Name:  MaryeLibrary:  Olympia
Sara Peté spoke to my CIELO ESL class last Wednesday evening (October 25) for 1.5 hours, and she did a fantastic job. What an ambassador for the Olympia Timberland Library! Using a computer she brought and my students' mobile phones, she signed my students up for the Overdrive app. As part of this, she explained in an engaging way (as she is a natural teacher) the purpose of Overdrive, tips for using the app, search functions, and problem solving. The students downloaded audio books onto their phones and were excited to begin listening to these. Sara also took time with her computer to show the CIELO students other free language learning and computer learning resources available through the library, including the free Microsoft Imagine Academy courses,, and Universal Class. Wow! I had no idea and I plan to use these great resources. Even more important, some of my students want to attend the community college, but they are apprehensive to start (it’s a huge mountain), and these online resources give my students the opportunity to practice taking courses. Sara’s energy and kindness and intelligence all radiate from her when she teaches, and the students felt comfortable with her and engaged. In fact, after 1.5 hours, I had to tell students that we had run out of time.
Name:  Kirk M. BondLibrary:  Select Library
I just want to say that, as a city guy who loves to travel and camp, I have great appreciation for the Timberland Library system. I've been to branches all over Western WA, and I find Timberland welcoming to a non-resident like me, and all the staff super helpful. Thanks a billion!
Name:  margaret johnstonLibrary:  Amanda Park
Our Library and librarians are amazing! The programs that TRL does for the children in the summer time are always wonderful, and our librarians work hard to make it even more special. The help our ladies give us makes customer service awesome, and because they are so good I have been recommended many books I would not have known about, so they have introduced me to many new authors I love. We are a small community and I have to say our library is right at the heart of it. We love our library and our librarians!
Name:  Isabella RogersLibrary:  Raymond
I will always try to come here once in awhile. Once I came in here and asked for a series that had some drama. I always like drama books, and she gave a book called, "The Baby-Sitters Club." It was amazing!!! I think by now I read all the books in the series. I hope that you will like some of the books here! I know I will.
Name:  Debra McGlincheyLibrary:  Raymond
I was desperate to check out a certain book. The door opened and in I dashed to check out the books I wanted. Oh no! No glasses, yikes. I asked the very nice, smiley, helpful librarian to please help! She calmly walks to the books I asked for and read off all the titles and more. How nice of her to help me out. I have often thought of the wonderful people that work there. There is not a public facility that I have been in, where I feel as at ease to use, as much as the Raymond library. I am amazed as to how much has been added to the system. I do appreciate all of you who make this library what it is. Thank you.
Name:  Andrea VitzthumLibrary:  Tenino
I love my library! The Tenino Library staff is ALWAYS ready to help me find whatever I am looking for. I use a lot of book illustrations for reference and inspiration when drawing. It is so good to have their help! The Library of Congress was great to visit but my local library is my favorite library in the world.
Name:  Gayle MahanLibrary:  Naselle
The Timberland Library system is fabulous, and the Naselle branch is the best! What an amazing collection of books, magazines, DVDs and CDs. I can get the latest mysteries, movies, TV series old and new, 1930s swing music, plus the newest books on knitting and food preservation. All our librarians are knowledgeable, very helpful AND fun.
Name:  SandraLibrary:  Winlock
This library is amazing. There are always programs going on for kids, teens and adults. When you walk in, there is a perfect chaos of excitement, but somehow the staff still greets you and has time to help you find what you are looking for. I don't know how they do it, but I'm sure glad that they do!
Name:  Lynsey KemplinLibrary:  Centralia
I love the library so much that when I moved to a new apartment last year, I chose it based on its proximity to the library...right across the street! I am there almost every day and I'm rather sad on Sundays and holidays when it's closed. The library is the best place ever! :o)
Name:  Dana MunsonLibrary:  Lacey
I just want to thank you for the Interlibrary Loan system.  I am in the early stages of planning to hike the Appalachian Trail when I retire in a few years.  I had read all three books the Timberland Library had in stock on the Trail.  In them I had read about two books that seemed to be the best source a A.T. hiker would want.  I asked your library if they could get those two books in so I could review the contents and see if they were really what I would need.  Timberland graciously found the books for me.  Both books are exactly what I will need in hiking the Appalachian Trail.  I read both cover to cover just to see how they worked.  I know I will need to buy those two books before I actually hike the A.T., and i know now each year both books are updated so I will need to buy the books that are nearest the year I hike.
Again, thank you so much for allowing me to use the Interlibrary system to see if those two books were what I would need.  It is so difficult to really know if a book meets ones needs without seeing the actual content.