last thing she expects to learn is that he is part wolf. Instead of rejecting her lover upon learning his secret, she accepts him with open arms. Soon, the couple is expecting their first child, and a cozy picture of family life unfolds. But after what seems like a mere moment of bliss to Hana, the father of her children is tragically taken from her. Life as a single mother is hard in any situation, but whe

Johns, Geoff     
Superman : last son of Krypton

Keenan, Sheila     
Dogs of war
Three fictional stories, told in graphic novel format, about soldiers in World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War who were aided by combat dogs. Based on true stories.

Lambert, Joseph     
Annie Sullivan and the trials of Helen Keller

Ottaviani, Jim     
Primates : the fearless science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Biruté Galdikas
"This is the true story of three scientists who risked their lives for research that forever changed the way we think of primates- including ourselves"--Dust jacket flap.

Pope, Paul     
Battling Boy
A twelve-year-old demigod is sent to help the people of Arcopolis, a city infested with monsters.

Telgemeier, Raina     

Barakiva, Michael     
One man guy
"When Alek's high-achieving, Armenian-American parents send him to summer school, he thinks his summer is ruined. But then he meets Ethan, who opens his world in a series of truly unexpected ways"--|cProvided by publisher.

Blake, Kendare     
Anna dressed in blood
For three years, seventeen-year-old Cas Lowood has carried on his father's work of dispatching the murderous dead, traveling with his kitchen-witch mother and their spirit-sniffing cat, but everything changes when he meets Anna, a girl unlike any ghost he has faced before.

Bruchac, Joseph     
Killer of enemies
"In a world that has barely survived an apocalypse that leaves it with pre-twentieth century technology, Lozen is a monster hunter for four tyrants who are holding her family hostage"--|cProvided by publisher.

Campbell, Chelsea M     
The rise of Renegade X
Expecting to become a supervillain on his sixteenth birthday, Damien Locke, son of one of Golden City's most notorious supervillains, is horrified to discover that he may instead be destined to become a superhero.

Dessen, Sarah     
The truth about forever
The summer following her father's death, Macy plans to work at the library and wait for her brainy boyfriend to return from camp, but instead she goes to work at a catering business where she makes new friends and finally faces her grief.

Evans, Richard Paul     
Michael Vey : the prisoner of cell 25
Michael Vey, a fourteen-year old who has Tourette's syndrome and special electric powers, finds there are others like him, and must rely on his powers to save himself and the others from a diabolical group seeking to control them.

Ferraiolo, Jack D     
Scott Hutchinson has an alternate identity as Bright Boy, the sidekick of Phantom Justice, but with the help of his rival sidekick, Monkeywrench, Scott begins to question whether Phantom Justice is really a hero, which leads to a dangerous confrontation.

Frenette, Bethany     
Dark star
Audrey, the sixteen-year-old daughter of a superhero, must access powers she never knew she had to defend Minneapolis from terrifying demons that have emerged from Beneath.

Hartman, Rachel     
In a world where dragons and humans coexist in an uneasy truce and dragons can assume human form, Seraphina, whose mother died giving birth to her, grapples with her own identity amid magical secrets and royal scandals, while she struggles to accept and develop her extraordinary musical talents.

King, Wesley     
The Vindico
When supervillains of the Vindico realize they are getting too old to fight the League of Heroes, they kidnap and begin training five teens, but James, Lana, Hayden, Emily, and Sam will not become the next generation of evil without a fight.

Kirby, Matthew J     
Princess Solveig and her siblings are trapped in a hidden fortress tucked between towering mountains and a frozen fjord, along with her best friend and an army of restless soldiers, all awaiting news of the king's victory in battle, but as they wait for winter's end and the all-encompassing ice to break, acts of treachery make it clear that a traitor lurks in their midst.

Lupica, Mike     
Fourteen-year-old Zach learns he has the same special abilities as his father, who was the President's globe-trotting troubleshooter until "the Bads" killed him, and now Zach must decide whether to use his powers in the same way at the risk of his own life.

Mass, Wendy     
A mango-shaped space : a novel
Afraid that she is crazy, thirteen-year-old Mia, who sees a special color with every letter, number, and sound, keeps this a secret until she becomes overwhelmed by school, changing relationships, and the loss of something important to her.

Meyer, Marissa     
As plague ravages the overcrowded Earth, observed by a ruthless lunar people, Cinder, a gifted mechanic and cyborg, becomes involved with handsome Prince Kai and must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect the world in this futuristic take on the Cinderella story.

Pauley, Kimberly     
Cat Girl's day off
High schooler Natalie Ng has always kept secret her talent for talking with cats, but when she learns--from a cat--that a celebrity has been replace by an imposter, she and her friends investigate, becoming movie extras to get the scoop.

Ritter, R William     
Newly arrived in 1892 New England, Abigail Rook becomes assistant to R.F. Jackaby, an investigator of the unexplained with the ability to see supernatural beings, and she helps him delve into a case of serial murder which, Jackaby is convinced, is due to a nonhuman creature.

Sanderson, Brandon     
At age eight, David watched as his father was killed by an Epic, a human with superhuman powers, and now, ten years later, he joins the Reckoners--the only people who are trying to kill the Epics and end their tyranny.

Wein, Elizabeth     
Code name Verity
In 1943, a British fighter plane crashes in Nazi-occupied France and the survivor tells a tale of friendship, war, espionage, and great courage as she relates what she must to survive while keeping secret all that she can.

Westerfeld, Scott     
The secret hour
Upon moving to Bixby, Oklahoma, fifteen-year-old Jessica Day learns that she is one of a group of people who have special abilities that help them fight ancient creatures living in an hour hidden at midnight, creatures that seem determined to destroy Jess.

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