Chehalis Timberland Library
Summer 2015

Books that Deborah and Kristine talked about included...

Campbell, Chelsea M     
The rise of Renegade X
Expecting to become a supervillain on his sixteenth birthday, Damien Locke, son of one of Golden City's most notorious supervillains, is horrified to discover that he may instead be destined to become a superhero.

Harrington, Kim     
Forget me

Herbach, Geoff     
Fat Boy vs the cheerleaders
When the high school cheerleading team takes over a soda vending machine's funds, which were previously collected by the pep band, Gabe Johnson, an overweight "band geek" tired of being called names and looked down on, declares war.

Johnston, E K     
The story of Owen : dragon slayer of Trondheim
In an alternate world where industrialization has caused many species of carbon-eating dragons to thrive, Owen, a slayer being trained by his famous father and aunt, and Siobahn, his bard, face a dragon infestation near their small town in Canada.

McGuire, Kara     
The teen money manual : a guide to cash, credit, spending, saving, work, wealth, and more
Provides a comprehensive guide for teenagers to saving, spending, and earning money, and includes information on starting a business, preparing for interviews, opening a bank account, and purchasing car and property insurance.

Nelson, Jandy     
I'll give you the sun
A story of first love, family, loss, and betrayal told from different points in time, and in separate voices, by artists Jude and her twin brother Noah.

Pryor, Jeffrey W     
Compassionate careers : making a living by making a difference

Wagenen, Maya van     
Popular a memoir : Vintage wisdom for a modern geek
" A touchingly honest, candidly hysterical memoir from breakout teen author Maya Van Wagenen Stuck at the bottom of the social ladder at "pretty much the lowest level of people at school who aren't paid to be here," Maya Van Wagenen decided to begin a unique social experiment: spend the school year following a 1950s popularity guide, written by former teen model Betty Cornell. Can curlers, girdles, Vaseline, and a strand of pearls help Maya on her quest to be popular? The real-life results are p

Yolen, Jane     
Curse of the Thirteenth Fey : the true tale of Sleeping Beauty
Accident-prone, thirteen-year-old Gorse, the youngest fairy in her family, falls into a trap while on her way to the palace to bless the newborn princess, Talia, but arrives in time to give a gift which, although seemingly horrific, may prove to be a real blessing in this take-off on the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty.

  June 2015