Montesano Timberland Library
Summer 2015

Books that Kristine and Carol talked about included...

Barton, Chris     
Can I see your I.D.? : true stories of false identities
Stories of ten impostors-- many of them teenagers-- push questions of identity, deception, and gullibility to the extreme.

Beal, Susan     
World of geekcraft : step-by-step instructions for 25 super-cool craft projects
Readers will learn to stitch up a Morse Code quilt to send a hidden message, dig out their Perler beads to create a life-like Buffy portrait, or stick to the classics with a Super Mario cross-stitch. With step-by-step instructions, project templates, how-to illustrations, and color photorgraphs, and featuring a variety of techniques and themes, The World of Geekcraft has something for geeks of all persuasions and affiliations.

Bonneval, Gwen de     
William and the lost spirit
"In this graphic novel that combines medieval legends and folklore, the brutish feudal world, and devotion to family, William, the grandson of an elderly feudal lord in the thirteenth century, sets out on a labyrinthine journey to discover his father's killer"--Provided by publisher.

Brennan, Mike     
Electric Girl

Fforde, Jasper     
The last dragonslayer
As magic fades from the world, Jennifer Strange is having trouble keeping her magician employment agency business afloat, until she begins having visions that foretell the death of the last dragon and the coming of Big Magic.

Gupta, Amit     
Photojojo! : insanely great photo projects and DIY Ideas

Han, Jenny     
Burn for burn
Three teenaged girls living on Jar Island band together to enact revenge on the people that have hurt them.

Hobbs, Will     
Take me to the river
When North Carolina fourteen-year-old Dylan Sands joins his fifteen-year-old cousin Rio in running the Rio Grande River, they face a tropical storm and a fugitive kidnapper.

Huegel, Kelly     
GLBTQ : the survival guide for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens
Describes the challenges faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered teens and offers practical advice, real-life experiences, and accessible resources and support groups.

Korman, Gordon     
Lonely after a midsummer move to a new town, sixteen-year-old high-school quarterback Marcus Jordan becomes friends with a retired professional linebacker who is great at training him, but whose childish behavior keeps Marcus in hot water.

Kubo, Tite     
Bleach Volume 62, Heart of wolf
"Unable to use their Bankai special abilities, the Soul Reaper captains are at a severe disadvantage against the invading Quincy army. Urahara has a plan to turn the tide of battle, but will it be enough as the Quincies continue their onslaught?!"--Page 4 of cover.

Morgan, Genevieve     
Undecided : navigating life and learning after high school
Deciding what to do after high school is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. This book will help you come to grips with this often-overwhelming time of transition. It begins by helping students think seriously about who they are and what they want and then moves on to dissect the various options that are available after high school, such as enrolling in a training program, attending a community college, taking a gap year, enlisting in the military, or pursuing a traditional four-year

Patchin, Justin W     
Words wound : delete cyberbullying and make kindness go viral
Cyberbullying among teens happens every day. Harsh words and damaging photos exchanged through texts, email, or social media can result in humiliation, broken friendships, punishment at school, and even legal prosecution. In some cases, online harassment has contributed to suicide. Faced with this frightening problem, parents, educators, and teens are looking for information and advice. But few cyberbullying resources speak to teens themselves. Written by experts in cyberbullying prevention and

Pauley, Kimberly     
Cat Girl's day off
High schooler Natalie Ng has always kept secret her talent for talking with cats, but when she learns--from a cat--that a celebrity has been replace by an imposter, she and her friends investigate, becoming movie extras to get the scoop.

Perez, Ashley Hope     
What can't wait
Marooned in a broken-down Houston neighborhood--and in a Mexican immigrant family where making ends meet matters much more than making it to college--smart, talented Marissa seeks comfort elsewhere when her home life becomes unbearable.

Petrovic, Mina     
Manga crash course : drawing manga characters and scenes from start to finish

Sakurakouji, Kanoko     
Black Bird. Vol.18
"Misao's due date is rapidly approaching, and while she knows giving birth to her child means her death, she isn't ready to give up on life. But can she and Kyo discover a way to avert tragedy when countless Senka Maidens before her have suffered the same fate?! It's the heartrending conclusion of this supernatural love story!" --|cfrom publisher's web site.

Vande Velde, Vivian     
Cloaked in red
Presents eight twists on the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood, exploring such issues as why most characters seem dim-witted and what, exactly, is the theme.

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