Lacey Timberland Library
Fall 2017

Books that Raina talked about included...

Bacon, Michele     
Life before
Xander hopes to get through what he hopes is a great summer, and then start college with a clean slate; however, his graduation day from high school brings terror, and he runs away.

Beaufrand, Mary Jane     
Useless Bay

Caletti, Deb     
Essential maps for the lost
"When Mads discovers a dead body while she's swimming in the lake, she begins to obsess over who the woman was and what led her to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. But when she starts to fall for Billy the woman's troubled son Mads isn't sure how much longer she can keep her obsession a secret"--|cProvided by publisher.

Hartinger, Brent     
Three truths and a lie
When friends Rob, Liam, Mia, and Galen gather for a weekend of fun deep in the forest, one is hiding a lie and not everyone will live to find out which one it is.

Howard, Chris     
In a world devastated by war and disease, a young tree builder searches for the last trees on earth.

Lo, Malinda     
In the aftermath of a series of plane crashes caused by birds, seventeen-year-old Reese and her debate-team partner, David, receive medical treatment at a secret government facility and become tangled in a conspiracy that is, according to Reese's friend, Julian, connected with aliens and UFOs.

Longo, Jennifer     
Up to this pointe
Devastated when her dream of becoming a professional ballerina falls through, seventeen-year-old Harper Scott takes a job as a research assistant, wintering over at McMurdo, a U.S. science station at the tip of Antarctica where, for the first time, she considers other possible futures.

Rapp, Adam     
Decelerate blue
A girl who thinks the rapid-fire, hyperkinetic culture of the country is counter-productive, is recruited into a resistance movement where the mode of survival is taking things ... slow. Herein lies a dark, breath-taking new vision of an all-too-possible future for America.

Samanci, Özge     
Dare to disappoint : growing up in Turkey
As a child in Izmir, Turkey in the 1980 and 90s, Ozge Samanci watched as her country struggled between its traditional religious heritage and the new secular westernized world of brand-name products and television stars. In Ozge's own family, she struggled to figure out the place where she belonged, too. Her older sister was a perfect student, and her dad hoped Ozge would study hard, go to good schools, and become an engineer to find stability in their country's uncertain economic climate. But Ozge was a dreamer and wanted adventure. Could she be a scuba diver like Jacques Costeau? Or should she become a world-famous actress? This touching memoir shows how Ozge dared to overcome both her family and her country's expectations to find happiness by being anartist.

Smith, Sherri L     
During World War II, a light-skinned African American girl "passes" for white in order to join the Women Airforce Service Pilots.

Wallach, Tommy     
Thanks for the trouble
"Parker hasn't spoken since he watched his father die five years ago. He communicates through writing on slips of paper and keeps track of his thoughts by journaling. A loner, Parker has little interest in school, his classmates, or his future. But everything changes when he meets Zelda, a mysterious young woman with an unusual request: 'treat me like a teenager'"--|cProvided by publisher.

Younker, J Marin     
Bleed, blister, puke, and purge : the dirty secrets behind early American medicine
Bleed, blister, puke, and purge exposes the extraordinary practices and major players of American medical history, from the colonial era to the late 1800s.

  September 2017