2019 Action Plan

Introducing the 2019 Action Plan

The 2019 Action Plan serves as a transition between the now completed 2014-2018 Strategic Plan and TRL’s next Strategic Plan, which will provide a roadmap for the organization from 2020-2022. This year’s Action Plan incorporates staff input to inform organizational priorities in this transition year. These include:

  • Service Priority: Support Local Economies changed to Public Services Priority: Adult Services
  • Service Priority: Enhance Collections and Technology changed to Public Services Priority: Circulation, Data and Metrics
  • Service Priority: Promote the Library as a Community Gathering Place changed to Public Services Priority: Community Engagement and User Experience
  • Service Priority: Strengthen Families and Youth changed to Public Services Priority: Youth and Family Services
  • Service Priority: Support Community Engagement through Culture, History, and the Arts is being removed

In addition to supporting the Public Services Priorities, Collection Services, Communications, Facilities, Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology have identified goals in the plan.
The annual Action Plan provides staff with a clear focus on priorities, goals and initiatives in moving the organization forward. TRL staff will continue to develop short and long-term budget priorities with TRL’s Board of Trustees along with working towards substantial cost savings given a soft hiring freeze this year. In addition, TRL will be administering several grants to support members of our communities along with our partners from area colleges.

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Strategic Planning Process



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