2019 Action Plan

Introducing the 2019 Action Plan

The 2019 Action Plan serves as a transition between the now completed 2014-2018 Strategic Plan and TRL’s next Strategic Plan, which will provide a roadmap for the organization from 2020-2022. This year’s Action Plan incorporates staff input to inform organizational priorities in this transition year. These include:

  • Service Priority: Support Local Economies changed to Public Services Priority: Adult Services
  • Service Priority: Enhance Collections and Technology changed to Public Services Priority: Circulation, Data and Metrics
  • Service Priority: Promote the Library as a Community Gathering Place changed to Public Services Priority: Community Engagement and User Experience
  • Service Priority: Strengthen Families and Youth changed to Public Services Priority: Youth and Family Services
  • Service Priority: Support Community Engagement through Culture, History, and the Arts is being removed

In addition to supporting the Public Services Priorities; Collection Services, Communications, Facilities, Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology have identified goals in the plan.
The annual Action Plan provides staff with a clear focus on priorities, goals and initiatives in moving the organization forward. TRL staff will continue to develop short and long-term budget priorities with TRL’s Board of Trustees along with working towards substantial cost savings given a soft hiring freeze this year. In addition, TRL will be administering several grants to support members of our communities along with our partners from area colleges.

2019 Action Plan - v. March 2019 -

Past versions will remain accessible on this page:
2019 Action Plan - v. February 2019 -

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